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What is a Damascus barrel?

\nA barrel which is fashioned by hammering 2 strips of metal together around a mandrel. They were expensive when they were in vogue 125 years ago but they are weak and unwanted now.

What is a Damascus shotgun?

Answer . Damascus is a method of making laminated barrels. A series of wires is braided and hammer-welded to create a distinctive pattern of loops and swirls. Well-made Damascus barrels were the best available before modern steel and many well-maintained 100-year-old Damascus guns are still being used. On the other hand if the gun has not been properly cared for, hidden rust pockets may have compromised the barrels and cause a dramatic failure. If you are tempted to fire an old shotgun, have it inspected by a qualified gunsmith first.

What is damascus finish?

Answer . A damascus finish would be a finish that replicates the look of damascus steel.

What are biomes?

Answer . Biomes are the major communities of the world. they are characterized by distinct vegetation and animals. Climate , temperature and rainfall determine to a large extent the biomes of the world.. Example: Deserts, Forests, Marine, Rainforests, and Tundra. Answer . Regions that have distinctive climates and organisms and contain many separate but similar ecosystems. The official definition for the word biome is "a large naturallyoccurring community of flora and fauna occupying a major habitat,e.g., forest or tundra."

What is the capital of damascus?

its beirut . piawata, or bookita they are called thesame thing . Damascus is the Capital of Syria.

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What is Syrias religions?

The predominant religion in Syria is Islam but about 10% of the population is Christian.

When was Syria established?

Syria gained its independence in April 1946 from France. However, before that the region of "Greater Syria" (Bilad al-Sham or the countries of the north) consisted of the region of the current states of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel/Palestine and was an administrative region of the Ottoman Empire, as well as many former empires such as the Abbasids, Umayyads, and even the Romans and Greeks before that.

What is a damascus gun?

Don't take this as gospel on this subject, but this is my understanding. Damascus is a name of steel, made originally in (unexpectedly) a city named Damascus. Damascus steel was supposedly created by a combination of folding two different types of steel together, and folding the two steels over and over again, creating many layers that combined the properties of the two used steels. This steel was supposedly the strongest steel ever known; it was legendary. The secret was the supposed combination of the iron and carbon which created small tubes of reinforced carbon bonded with the ferrous iron, creating exceptionally tough steel in which the long tubes would be able to bend without breaking, creating exceptionally strong (and therefore very sharp and hard) steel but without sacrificing the flexibility of the weapon so it was not brittle. The technique of creating Damascus steel has been lost for centuries; I know that sound like a load of crap, but we seriously have no idea what happened to the creation technique. People may claim that we now have found a way to "recreate" damascus steel, but it's merely an imitation. We are guessing how and why the steel was both so strong and flexible, and that's kinda where we're at. A damascus gun is a gun which has parts made of damascus, most frequently the barrel. It is also an uncommon slang term; a "damascus" gun is sometimes used as a way to describe a gun which is match-grade or just functions extraordinarily well. It could also be used to describe a piece which has been heavily modified to improve on its quality.

What is the currency of Syria?

It it the Syria Lyra (lee-ra-h) (1USD=46-47 Lyra) well known bywesterns as Syrian pound (SP).

How old is Damascus?

Damascus is the capital city of Syria. History of Damascus datesback to 965 BC when Ezron the King of Aram-Zobah conqueredDamascus. However, carbon dating has place the oldest artifacts inthe area to around 6300 BC.

Is Syria big?

yes kinda it is the biggest out of the cham countries Well the land of Syria that you see today isn't actually it. Its name is actually The Great Syria or "blad alsham" and it original borders are actually Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine. Add all those nations together and you well get The real Syria.

What is a damascus blade?

A Damascus blade is actually a historical creation from about 2000 years ago. The city, Damascus, was the birthplace of this type of steel. It is particularly known for the water-marked pattern and the extraordinary toughness. Under a microscope, there are tiny ridges, or saw-teeth, which are formed by forging in a coal fire. The flexibility of the knife allows it to cut even when it feels dull to the touch.

What county is Syria?

It is a Middle-Eastern country. It borders Lebanon, Jordan, & Palestine. It is an Arab country, who's religious rates are 76% Muslim, 20% Christian, & 4% other. Syria is ruled by President Bashar al-Asad.

What are bioms?

Biome is spelled like that and a biome is like the desert, ocean, and grassland.

What a biome is?

A biome is a biological term used in the field of ecology. It is generally defined to be an assemblage or association of plant and animal groups occupying a given geographical location.

How many miles is the city Mari Syria from Damascus Syria?

Syria is really big . Damascus is one of the oldest cities in the world

What is in a biome?

A biome is a geographic area characterized by certain types of plant and animal communities.

What biome are there?

The main biomes of the world are the Tundra the Deciduous Forest the Rainforest the Ocean the Desert and the Taiga

What is in Damascus Steel?

Various types of steel is in modern damascus such as O1,1084, etc forge welded together.

What was the capital of Syria before Damascus?

Since the creating of Syria by the French, the capital has always been in Damascus.

