What damage will the Cumbre Vieja Volcano do to the East coast of Florida if it erupts?

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If and when the Cumbre VIeja erupts the chance of a "Mega Tsunami" that could destroy cities is VERY VERY REMOTE!! Why?

Because the most sensational theory of all has gotten the most media attention. That being that the entire mountain will collapse into the ocean at once creating a huge wave that will wipe out entre cities. This scenario however is the LEAST LIKELY to happen. Why?

Because the most recent studies show that, despite the sensational claims of some, the mountain might crubmle and fall into the ocean piece by piece during a longer period of time, thus not replacing as much water-mass as would an instant collapse.

Even though the local islands and perhaps Spain the other local countries would see some tidal waves, there would be no such thing as a MEGA TSUNAMI that is even capable of reaching the east coast of the US and South America.
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Why do volcanoes erupt?

When rock inside the Earth becomes hot enough, it melts. This molten rock, or magma, is less dense than the surrounding solid rock. Just as an object that is less dense than water will float on the water, the relatively low density of the magma causes it to rise to the surface of the Earth. In the m (MORE)

How does a volcano erupt?

A volcano erupts when pressure on the magma chamber causes the magma to rise and come out together with gas, rocks and ashes. The violence of an eruption depends on how much pressure the volcano is under before it erupts. Volcanoes are caused to erupt when the inner core of the earth holds more p (MORE)

When do volcanoes erupt?

Volcanoes are formed when there is a great stress inside the earth's crust and the pressure of magma reaches so high that it finds its way upward causing an eruption. Sometimes the magma chamber breaks its sides and only reaches to the flank or summit of volcano and sometimes reaches to the surface (MORE)

What do you do when a volcano erupts?

If you are anywhere near it, evacuating the area would be a good decision. Stay out of low-lying areas downhill from the volcano, as pyroclastic flows and lahars could be an issue. Molten rock and ashes erupt from volcanoes.

Why are there no volcanoes in the Midwest or East coast?

Cheryl E. Powell from Chesapeake, Virginia found this answer oat www.unknowncountry.com We're waiting to see if Mount St. Helens will erupt again in Washington State, but we never hear about volcanic activity on the East Coast of the U.S. There's a scientific reason for this. Sally Harris writes (MORE)

What volcanoes have erupted?

Volcanoes are defined as a rupture on the crust of a planetary massobject, such as the Earth, which allows hot lava, volcanic ash, andgases to escape from a magma chamber below the surface. Everyvolcano has erupted.

What do you do in a volcano eruption?

In the event of a volcano eruption, the best thing you can do isget out of the area. However, having a few items on hand is alsoimportant. A volcano survival kit should include a flashlight,first aid kit, emergency food and water, medicines, sturdy shoes,eye protection, respiratory protection, and a (MORE)

How does this volcano erupt?

the extremely high temperatures underground melts rock, wich turns to magma, hot air rises so since there is so much pressure on it, it shoots to the surface and explodes. just think of it as a lava pimple.

Where have volcanoes erupted?

There have been volcano eruptions al over the world. Some famouseruptions include Peru, Indonesia, Guatemala, Alaska, thePhilippines, Greece, as well as China.

What is a volcano eruption?

A volcano is an opening, or rupture, in the planet's surface or crust, which allows hot magma, volcanic ash and gases to escape from below the surface.

What to do if a volcano erupts?

Unless there have been warnings such as earthquakes, people usually have little warning of a massive eruption. If you are near a volcano that erupts, you should probably: . Cover your mouth and nose before going outside because ash will fall; ash makes it almost impossible to breath and becaus (MORE)

When will Cumbre Vieja volcano erupt again?

Your question is probably because you've heard about the 300 foot waves that will pound the east coast of the US. Its predicted that an eruption could finish the cleave that was started in the 1940's eruption. A minor 1971 eruption did nothing. Eruptions occur about every 30 to 60 years, so you can (MORE)

How does a volcano erupt and why?

