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Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

In other words, we have to live our lives (using water, electricity, coal, oil, fossil fuel, carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases) in such a way that our children and our grandchildren and all the generations coming after them will also have the same chance of living a sustainable life.

It follows then, that we have to make serious changes to our lifestyle in the very near future, or there will be a very unhappy future for our children and grandchildren. We cannot keep going the way we are.

The Bruntland Report (1983) was the first publication and recognition of what the popular term "Sustainable development". It outlined 4 key figures. The main focus being "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future".

It also talks about social justice, futurity and economic growth.
A: Sustainable development can be defined as a development that meets the needs of the presents and still take the future generations in minds.
A: A sustainable development is a where economy, society and the environment all balance out and can agree with each other so that it is fair for everyone.
A: Sustainable merely means that you can keep it up for generations. It is normally used with reference to the environment. As an example, cutting trees for wood is sustainable if you don't cut trees more quickly than they grow back. If the rate of cutting is higher than the rate of growth, there will at some point be no more trees - this is not sustainable. The same goes for hunting, fishing etc. - a sustainable rate is one where there will still be fish when our grandchildren grow old.
A: In the context of industry, sustainable normally means that the industry doesn't pollute so much that people eventually won't be able to live or grow food in the area.

  • Sustainable development means development without sacrificing the needs of the future generation.
  • Sustainable development is an organizing principle for human life on a finite planet. It posits a desirable future state for human societies in which living conditions and resource-use meet human needs without undermining the sustainability of natural systems and the environment, so that future generations may also have their needs met.
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Sustainable development refers to development that can continue over a long period of time. Sustainable development takes into consideration environmental issues and embraces conservation. Sustainable development is when the use of resources by humans is aimed to ensure the sustainability of the environment while meeting human needs.
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How can India achieve sustainable development?

India should stop using such fuels which are non-renewable and not good for our environment, such as petrol, diesel etc. In place of these, research should take place to think about other alternatives, such that the recent research into the use of hydrogen in vehicles in place of petrol etc. . We should do more afforestation. The Indian government should have a plan in which every colony should have to contain about 30 to 40 percent area with trees and plants. . Industries should have to stop using the dangerous chemicals like chloro-fluorocarbons i.e cfcs, methane i.e ch4 or other chemicals which are not only affecting our environment but us too. The recent example of this is the change of the colour of our one of India's most beautiful monuments i.e "The Taj Mahal" and now its condition is getting worsened day by day due to acid rain which is caused by these horrible chemicals. . Our awareness and sincerity could be the most effective factor in sustainable development .because we are responsible for making our environment polluted and now we are trying to develop and only we can develop our country sustainably.

What is the essence of sustainable development?

The essence of sustainable development is to ensure that theenvironment is conserved. Embracing alternative sources of energyand waste management are among some of the things that promotesustainable development.

What is the sustainable development of natural resources?

People taking more from nature than what it can replenish: There are two kinds of resources, sustainable (lumber, fish stocks etc) and non sustainable resources (natural gas, oil etc). Sustainable resources should be used in such a manner that nature is able to replenish them. Non sustainable resources should be used in a very responsible way because once it is used up it is gone forever.

What is sustainable tourism development?

"Sustainable tourism development meets the needs of present tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing opportunity for the future. It is envisaged as leading to management of all resources in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes and biological diversity and life support systems." (WTO). "Sustainable tourism development meets the needs of present tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing opportunity for the future. It is envisaged as leading to management of all resources in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes and biological diversity and life support systems." (WTO)

Why is Sustainability necessary for development of mankind?

sustainability involves alot of things that mankind uses in our daily lives such as water , air that we breathe , animals to eat , fish in dams and seas ... so dont u think we need to "save" sustainability ? if people distroy our seas and rivers by pollution we wont have safe and claen drinking water or food sources that come from our natural waters . if the air gets polluted by more and more harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide the we wont even beable to breathe , if people continue to poatch our animals for unnesasery things like horns skin ect .. we wont have food to eat ect.

How Can development be sustainable?

ANSWER by BipolarAttorney 02/07/08 Sustainable development is a term that refers to development that is environmentally conscious. There are numerous factors taken into account, including but not limited to: geographical development of the site, choice of building materials, energy conservation and waste reduction and recycling. Another related issue is the idea of "green design," which is somewhat analgous to "sustainable development."

Define sustainable development?

It means where should be development without harming theenvironment keeping in mind the needs of future generation withoutcompromising with the needs of present generation

What is sustainable economic development?

Development that meets needs the of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

What does sustainable development mean?

