What do transformation mean?

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To change into something new; To change into something not needing anything extra.
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What does transform mean?

o change in form, appearance or structure, to change into another substance. In electricity it means to increase or decrease voltage, (by using a transformer)

What is mean by transformer?

A device used to transfer electric energy from one circuit to another, especiallay a pair of multiply wound, inductively coupled wire coils that effect such a transfer with a

What do you mean by no load of transformer?

Transformers voltage ratings are typically at full load.. For instance, A 24 VAC, 10A transformer will have a terminal voltage of 24 when it is feeding 10 amps to a load. Sin

What is mean by burden of the current transformers?

CTs are designed to provide a specified maximum output power in volt-amperes (VA). This is what the CT burden is. Another Answer It's necessary to distinguish between th

What is the meaning of 32Yd1 on a transformer?

This is 3 Nos Two Winding Transformers put together to form of Three Phase transformer, HV is Star Connected & LV is Delta Connected in the LV phase is leading by 30 Degree wi

What is the meaning of transformer tap changing?

In the context of transmission and distribution transformers, ' taps ' are connections made part-way along a high-voltage winding, enabling minor changes in the transformer's
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What do you mean you are transformed and what shows one is transformed?

When something is transformed, it means that it has been drastically changed. In reference to a person, many things could serve to show that the person has transformed, such a
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What does transformations mean?

The form of a person or thing includes it's appearance, how it functions, what it is made from, whether it is a solid, liquid, or gas, anything about it that is perceived by a

What do you mean by Polarity of a transformer?

The ' polarity ' of a transformer describes the direction of the secondary voltage with respect to the primary voltage. This depends on the relative directions in which each o