What do you mean by Anti meridian and post meridian?

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Ante is the Latin for "before"
Post is the Latin for "after"

A meridian is an imaginary line running through some point on the earth's surface connecting it to the north and south poles. The definition of mid-day is when the sun is directly over this line. This word takes it name from....

Dies is the Latin word for "day' (diem in the possessive case)
meri is a Latin prefix for middle
meridiem is therefore Latin for "middle of-the-day"

Ante-meridiem is a Latin expression meaning "before mid-day"
Post-meridiem is a Latin expression meaning "after mid-day".

Note: there is a difference between Anti-Meridian and Ante-Meridiem. The Anti-meridian is the 180th meridian. (Both 180 degrees west and east.) Which is the basis for the international date line.
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What is a meridian?

A meridian is any imaginary line on the earth's surface that joins the north and south poles. Every point on a meridian has the same longitude.

What is is meridian?

A (imaginary) line drawn from pole to pole to pole (a great circle). Same as a line of longitude.

What is anti meridian?

An Anti-Meridian is a meridian opposite any given meridian of longitude. Specifically the Anti-Meridian is the 180th meridian. That is the meridian opposite of the Prim

What is post meridian?

Post Meridiem is PM. It is Latin for "after noon". For example, 1:30 PM. Post Meridian is a typo.

Where do the words post meridian come from?

Post Meridiem origin is Latin. The definition of Post Meridiem issomething occurring in the afternoon. Such as "Would you like tomeet up post meridian for lunch?"

What is a post meridian?

The correct term is post meridiem (not meridian). "Post" means after, and "meridiem" is Latin for "mid-day." Therefore, post meridiem means after mid-day. In modern times, we
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What are meridian?

A Meridian or Meridian Line is an imaginary line drawn between two points. In geography these two points are an imaginary arc on the earths surface from the North to the South