What can happen to dogs that eat sewage from a septic tank?

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This raw sewage is full of bacteria that would make any animal or person ill. Take to a vet or monitor for appetite loss is you are unable to do so immediately.If appetite loss happens, get to a vet immediately.

A dog could be suffer some kind of kidney issues because of the sewage. A dogs or human for that matter, organs are simply not made to filter that kind of substance.
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What happens to the water that flows into a septic tank?

ANSWER: . It collects in the tank and either evaporates over time or if more water goes into the tank than it can hold it outflows into whats called a drain field. It flows

What to do if your dog drinks water from a septic tank?

If a dog drinks water from a septic tank and the dog gets sick, thedog should be taken for medical care by a veterinarian. If the dogseems fine after drinking the water, the b

What are septic tanks?

Septic tanks are large tanks placed in the ground used to disposeof sewage in homes that are not connected to a city waste system.The sewage goes into the tank and is broken d

What is septic tank?

A septic tank is a large tank that holds all the waste liquid from a house when there is no sewer in the street. The liquid settles in the tank and flows out a pipe at the oth

Where does the sewage in the septic tank go?

See related link. A septic tank is underground and helps waste water from homes decompose. The water will exit the septic tank in the drain field, where there is further deco

How does the septic tank help separate sewage?

Yes, it separates the sewage into black water and solids. The solids remain in the tank and are consumed by microbes and worms, forming a 'mattress' of semi solids that floats

What break down sewage in a septic tank?

its a locky mckenzie when stinks really gross and bad and he is wet ======== The real answer is, there is a lot of bacteria in our gut, this ends up in the septic tank wer

How do septic tanks help separate sewage?

If it is a closed system the septic tank holds the waste water until it is collected. In an infiltration system, the waste water goes into the tank where the solids settle to

How does a septic sewage system work?

the septic tank works on behalf of the general tank/chamber where by the distance of the house from the the chamber is as far as the space of having the General tank near by t

What happens when you put too much disinfected into a septic tank?

Too much disinfectant, fungicide, chlorine, antimicrobial detergent, etc. will kill the bacteria that is essential to break down the solids of effluent (the yuck stuff), hinde