What does habitat destruction mean?

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Habitat destruction is the process in which physical changes in one area cause the habitats existing in that area to be removed and replaced with other habitat-types. In this process, plants and animals which previously used the site are displaced or destroyed, reducing biodiversity.
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What is habitat destruction?

Habitat destruction occurs when the area in which an animal livesis being destroyed or encroached upon. It sometimes leads to theextinction of a species.

What does habitat destruction do to us?

Habitat is more than just a home to cute, warm and fuzzy animals. The part that all creatures play in an ecosystem, and their ability to do their part, is what's important. Ev

Why is habitat destruction a problem?

a poop destruction is a pee because animals are being put in danger because of all the waffles getting cut down and the pigs in the air, im not really an animal fan but i thin

What is the main cause of habitat destruction?

The activity of humans is the primary cause of habitat destruction. Farming and logging are two of the activities that cause the most damage, urbanization is another problem.

What solutions are there for habitat destruction?

when you destroy a habitat, it is also your responsibility to give the animals another place to live, such as a garden.\n. \ni used to go to a school in Arizona. they needed

How does habitat destruction affect gorillas?

Gorillas need a habitat to live in to provide food, water, shelter and experience to their young and also themselves. Land clearing for crops or logging for wood is putting th
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Which does not result in habitat destruction?

Things that do not result in habitat destruction are taking care ofthe environment. This can be not cutting down trees or destroyinggrasslands.