When a volcano erupts it blows its top off due to all of the pressure contained within it, causing cinder and ash or lava or all 3 to burst out depending whether it is a shield cone volcano, a composite cone volcano, or a cinder cone volcano.

What effect would an eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano have on Connecticut's coast?

Answer - NOT SCAREMONGERING When the Cumbre Vieja erupts and some believe it will very soon do so, the effects of the predicted landslide would be rather moderate. There is a handfull of scientists predicting a huge landslide that will dump large masses of earth into the ocean creating so called (MORE)

What to do when there is a volcano eruption?

what to do when there is a volcano eruption . well i tell you one thing is for sure, that you wouldn't be sittin on ur computer asking what to do!!!!!!You'd probly try to run somewhere.....just as an instinct.But if you could have a little private jet conveniently there, well, now that would prob (MORE)

Why and how do volcanoes erupt?

volcanoes erupt because big tectonic plates under the ground have collided and caused magma to erupt through the earths surface when it reaches the earths surface it turns to lava. This magma escapes through the earths core which the tectonic plates created by leaving a gap when they collided. This (MORE)

What damage was caused when a volcano erupts?

The causes of an eruption has qutie alot. . The cause of house . The cause of the amount of people died . Before the eruption even happen they need a huge evacation around the area When the lava flows out of the vocalano the speed of it is around 5 sec a mile. Lava can travile very f (MORE)

What do volcanoes do when they erupt?

Well volcanoes can cause alot of damage when it erupts like the smoke is chemical you can die from it and the lava can also burn you.Volcanoes don`t occur much as they used to but anyway lets talk about volcanoes.When a volcano erupts you can see the lava and what happens it gets more hotter and the (MORE)

Will the oil spill in the gulf reach the east coast of Florida?

For the east coast to be affected, the oil spill would have to move hundreds of miles to the south, and once around the tip of Florida, move north again. I don't want to be a spill forecaster- but this appears to be a very unlikely event as the blob is moving slowly eastward and not much to the sout (MORE)

What to do if a volcano is erupting?

When a volcano is erupting, make sure that you have at least a mask and goggles on to prevent ash and other particles from entering your body. Prepare and bring along an emergency kit containing flashlights, a first aid kit, canned food and bottled water and a radio. Follow the instructions of the a (MORE)

Is Florida east or west coast?

Florida is located on the eastern area of the United States. It isconsidered an east coast state and applies by eastern time zones.

What flatlands extended south from Chesapeake bay to the east coast Florida?

The Atlantic Coastal Plain. The Atlantic Coastal Plain extends from the New York Bight (Cape May Inlet in New Jersey to Montauk Point on the eastern tip of Long Island), southward to Florida, then westward through the ACF River Basin to the West Gulf Coastal Plain in southern Texas. The province (MORE)

How fast can the eruption of a volcano damage the land?

It depends what the volcano spits out. Pyroclastic flows can move at over 450 mph . It is a mixture of extremely hot gasses, ash and rock - and will literally obliterate everything in its path. That includes trees, plants and any animals that cannot escape from it.

How might an erupting volcano damage living things?

If it is an effusive eruption, the lava can burn living organisms. In an explosive eruption pyroclastic flows can sweep away, bury and/or burn living organisms. Ash can poison the soil and cause animals to suffocate. Plants and animals alike may be exposed to toxic gasses.

How does volcanoes from and erupt?

Volcanoes erupt when pressure from inside the earth pushes magma through a weakness in the earth's surface. As more and more magma erupts, the volcano is formed and grows.

What is the volcano that is about to erupt?

Depending on your definition of "about to", there may be dozens of them. But probably you're referring to Bali's Mount Agung in Indonesia. Mount Agung last erupted in 1963, killing over 2,000 people, but recent rumblings have caused the authorities to declare evacuations for about 200,000 peopl (MORE)