What are the intercepts of 2x plus 6y 12?

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What is the y-intercept of -2x 2y x 12?

The equation -2x=2y*12 is first simplified to y = ((-2x)/12)/2 y = -2x/24 y = -x/12 The graph is then graphed and the equation intersects the y-axis at y = 0. So the y-intercept is 0.

What is the y intercept and the x intercept to 2x plus 4y equals 8?

2X + 4Y = 8. The Y-intercept is the place where the line described by the equation crosses the. Y-axis. But X=0 everywhere on the Y-axis. So at that point, 4Y = 8, and Y = 2.. The X-intercept is the place where the line described by the equation crosses the. X-axis. But Y=0 everywhere on the X-a (MORE)

Y equals 2 2x plus 6y equals 22?

Since y = 2, 2x + 6y is the same as 2x + 12.\nBecause 2x + 12 = 22, 2x = 10.\nIf 2 Xes are equal to ten, then 1 X is equal to 5.

Graph equation 2x plus 6y equals 6?

2x + 6y = 6 Subtract 2x from each side: 6y = -2x + 6 Divide each side by 6: y = -1/3 x + 1 The graph is a straight line, with a slope of [ -1/3 ], and intersecting the y-axis at the point [ y = 1 ].

What is the x-intercept of the line 2x-6y plus 24 equals 0?

The x- intercept of a line occurs when the line crosses the x axis. When this happens the corresponding y value of this point will be 0. From this we know that x-intercepts have y = 0. To find the x-intercept of a line we can plug this y value into the formula and get a corresponding x. 2x - 6y + (MORE)

What are the x and y intercepts of -2x-6y equals 6?

-2x-6y=6 can be written as -6y=2x+6 or y=-2/6x-1 This tells us the y intercept is 1. You can also plug in x=0 to find the y intercept. So when you replace x with 0 in -2x-6y=6 you have -6y=6 so y=-1 again Now to find the x intercept, let y be 0 so 0=2x+6 or -6=2x which tells us x=-6/2 or -3 an (MORE)

What are the intercepts of -4x plus 6y-5z equals 60?

-4x + 6y - 5z = 60 At the x-intercept , 'y' and 'z' are zero: -4x = 60 > x = -15 At the y-intercept , 'x' and 'z' are zero: 6y = 60 > y = 10 At the z-intercept , 'x' and 'y' are zero: -5z = 60 ===> z = -12

-2x plus 6y equals -16 what does x equal?

This can not be answered since there is only one equation with two unknowns(x,y). Unless it needs to be solved for the x-intercept: -2x+6y=-16 -2x = -6y-16 x=3y+8 Substitute 0 for y to get the x-intercept: x=8

What is the y-intercept of y equals 2x plus 10?

The y-intercept means... When does the line cross through the y-axis? This happens when the x-value is zero... so simply just plug in zero for "x" y = 2 * (0) + 10 y = 10 y-intercept is equal to 10 For the x-intercept just make the y-value equal to zero.

What is the x intercept of 4x - 6y equals 12?

In order to find the x-intercept to a function, y must equal 0. First, set up the equation in terms of y So: 4x - 6y = 12 4x = 6y + 12 x = (6y)/4 + (12)/4 x = (6y)/4 + 3 Substitute 0 for y: x = (6[0])/4 + 3 x = (0)/4 +3 x = (0) + 3 x = 3 The x-intercept of 4x - 6y = 12 is (3,0)

3x plus 6y equals 18 2x plus 5y equals 20?

You need to be more clear about your question. 3x + 6y = 18 2x + 5y = 20 The two equations you give represent lines. I assume you're trying to find the point at which they intersect. There are various ways to work this out. One technique is to multiply each equation by a factor that gives (MORE)

What are the intercepts for the line -2x plus y equals 5?

The y intercept is where x = 0 and the x intercept is where y = 0. Choosing a value of 0 for x in the given equation yields y = 5 for the y intercept; choosing a value of 0 for y in the given equation yields -2x = 5 or x = -5/2 for the x intercept.

What is the order pair for 2x plus 6y equals 24?

There are infinitely many ordered pairs. The coordinates of each of the infinite number of points on the straight line defined by 2x + 6y = 24 (or equivalently, 3y = -x + 12) is an ordered pair that satisfies the requirements.

What is the y intercept of 2x plus 6y equals 36?

A line intercepts the y axis when x=0. If we put x=0 into the equation we get 2x0 + 6y = 36 6y = 36 y = 6 (dividing both sides by 6) Thus the line intercepts the y axis when x is 0 and y is 6. This is the point with the coordinates (0,6)

What is the slope of y intercept of the graph of 3x plus 6y equals 12?

The y-intercept of the line 3x + 6y =12 is ( 0, 2 ) The slope of the line 3x + 6y = 12 is -1/2 Firstly, let's find the y intercept. At the y intercept, the value of the x coordinate equals 0. Therefore, our equation would be: 3*0 + 6y = 12 0 + 6y = 12 6y = 12 We divide both sides by 6 and.. y = (MORE)