Is Damascus a desert?

No.It's great city,and it's the oldest city in the earth.It's now capital of Syrian Arab Republic.

Is damascus in Syria the oldest city in the world?

yes it is,its the oldest city in the world that has people living in it

How long was Syria called Syria?

6000 years EDIT: This is incorrect. Syria has been called Syria since 10,000 B.C. Syria used to be larger than it currently is, but it divided into multiple countries. Source: I am Syrian.

Is there brass damascus?

I might be way off here but I guess you are talking about in relation to Damascus Steel? This is a form of steel made in Persia and north India and traded westwards. It was most often bought by Europeans in Damascus in modern day Syria so the name comes from there. Damascus Brass by extension would be super pure strong brass from Damascus. In short there isn't such a thing as "Damascus brass" in the same way as Steel. However Brass objects made in such a way as to mimic the "watered" appearance of Damascus Steel might be named as such or indeed anything made in Syria of brass could be called such. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I concur.

Why is Syria an LEDC?

Syria is an LEDC mainly because the same government (although it is a democracy) has been ruling for 41 years, and they have not been hearing out the citizens' demands for a better country.

What biome have?

A biome is a large naturally occurring community of flora and fauna occupying a major habitat, e.g., forest or tundra.

The Abbasid capital was moved from Damascus Syria to?

Damascus was the capital of the Uymmad Caliphate, the caliphate before the Abbasid one. The first capital of the Abbasid Caliphate was Kufa, then Baghdad, then Samarra, and then Baghdad once more (all four cities located in Iraq).

What can you do in Syria?

I recently went to Syria and it was great. Some sights to see are:Palmyra, Alleppo, and of course Damascues. Oh, and definitely shopin the souks (market places). Whats great about Syria is that youcan go to surrounding countries like Jordan, Israel, Egypt, andLebanon. We just went to Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. Syria is abeautiful country, and you will enjoy your time there.

Is Damascus in Rome?

No, Damascus is in Syria. It is the oldest, continuously occupied city in the world. It is the present day capital of Syria.

What did Paul do in Damascus?

That would depend on the direction. Saul was traveling to Damascus to further his persecutions of Christians, when he encountered a meeting with the risen Jesus Christ who asked him why he was persecuting Him. After some dialog, Paul was stricken with blindness for a number of days. Afterwords, his name was changed from Saul, to Paul. (this is of course a condensed version, look into the New Testament for further inquiry).

Is there oil in Syria?

About 5% of the Worlds oil but 25% of the Syrian Economy.... themain oil was found by Iraq Oil a consortium of Shell, Exxon, BP andtwo smaller companies in 1933. Then the business was Nationalizedby King Nasser in 1958. I suspect the Big 3 would like to havetheir Refineries back and Shell, Exxon, BP will likely get whatthey want. The biggest oil fields are close to the Iraq Border andwould therefore be easier to control than prior to the Iraq War.The current Chemical Warfare may be just the right excuse to goback and settle the control of the oil once and for all....and ohyes, give the world the idea that we're saving the children.

Does Syria have mountains?

Yes , Syria has two famous mountains , the bigest one called Qasyoon , which you can see it all around the city , the seconed one is called al sheikh mountain its near Lebanon .

Which biome are you in?

most biomes WAY up north or WAY down south will be tundra, like antarctica. in the united states, that's a lot of grasslands. islands like the Bahamas are warm, places near equator and especially south America will have deciduous foressts and tropical rain forests. places like Egypt are desert areas

How do you obtain a marriage certificate from a marriage in Damascus Syria?

The only way to get the marriage certifacate is to go to the Ministry of Interior office downtown Damascus to the Third floor and you will find a window saying in English MARRIAGE. Show them your Court Certifcate and they will tell you what you have to do.. then they will issue your Marriage Certifcate, its the only way.

What problems does Syria have?

The economic and political liberalization promised by Bashir Assad in 2000 has not emerged,leaving the economy somewhat stagnated and there have been no major developments in terms of domestic affairs;it remains a authoritarian regime although Assad does not have his father's reputation for brutality; he is a velvet glove dictator. Relations with the U.S. were recently strained by an incident involving a U.S. violation of Syrian territory in the course of an anti-terrorist mission. Syria does not maintain relations with Israel due to the latter government's continuing occupation of the Golan Heights,held for 41 years now as booty from the 1967 war. Relations with Lebanon have improved since the withdrawal of Syrian troops a decade ago. Currently Syria is highly regarded for it's increasing role in the arts but is very isolated diplomatically; the standard of living is modern and literacy is high but per capita income is still sub-standard for what is a fairly Europeanized secular culture. On the plus side it is highly tolerant on cultural matters; it is 15-20% Christian and there is no persecution. Alcohol is permitted in restaurants. Damascus is a lovely modern city; any Westerner would feel more comfortable there than perhaps anywhere else in the Middle East. It is regarded as a terrorist-supporting nation for it's support of Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Palestinian Territories but neither organization is legally a terrorist group under international law; the U.S. unilaterally so designated them and several EU countries have followed suit. Given Israel's intractabiltiy over the return of the Golan it is understandable they would support it's enemies,if only as a bargaining chip.

