What does The Iron Law of Responsibility states?

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The iron law of responsibility says that in the long run, those who do not use power in ways that society considers responsible will tend to lose it. Business and society P47
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Is the Missouri law that states you can legally leave and not be returned by the police but your parents are still responsible for you changing this year in August?

Answer . \nThere is not such a bill being considered by the Missouri legislature to be enacted into law.\n. \nNor is there an existing Missouri statute allowing such action.\n. \nThe legal age of majority in Missouri is 18.\n. \nParents are responsible for their child/children until they reac (MORE)

What is the minimum age for criminal responsibility in ny state under the common law tradition?

There is no minimal age for someone who commits a criminal act.. The term common law is a generaly description of what laws are based upon in man US states as well as the US Constitution.. The age of a perpetrator does not determine the criminality of the action, the action, the results of it, whe (MORE)

What law states that if someone drowns in someones pool they are responsible?

The question is not phrased properly. If someone chooses to commit suicide in your pool, you are not responsible. If you do not take reasonable measures to keep people out of your pool -- see the Code and Zoning regulations -- you are negligent. If you do not supervise. you are negligent. There is n (MORE)

Which branch is responsible for enforcing laws?

The executive branch is responsible for putting laws into force.The legislature enacts the laws for the executive. The executivealso enforces the will and judgments of the courts. In federalgovernment cabinet agencies under the president enforce laws andregulations.

Who is responsible for making laws?

There are three branches of the government, the executive, thelegislative, and the judicial. The legislative branch of governmentis the branch responsible for making laws, while the judicialbranch is the one responsible for enforcing laws.

What is the Iron Law of Wages?

The Iron Law of Wages was first proposed by Ferdinand Lassalle. Itis a law of economics that states that wages always tend toward theminimum amount necessary to sustain the life of the worker.

What is Iron Law of Wages?

Iron Law of Wages states ' the wages of labour will have a tendency to fall' . (Excerpted, condensed and edited from Ricardo: The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation for comparison and comparison of conflict only ) In the natural progression of society, the wages of labour will (MORE)

Which branch of government is responsible for laws?

The legislative branch is primarily responsible for laws; it's thisbranch that drafts and passes laws. However, the executive branchhas the power to veto laws and the judicial branch has the power todeclare laws unconstitutional.

Where is it written that state laws are responsible for education?

There is no law specifying state responsibility for education. Rather, the US Constitution's "reservation clause" reserves all rights to the states that are not explicitly claimed for the Federal government in the Constitution. The Constitution makes no federal claim to education policy.. However, (MORE)

What was Gandhi's response to unjust laws?

"An unjust law is itself a species of violence. Arrest for its breach is more so.". The general meaning of this quotation being that a law that is placed on unfair terms is a type of violence and the arrest for it is even more unjust.

Do you need to response for law suit out of your state?

Maybe, depending on the facts of the situation. The mere fact that a lawsuit was filed in a state other than the one you live in does not, in and of itself, relieve you of the obligation to defend against it. It all depends on how service of the Summons and Complaint was made upon you and whether th (MORE)

Who is responsible for signing a bill into law?

It depends on your country and system of legislature. For example, the U.S. requires the president to sign a bill in, but in other countries the appproval of the monarch or their representative may be needed.

What area of law is responsible for criminal law?

ALL law enforcement agencies AND the prosecutor's office (Executive Branch of government) are charged with enforcing criminal law. The courts (Judicial Branch) are responsible for trying the cases.

What chemical properties is responsible for the rusting of iron?

The rusting of iron is actually a process called oxidation. Oxidation occurs when oxygen and another material react with each other and, in the process, transfer an electron. In the case of iron, water is a necessary component in that it allows for the electrons to transfer. Even in absence of water (MORE)

What branch is responsible for passing laws?

The Legislative Branch has the power to pass laws. The Executive Branch can veto laws, and the Judicial Branch can check laws to make sure that they are constitutional (and can end them if they are not).

What are a dog owners responsibility by law?

1. Current on Vaccinations for Rabies 2. Leash the dog when off of your property 3. Prevent the dog from being a public nuisance (barking, running loose,etc) 4. Not allowing the dog to bite people (even on your own property) 5. Maintain the animal's Health and Welfare 6. Picking up Wa (MORE)

Who is responsible for law enforcement in a county?

That really depends on the county and the state and what laws they have passed. In most counties they typically have a police force funded by the county government. Some counties have private police forces which are paid by a separate charge directly to the people living in the county. In c (MORE)

Who is responsible for carrying out the laws in Virginia?

In the Commonwealth: If you are referring to state laws it would be the Executive Branch of the state government, unless the case fell under the original jurisdiction of the Federal Courts, then it would be the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.

Is obeying the law a right or responsibility?

Following the law is a responsibility. A "right" is something that has been given to you, either by agovernment or by nature. A "responsibility" is something you're required to, or at leastshould, do.