What did segregation do?

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What segregation did was to separate black and white people and that mostly happened in the bus a perfect example is Rosa Parks. What happened was that Rosa would not give her seat to a white men and just for that she got arrested.
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What is segregation?

Segregation is enforced separation of races. . It also means to separate things. A classroom can be segregate as to age, abilities, or sex. During meiosis the chromosomes als

What is Catholic segregation?

Roman Catholic Answer Usually "Catholic segregation" comes about because Catholics used to buy homes as close to a Catholic Church as possible, so, you would find pretty much

What was segregation?

Segregation was the state and national law of separating "coloured" people from white people. Those who were oppressed often had much worse facilities, could not visit better

Why is there segregation?

Segregation exists mostly because of society and fear of the different. People want convenience for them even if it means disconvenience for others. We also have to remember

What is a segregation?

Segregation is the separation between races, colors, classes and more. An example of this is segregation between black and white people in the past. One more example is the so

What was Jewish segregation?

This doubtless refers to the deportation and ghettoisation of theJews in occupied Europe during World War II. Jews from accrossEurope were told to report in and were rounded u

What are the types of segregation?

There are two types of segregation. The first type is called de jure segregation. De jure means segregation because of a law, mandate, or forced reason. Examples of this are a

How did segregation happen?

Mostly because of slavery torwards the black people and the whites did not like the color of blacks so they took action.

Who banned segregation?

Who banned segregation? The US Supreme Court in the landmark case of Brown vs. Board of Education (of Topeka) in 1954. The court decided that the standing rule that came out o

How do you explain segregation?

segregation was a time when people would be separated from the whites because of their culture or because of their skin color and the whites would have the blacks as slaves st

When segregation has stop?

Segregation is a bad thing. The WikiAnswers person that wrote before me wrote something not very nice, stating that Whites will always hate blacks. In fact, One of my best fri

What is segregation and what is the result of segregation?

Segregation is separation: 1. The act of segregating, or the state of being segregated; separation from others; a parting. 2. (Science: geology) separation from a mass, and