Zip Code for Damascus Syria?

Damascus, Syria has not adopted a zip code or postal code system.When addressing letters to the country, a person should use DimashqSyrian Arab Republic under the address.

What does the US have to do with Syria?

US is generally against the Syrian dictator, Bashar Al Assad, sothey are giving rebels weapons and providing them with a lot ofmoney, so they can bring the Syrian Dictator down. answer 2: Western power structure create all terrorist group like Al Qaeda,Taliban and now Takfiries and Isis and they make lots of films andadvertisment against Islam because they want to increaseIslamophobia. Islamophobia (or anti-Muslim sentiment) is a term forprejudice against,hatred towards, or fear of the religion of Islamor Muslims.The term entered into common English usage in 1997 withthe publication of a report by the Runnymede Trust condemningnegative emotions such as fear, hatred, and dread directed at Islamor Muslims. While the term is now widely used, both the term itselfand the underlying concept have been criticized.The causes andcharacteristics of Islamophobia are still debated.Some scholarshave defined it as a type of racism. Some commentators have positedan increase in Islamophobia resulting from the September 11attacks, while others have associated it with the increasedpresence of Muslims in secular nations

What is happening in Syria?

People are dying under the bullets and bombs of their bloody and dictatorial president, and unfortunately, no one is caring.... They are dying because after 40 years they decided to stand up to the dictator bashar al-assad and want to choose their president and elect him instead of a president coming into power by force. This is coming to an end but it won't happen very soon because the other countries are not helping that much.

What sports are there in damascus?

You can visit the Damascus sports association for details. The games that i know about are: Lacrosse Basketball Baseball Wrestling Golf Football

Where is the parliament in Syria?

In downtown Damascus. It is two-story small building with Syria's emblem (Eagle of Saladin) on top.

What does the government of Syria do on the uprising in Syria?

the Syrian regime cracked down demonstrations, using live ammunition, and brutal repression against peaceful, unarmed protesters which lift the country in violation circle.

What is the revolt in Syria about?

It's revolution against dictator Bashar Assad and his regime. Assad family is rulling Syria from 1970, they destroy everything in Syria,steal everything and did so many massacres in Syria...

What is the longitude and latitude of Damascus Syria?

-- The center of the field at Al Jalaa Stadium is located at 33.5020° north latitude 36.2538° east longitude. -- The southwest end of Runway-05R at Damascus International Airport is located at 33.3849° north latitude 36.4959° east longitude. -- Other points in the city all have different coordinates.

Why did Muslim armies conquer Persia Syria Damascus Jerusalem and Egypt?

They could and they perceived that doing this was their duty aspious Muslims. Historically, there was the "Right to Conquest" which was apervasive idea in political thought. The idea was that it wasnatural for any country or state to grow and control more territoryas it grew stronger. This allowed weaker states to dissolve inplace of ones that were better run, a bureaucratic version of"survival of the fittest". The "Right to Conquest" prevailed as thedominant theory of nation-building until the mid-1800s when peoplestarted bringing up the concept of self-sovereignty and ethnicnationalism, which held the idea that people should governthemselves even if they are not the most powerful in the world.This view of state sovereignty has become dominant today and theRight to Conquest is seen as incorrect. Since the Caliphates existed well within the Right to ConquestPeriod, the Caliphs did not have to assert a reason to conquerneighboring territories in Southwest Asia. It was their naturalprerogative.

What did the president of Syria do?

The President of Syria is a dictator, using torture and violence to insert his power on his people; with most elections being rigged. However this is what we are informed of from the media. He will at some point must likely be removed from power were he will come to the UK most likely, due to his wifes, the first lady, british conections were he or both of them will be tried from war crimes and human rights issues. At which point he will then be taken nack to Syria for punoshment.

Why is there conflict in Syria?

There's a conflict in Syria because Bashar Al-Assad came to power and we never wanted him just like his dad (Hafez Al-Assad) did. This caused us to speak up against him and decide that we want a fair government.

How did Paul get out of Damascus?

A: Acts of the Apostles, by an unknown author but traditionallyattributed to Luke, Paul began to preach Christianity in thesynagogues, until the Jews took counsel to kill him. The discipleshelped him escape the wrath of the Jews by lowering him down by thewall in a basket (Acts 9:20-25). In Paul's own version of events (2 Corinthians 11:32-33), the pagangovernor of Damascus sought to arrest Paul, but he escaped thesoldiers by being lowered in a basket from a window by the wall.There can not have been two separate occasions in which Paulescaped from Damascus by the same means, and there are soundreasons to believe that Paul's own account is historically true.

Where is the Damascus Branch Library in Damascus located?

The address of the Damascus Branch Library is: 126 E. Laurel Avenue, Damascus, 24236 M

Who are Syria?

Syria is a place not a people. The people that live in Syria arecalled Syrians.