What does face mean in relation to shapes?

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The face is a flat surface on a three dismentional shape
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A shape that has no face?

It depends on how you look at it: A sphere either has no face or it has an infinite number of faces.

What are shape faces?

A shape face is basically a face on a shape eg: there are 6 faces on a cube and cuboid so there is your answer!
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How the values of mean and median relate to shape?

The question is how do the mean and median affect the distribution shape. In a normal curve, the mean and median are both in the same point. ( as is the mode) If a distrib
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What shape is the face of can?

The can is a cylinder. Therefore, the faces are circles, since the faces are the top and bottom of the can.
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What is shape of faces?

In the context of polyhedra, they are polygons. Otherwise, they can be any shape you like.