What does premilk look like?

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Colostrum is anywhere from clear to a yellowish color, and it feels oily when you rub it between your fingers.
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Do you look like what you look like in the mirror?

Of course! But if you don't like the way you look change it, but don't go crazy about it. Another Answer: Well, not exactly. What you see in the mirror is a left to right mirror reversal of yourself. If you want to see how other people see you, you need to use two mirrors at 90 degrees to eac (MORE)

What does sex look like and feel like?

Answer I can only tell you this. When you are old enough to experience it, you will know If your old enough sex looks like a man putting his penis inside a womnas virgina. If feels good.Like really good. You just want more. The guy does more than the girl in my experience.

Why does he look at you like that?

That really depends on how he is looking at you. If he is looking and smiling it is because he likes you if he is looking at you strangely it may be because he is just trying to get to you as you may have just broke up. This is really hard to answer as I don't know how he is "looking at you like tha (MORE)

Why don't guys like me for who i am not what i look like?

Because guys are idiots and you just have to hang out with a better group. you just need to look harder there a boys out there who refuse to judge on looks there just a dieng species trust me im a guy i refuse to judge on looks the girl i have had a crush on for the last 3 and a half years is apper (MORE)

What does this mean I look to like if looking liking moves?

Juliet's mother has urged her to look upon the handsome Paris has a future husband, but Juliet says, "I'll look to like, if looking liking move: / But no more deep will I endart mine eye / Than your consent gives strength to make it fly" (1.3.97-99). Lady Capulet's speech to Juliet started from the (MORE)

What did cars look like and what were they like in 1963?

Heavy, gas hogs, that were not very dependable and required lots ofmaintenance. But some very beautiful cars were made then. Click thelink to see a 1963 Chevrolet. Not true! On the one hand, full-sized cars of 1963 all started tohave the "long and low" look, with the exception of someindependent aut (MORE)

Why does the brain looks like it looks?

ANSWER:. Through evolution, the brain that folds in and around itself has more surface area and the fluids that bathe it in nutrients can sustain itself better, and expand even more, depending on how much protein the human consumes..

If he looks at you does he like you?

no not necessarily it just means he is checking you out to see if your a suitable enough girl to satisfy him. i mean i check out girls all the time but i dont look at em and instantly like them you have to get to know then first, so chances are he might like you. you just have to go break the ice an (MORE)

Why does he look at you if he does not like you?

I HAD A crush on him in 8th grade and my friends finally told me to write hime a love note telling how i felt about him I did just that so he wrote back saying i lacked confedence and he likes girls who come up to his face and told him that they liked him He said he is sure i am a nice girl but not (MORE)

If somebody looking and looking to you is that mean they like you?

not necessarily. it could mean you have something on your face(doubt it) or they might not even be looking at you. if you know the person, you could ask them "do i have something on my face?" or "what?" but i don't know. it could mean they like you, or they think you look good. Not really though (MORE)

How to look like and be like haruhi suzumiya?

Make sure you wear her style of clothing, if you don't have her style of clothing get new clothes. next what you should do is study what shes like, make sure you get her every week/day hair styles. finally, change your attitude to her style. (i am trying to act like haruhi too ^^)

Will a girl like you if you only like her for the looks?

some girls might, i find it insulting. you should like a girl because of her personality, not because she's pretty. a girl will like you more if you like her for her personality because technically it's using her if your only dating/talking to her because she's cute. Most girls consider that type of (MORE)

He looks at you and when you look he looks away he has started to talk to and looks when you are not looking does he like you?

Yes...absolutely. What he is doing is trying not to seem so obvious that he is so interested and so attracted to you which is why he looks at you when you're not looking. He likes to see you in your own element...you know natural like when you laugh and when you look at him looking back at you he fe (MORE)

What does corundum feel like or look like?

Corundum is very rough considering it has a hardness of 9 out of 10. It looks like a ruby or sapphire because they are both corundum.Its shiny and comes in many forms.

He looks at you does he like you?

Many people will look at you, but it does not always mean they are interested in you. In this case 'like' suits the situation best for you and he could be interested further in you.

He looks at you and then he looks away does he like you?

YES!!! When someone looks at you and when you catch them, most people tendto look away quickly. It is more of an embarrassing situationrather than an infatuation. If it occurs often then clearly theboth of you are looking at each other too much. yeah :D I have actually done this before so i kn (MORE)

When you like a person do you like them for their looks or for their personallity?