Sustainable development is about creating everlasting emprovement through the provesion of ecological, social and economical combination in which will continue providing the improvements and enhances the quality without an end of that. Alternative explanation: Sustainable development is an approach to meeting our present needs without compromising the needs of future inhabitants of the earth. The goal is to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle for as many people for as long as possible - potentially forever. Examples would be: Not using easy or cheap industrial processes that pollute the air or water when better less harmful processes are available, not destroying endangered eco-systems just because they are handy to present development, extracting new materials from ore at the expense of power and resources when recyclable materials are available. Tools in the pursuit of sustainable development are understanding the total impact of decisions, avoiding waste production, avoiding over consumption, appropriate conservation of resources against future needs, reclamation of damaged ecosystems, identification and use of renewable energy and material resources, energy and material reclamation and recycling, adopting lower impact lifestyles.

What are the Cons of sustainable development?

1. Results can be expected after very long period of time. 2. It costs too much.

Why is sustainable development important?

because it is important that you know about your environment. people in Ghana dont have much money or anything to afford things but we are lucky to havce money and a house with heating and electronic games. but if we help people by giving them money then they will be able to afford medcine and evertyhing

What is sustainable developement?

I think the correct answer to be said is , Preserving things as well as using it. eg. using water as well as saving it.

What is the meaning of 'sustainable development'?

Development that meets needs the of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

How does sustainable development help us?

Sustainable development helps us (humans) in a few ways.. As the theory goes, sustainable development is development that gives a quality of life for the present while not comprimising future generations of resources.. A lot of people say that Sustainable development has a vague definition, but in the end it makes sense.. Basically By solving environmental problems which requires working from the bottom up: Locally, Nationally, and internationally. By solving environmental problems and working together you are reducing poverty and helping out the economy (from the bottom up).. So the idea is that these things: Environment, Poverty, and the economy are all interconnected and relate to each other and that solving one solves all.. from liberalist theory this helps us (humanity) because generally people want to help the environment, reduce poverty, and have the economy in a "good" place.. However coming from realist theory they might that it doesnt help us that we need poverty for the economy to be good. they would say that the rich do what they can and the poor suffer what they must.. This may not help you at all, if not, go here:. http://www.answers.com/topic/sustainable-development

Policy of sustainable development?

Integration of environmental conservation and economic development The right to development Sustainable utilization and conservation of natural resources Inter generational equality Intra generational equality The polluter pays principle

What is the importance of sustainable development?

The importance of sustainable development is that if a resource is sustainable, then it is used at the same time at which it is disturbuted. The importance of finding a sustainable future is rooted in three issues that are very much linked to one another:- 1).Fossil fuel depletion 2). Climate change due to CO2 emissions 3).The increasing costs of energy and water.

Ten principles of sustainable development?

Like so many lists of 10 there are a multitude of potential points espoused by one organization or another. All of these lists suggest "good" ideas and there is lot of crossover. One organization(ICMM) suggests: . Implement and maintain ethical business practices and sound systems of corporate governance. . Integrate sustainable development considerations within the corporate decision-making process. . Uphold fundamental human rights and respect cultures, customs and values in dealings with employees and others who are affected by our activities. . Implement risk management strategies based on valid data and sound science. . Seek continual improvement of our health and safety performance . Seek continual improvement of our environmental performance . Contribute to conservation of biodiversity and integrated approaches to land use planning . Facilitate and encourage responsible product design, use, re-use, recycling and disposal of our products . Contribute to the social, economic and institutional development of the communities in which we operate . Implement effective and transparent engagement, communication and independently verified reporting arrangements with our stakeholders The Hanover Principles (Expo 2000) suggest: . Insist on the right so humanity and nature to co-exist . Recognize interdependence . Respect relationships between spirit and matter . Accept reponsibilites for the consequences of design . Create safe of objects of long term value . Eliminate the concept of waste . Rely on natural energy flows . Understand the limitations of design . Seek constant improvement by the sharing of design

Is sustainable development good?

Development of any kind that is UNsustainable is clearly BAD so if we can achieve development which is sustainable that will clearly be "better". The question, however, seems to require an absolute answer that it is "Good"...? The problem is in deciding whether such development is, in fact, sustainable and over what period of time. The concept took hold in the 70s and 80s as a way of bridging the gap between fervent environmentalists (... who were pressing for Zero Growth of the economy to avoid environmental problems and resource scarcity) and Growth-orientated economists (... who said all our problems on environmental issues could be solved by getting the economy to grow to pay for putting things right). Rather than remain in a stagnating argument of Growth versus Zero Growth, both sides began to be able to have a dialogue about "development" which could be sustained but it is apparent that this dialogue is still ongoing and agreement is not yet achieved on what constitutes "sustainability"

What are the causes of sustainable development?

