What country is Mediterranean?

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  • All countries of North Africa (Mainly: Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt) and
  • south Europe (Mainly: Spain, France, Italy, Greece)
  • Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and Israel & Palestine Territory.
  • Malta and Cyprus

What are the Mediterranean countries?

The Mediterrenean countries are those that surround the Mediterranean Sea. In Europe: . Spain . France . Monaco . Malta . Italy . Slovania . Croatia . Bosnia-Herzegov

What are the capital cities of the Mediterranean countries?

The capitals of the Mediterranean countries are listed here:Algeria - Algiers; Cyprus - Nicosia; Egypt - Cairo; Gaza Strip -Gaza City; Gibraltar - Gibraltar; Greece - Athens;

What island country is in the Mediterranean Sea?

Cyprus is an island nation located in the Mediterranean Sea. The Republic of Malta is a country that consists of an archipelago (group of islands), and it is also located

What countries have a Mediterranean climate?

> all the countries bordering the Mediterranean sea including : malta / greece/ spain/ france/ italy/ bosnia/ turkey/ syria/ lebanon/ morocco and much more > chile > central

What are Mediterranean countries?

The mediterranean countries are countries which have a coastline on the mediterranean sea. For example... Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Libya etc.

What is a Mediterranean country?

A Mediterranean country is a country that borders the Mediterranean Sea . The Mediterranean countries are: . Albania . Algeria . Croatia . Cyprus . Egypt . France . G

Which countries have a Mediterranean climate?

Argentina Chile Colombia Venezuela Ecuador India Iran Lebanon Turkmenistan Syria Jordan Afghanistan Israel Tajikistan Pakistan Azerbaijan Iraq Canada United States Mexico