What do you call the numbers used to balance a chemical equation?

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I have always called them balancing numbers. They are numbers of moles.

Which chemical or element will have the largest number of molecules in a balanced equation?

There is no answerable version of this question, which asks about a certain equation not shown in the question. Further, there is no answerable form of the question. Gener

What is the number in front of a molecule in a chemical formula used to balance chemical equations?

The number in front of a molecule tells you how many molecules there are. It is called the coefficient. Example: The overall process (really a series of reactions) of p

How do you use balanced chemical equation in a sentence?

To correctly determine the balanced chemical equation, one must make sure that the products are appropriately relating to the reactants and make sure that the equation is bala

What process do you use to balance a chemical equation?

1. write the correct formulas for each reactant and product. 2. compare numbers of each kind of element on product vs reactant side. multiply using coefficients to get the sam

What are large numbers placed to the immediate left of the element's symbols in a chemical equation that are used to balance the chemical equation?

They are called coefficients. They represent the number of moles of that element required for the reaction to be completed as written in relation to the number of moles for th

What do you call the numbers used to balance equations?

The numbers placed immediately before formulas of compounds and/or elements involved in the reaction are called "coefficients" and those placed immediately after element symbo