Sustainable development happens when people want it, when governments legislate for it, when customers desire it, when architects are employed and given a brief to design a sustainable building, and for many other reasons. People want sustainable development because that way they are leaving a lighter footprint on the earth. They are using fewer resources. They are causing less pollution. They are causing less damage to the environment and to the planet.

Is Dubai's development sustainable?

no its not because the oil will run out and Dubai is needing oil to carry on with its mega buildings and lives and inheritence

What is environmentally sustainable development?

sustainable development is a development in which the development take palce in keeping the requirement of future generation in mind. development is done but very carefully such that mot much of natural resources are not consumed in the development.

Is modern farming a sustainable development?

no, for the most part. this doesnt mean that organic or other farming methods are sustainable...

What are the principles of sustainable development?

The principles of sustainable development refers to the organizingprinciple for human life on a finite planet. It also refers to theposits of a desirable future state for all human societies to livein desirable conditions without undermining the sustainability ofthe natural system and the environment.

Difference between sustainable development and sustainable living?

Sustainable development is a widely applied term, which originally was meant to describe development and resource use that can meet human needs while preserving the ability of the environment to sustain us, not only for the present but for future generations as well. Sustainable development as a definition is further divided into the economic, socio-political and environmental aspects. It is translated by environmentalists, governments and corporations to have explicitly different meanings, and is often criticised for it's vagueness as a term. To an environmentalist, the term is connected with natural capital and carrying capacity, and as such is defined as development that does not exceed the carrying capacity of the environment (the rate at which natural capital is utilised). Sustainable living takes place at a personal level, and involves a personal choice for consumers to conduct a lifestyle with environmental sustainability as it's aim. It covers a range of environmental issues, but possibly the most popular issue within sustainable living is climate change. People living sustainably may try to reduce their consumption or eco-footprint, be loyal to 'green' companies, transport themselves using less fossil-fuel intense methods, recycle, become vegan, and a host of other choices. Part of the reward for these people is knowing their actions have a small but for them significant effect somewhere in the environment, for example reduciton of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, the combating of harmful environmental practices such as deforestation and overfishing, etc. So in short, sustainable living is how we go about our consumption of energy and resources on a personal level, while sustainable development is how our governments and corporations establish and amend the systems to deliver these things to us. Since global warming becomes a worldwide problem, I think we should to something to help, at least not do harm to our environment. As common people, what we can do to prevent this maybe just from shopping green, it's the easiest thing we can do every day. ENVI ME is great for they not only supplying eco products but also planting a real rainforest tree for every USD 100 purchase made. This is a real tree you can name, track and view on Google Earth via satellite images with GPS coordinates. Know more from http://www.envi.me/

How do you help attain sustainable development?

There are a variety of ways to attain and maintain sustainable development. For example, when you cut down trees replace them with new saplings. As long as the resource is renewable and we use that and continue to maintain that resource then we can attain sustainable development.

Explain the concept of sustainable development?

Development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

What are the factors affecting sustainable development?

deforestation sand mining cutting down of trees leveling of land dumping of waste in the rivers destrution of natural resources over use of non-renewable resources

How product are developed to sustain competitive advantage?

so as to answer such question we have to focus on five main areas . tangible or intangible . product audit . features, advantages and benefits . differetiation . packaging

Give the meaning of sustainable development?

Sustainable development is a pattern of resource use that aims to meet humans needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present , but also for future generations. In an easier term it allows people to meet their basic needs and enjoy a good quality of life without compromising the quality of life of the future.

Why is the issue of sustainability important for development?

1. suppose a particular country is quite developed we would like this level of development to go up further or at-least we maintained for future generation. 2. since the second half of the 20th century the no.of scientists have been warning that the type of levels of development are not sustainable. 3. ground water is an example of renewable resource. but if we use more than what is replenished by nature then we would be overusing this resource. 4. once the nonrenewable resources would be exhausted we wont be able to use in near future. so using the resources judiciously will help in maintaining the sustainability of our development of our economic system.

What are the types of sustainable development?

There are four main types of sustainable development. These arehuman, social, economic, and environmental. The goal is to find abalance among each type.

Sustainable development in the Amazon rainforest?

lots of ways especially logging because it brings lots of money to the countries economy but the locals loose out and animal habitats are destroyed

How India can achieve sustainable development?