I like a person technicly by their personality, because it's easier to befriend the person. For example, If a really drowsy and sloppy person came up to me named Ook, he wouldn't look good because he had lepard spot rags, stringy long hair, and a missing tooth; but with a peaceful and kind aditude. (MORE)

What does space look like feel like?

In space, it would usually feel like you're swimming in nothing and without an oxygen suit you will die because there isn't any oxygen. Space usually has meteors, asteroids and comets flying and floating around and it's just dark and starry.

What will an alien look like on Venus and why it will look like that?

A legless bird with no eyes or legs, that carries plants whichcling on to its back that absorbs sunlight every 121.5 days. Let us look at it logically. The alien will have to be comfortableat a temperature of 860 degrees and at 92 times the atmosphericpressure of Earth. It has to breathe something, (MORE)

What do guys like girls to look like?

A better answer: I'm a guy and I like girls to put on make up and stuff if theywant, if you just do it to attract people they don't get it, So puton what you like which makes you stand out more! Or helps youblend, boys like short skirts, ashamed to admit it, it's sick!!!Have fun :)

What does a desert look like and feel like?

Deserts are very dry and humid. They are usually very sandy with little life maybe a little shrubary here and there or cactuses but other than that they are pretty bland. AKA, Krystal Fraser.

Why does the moon look like the way it looks?

The moon is a very large ball of space junk, as are planets, made of rock. Many asteroids, more smaller space junk plummet into the moon's surface, making the holes that we call craters. Sometimes, volcanoes on the moon erupt, and form dark grey areas, called 'seas.'

Why does Washington's flag look like it looks?

The answer is because George's wife sent him a letter during the war and it happened to state in it what she likes the most, flowers. So George shortly after got word that he needed a flag, so he designed it by using details like a flower, but he definitely didn't make it look exactly like a flower. (MORE)

What does cloudy looking sperm look like?

Sperm should be like cream but a bit more of a liquid, cloudy sperm looks like cloudy water or cloudy lemonade and is usually more thin than normal and runs easier.

What did the eath look like when a spinosaurus looked like when it lived?

Spinosaurus's habitat was North Africa's tropical coastal plains between 112 and 97 million years ago. At this time, North Africa had many mangrove swamps, where Spinosaurus would have spent its days fishing. Plants here included conifers, ferns, cycads, ginkgoes, and a few early angiosperms (flower (MORE)

Why do you look like what you look like?

The reason a person looks the way they do is because of genes from the mother and father of the person. If someone has more weight than another it's either because they let them self go or they're just big boned.

What do you have to look like for Justin bieber to like you?

He said that "I like funny girls, anyone that can make me laugh is a winner, for sure. I don't want a girl who is taller than me. I like both brunette's and blonde's, so that doesn't matter to me, although brunettes are really pretty. I like girls who are honest and sweet and like to have fun and go (MORE)

Why does a king look like it looks?

A king looks like he looks because he's probably under a lot of stress. Especially King George III. He was really under a lot of stress because he had to deal with the colonists and the French and Indian war which contained more colonists who wanted land so they fought against the American Indiand w (MORE)

Why do people look like they look?

Millions of years of adaptive change to the immediate environment. Natural selection and sexual selection in humans have shaped our bodies to preform the survival and reproductively successful algorithms that " promote " genes into the next generation. Even our faces are products of selection, sexua (MORE)

How do they looks like?

A cougar is a pale yellow(kinda like a yellowy beige) cat that is of medium size.They are sometimes confused with female lions.

What does look Oxycontin look like?

Oxycontin comes in a couple different forms actually. The most commonly recognizable one however is a white round pill. They may also be tan, yellow, or green. Most of the time they will say OC on one side and the strength of the dosage on the other.

What will an alien look like on Jupiter and why it will look like that?

Science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke wrote the story "A MeetingWith Medeusa" in which a human explorer parachuted into Jupiter'scloud tops and inflated a hot air balloon - excuse me, ahot-HYDROGEN balloon - in order to observe the cloud layers ofJupiter's atmosphere. In the story, Jupiter was tee (MORE)

What does the Russian flag look look like?

The current Russian flag is a horizontal tricolor with white ontop, blue in the middle, and red on the bottom. More famous is the flag of the former Soviet Union, which had a redfield with a yellow hammer, sickle, and star in the upper leftcorner.

What do i look like?

You are a girl. You are 9. You have blue hair with ponytails. Yourskin is tan. Your eyes are blue. You have a little nose. You have apurple shirt with green pants. You have purple shoes. You arewearing yellow glasses. What a rare combination! 😀