· Limiting the human population to a level of within carrying capacity of environment · Input efficient techniques should be used · Rate of extraction of renewable resources should not exceed rate of regeneration · Control over pollution · Conservation of natural resources · encourage conservation of resources and necessary recycling · investment in renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind, ect. · Avoiding the imposition of added costs or risks on future generations, etc.

How does sustain relate of sustainable development?

well it looks like you havnt gotten an answer so far so i suggest surfing the web of prefixes and suffixes that should show you what you need to know

What is the role of sustainable development in economic development?

Many of these changes can be summarized in the phrase "sustainable development." The case of sustainable development is appearing more and more frequently in discussions of community economic development.

Is the Sahara desert a sustainable development?

The Sahara itself isn't a development. A sustainable development in deserts are man made to improve the quality of life for the locals without causing damage to the environment in the long term. For example in Kenya a community living in desert like conditions built a sand dam to store water from rain which is then filtered by sand. They discovered that sand dams can hold 2 to 10 million litres of water. This is a brilliant development as it doesn't cause any pollution or any other harm to the environment whilst giving the locals a reliable, clean source of water. It's also a cheap option but requires a lot of work to build properly.

What are Nike doing to develop sustainably?

theyre taking small children and making them work for many hours in a cardboard box.

Why is there a need of sustainable development?

That's because we have been too greedy...Humans have not anticipate the consequences of their act..We live in an environment that was not possibly going to last forever(big crunch theory)..However, our desire to have more of everything has accelerated its damnation..Sustainable development is the solution to prevent the extinction of humanity.We need these developments for food, energy, water crises among others

What is sustainability Development based on?

Sustainable development is taking care of/preserving the environment so that the next generations also can have their needs met. We are talking about taking care of main natural resources and ecological systems as water, fish, wood, plants, animals, oil, gas...

Is sustainable development good for environment?

Yes. For example: bamboo is more sustainable than wood because trees use lots of water and space whereas bamboo does not. You still need trees though!

How is fishing related to sustainable development?

Because, managed correctly - with quota systems, and restricting the number of days a boat is allowed to go to sea - fishing is a sustainable industry ! It's only when limits are removed, that boats can catch as much as they like - decimating stocks to a point where there will be no mature adults to perpetuate the species.

How poverty affects sustainable development?

When people are poor they are hardly encouraged to attain knowledge. Such is the condition of our India today. The rich is becoming richer and the poor is becoming poorer. There is a lot of discrimination in the world today. When this happens people lack education and they do not wish to improve their lifestyle as they would rather live on the food they beg than develop and overcome the tide of illiteracy and thereby help our developing India to become developed. Had there been no poverty in India today there would be a lot of progress in our country. This is how poverty affect sustainable development. - Anagha X std Bangalore

How can ecotourism contribute to sustainable development?

Ecotourism promotes sustainable development by encouraging peoplenot to build on the most valuable resource because they aregenerating tourist income. If the resource disappears, then tourismstops.

What is case study of sustainable development?

As Sustainable development has a broad variety of topics, you can define it in the major development areas: education, health, agricultural production, infrastructure, and so on. Also it can be focus on the transversal topics: gender, social organization, indigenous, etc. It will be better if you define intro one topic the case study, for example, illiteracy among adult women.

What is the official definition of Sustainable Development?

the use of resources in such a way that present needs can be met without destroying the ability of future generations to meet their needs is known as sustainable development.

What is meant by sustainability for development?

If something is "sustainable", that means it is possible to continue it in the long term.

Ecwhat is economic sustainable development?

Economic sustainable development is the economical sustainabledevelopment is an organizing principle for human life on a finiteplanet.

Who is responsible for sustainable development?

The sustainable development was created as a principle by theUnited Nations World Commission on Environment and Development. Thepurpose is to preserve, produced, natural and capital for futuregenerations.

How is Organic farming a sustainable development?

It is sustainable insofar as it is natural, the pertinent questionis does it provide a sustainable income? The amount of food a crop requires to provide it's own replacementis minimal. A farmer requires more than minimal returns so requiresto supplement the crops diet to produce extra for a crop. Inorganic methods provide bumper short term returns with some sideeffects, but, organic will provide a smaller crop thereforerequiring higher prices.

How does desalination help in sustainable development?

With increasing population the need for water is fast rising whilethe natural resource is not enough to meet the growing demand.Hence, through seawater desalination or removal of salts andminerals from the seawater, it is made suitable for drinking. Thishelps in meeting the demand for water in the country.