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The prefix nano- is equal to 10-9 and is represented by the Greek letter nu, which looks like a lower-case v. But when writing it on tests and papers, just use a lower-case n, so nanoseconds, for example, is abbreviated nsec or ns.

It basically means "one billionth." So a nanosecond is one billionth of a second.
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What are the metric prefixes in the SI system?

yotta- (Y-) 1024 1 septillion zetta- (Z-) 1021 1 sextillion exa- (E-) 1018 1 quintillion peta- (P-) 1015 1 quadrillion tera- (T-) 1012 1 trillion giga- (G-) 109 1 billion mega- (M-) 106 1 million kilo- (k-) 103 1 thousand hecto- (h-) 102 1 hundred deca- (da-) 10 1 ten deci- (d-) 10-1 1 tenth centi- (c-) 10-2 1 hundredth milli- (m-) 10-3 1 thousandth micro- (µ-) 10-6 1 millionth nano- (n-) 10-9 1 billionth pico- (p-) 10-12 1 trillionth femto- (f-) 10-15 1 quadrillionth atto- (a-) 10-18 1 quintillionth zepto- (z-) 10-21 1 sextillionth yocto- (y-) 10-24 1 septillionth

What does a prefix mean?

A prefix is an affix at the beginning of a word. . Examples are UN, CO, PRE and MIS MISspelled UNhappy COworker PREquel

What does the prefix A- mean?

it means not without ------------------------------------------------------------- I think they use "a-" as "not" in science (usually..)

What does the prefix mean?

A prefix is a syllable (or two) or a word added to a root/base withthat changes the word's meaning. A suffix is at the end. Example: Pregame (Pre=before so before the game) Countable (able= can so can be counted)

Why prefixes are useful with SI units?

Becauseuse SI units are based on metric system and uses the seven SI base units

What is the meaning of prefix?

A prefix is a dialing code. OR A prefix can also be a letter or group of letters added to thebeginning of a word to make a new word. A suffix is much the same,but is added on to the end of a word instead.

What is the Prefix meaning in?

The prefix intra can be used to mean in, such as, intramural sports, those held within the walls of the building (metaphorically; it actually means the sport involves only the people at the given location which is usually a school, as opposed to competition with people from another school - the other team comes from outside the walls, although the game itself, if it is a game like basketball, still takes place inside walls). I also merged this question with one about the prefix re; that means again, as in, re-do, do it again.

What is the meaning of nano?

Nano means something very small. It comes from the Greek word nanos (νάνος) which means dwarf..

Is there an acronym for SI prefixes?

i know this is stupid, but that's why i remember it tera giga mega kilo hecto deka deci centi milli micro nano pico femto atto Right? k well i say the giant mom killed her dumb doctor cause. and then i remember the alphabet hijkl M N o P... Micro Nano Pico. and then just idk the last two.. femto atto, you'll just actually have to remember those. hope that helped lol

What are the SI prefixes?

SI prefixes define sub-units or multiples (of ten) and are added to SI units to make it easier to express large or small quantities. For example: . You would probably say someone weighs 100 kg, not 100,000 grams. . You would probably say you are going to walk 10 km, not 10,000 metres The standard prefixes, their values and abbreviations: Larger Units : deca 1x10 1 da * hecto 1x10 2 h * kilo 1x10 3 k mega 1x10 6 M giga 1x10 9 G tera 1x10 12 T peta 1x10 15 P exa 1x10 18 E zetta 1x10 21 Z yotta 1x10 24 Y Smaller Units : . deci 1x10 -1 d * centi 1x10 -2 c milli 1x10 -3 m micro 1x10 -6 µ * * nano 1x10 -9 n pico 1x10 -12 p femto 1x10 -15 f atto 1x10 -18 a zepto 1x10 -21 z yocto 1x10 -24 y * Also defined but not widely used for all units ** While micro is officially abbreviated μ (the greek letter mu), it is common practice to substitute the lower-case u in its place for keyboard convenience. The following metric prefixes were generally used as part of the metric system prior to standardization through SI. myria 1x10 4 ma or my myrio 1x10 -4 mo

What Do SI Prefixes stand for?

SI prefixes precede a unit of measure to indicate decimal multiples or dividions. This reduces the number of zeros needed to express large or small quantities. One gigabyte is easier to read, write and say than 1000000000 bytes and one microsecond is simpler than .000001 second.. For measuring length (meter), volume (liter), or mass (gram) prefixes are all the same. SI prefixes stand for:. Femto (f) 10 -15 One Quadrillionth Pico (p) 10 -12 One Trillionth Nano (n) 10 -9 One Billionth Micro (µ) 10 -6 One Millionth (greek letter 'mu') Milli (m) 10 -3 One Thousandth Centi (c) 0.01 One Hundredth Deci (d) 0.1 One Tenth one = initial value deka (dk) = Ten hecto (h) = One Hundred Kilo (k) 10 3 One Thousand Mega (M) 10 6 One Million Giga (G) 10 9 One Billion Tera (T) 10 12 One Trillion Peta (P) 10 15 One Quadrillion

Describe why prefixes are useful with SI units?

Prefixes make it much much easier to understand. The prefix tells how many digits the unit has. So it is both easy to convert and understand. :) Example: 1 gigabyte is easier to read than 1000000000 bytes

What is an SI PREFIX?

If you mean the "Metric" system (SI), there are a great many prefixes, including kilo- (thousands), hecto- (hundreds), milli- (thousandth), micro- (millionth), pico- (trillionth). Hect(o)- is not used much in scientific work with the exception of hectoPascals (hPa) which replaced millibars in meteorology and occasionally in the unit of area hectares.

What is the meaning of the prefix in?

Well, use the word "indestructable," for example.. That means "not destructable," therefore, the prefix -in usually means "not".

Which SI prefix stands for trillionth?

The SI prefix for trillionth is pico- and is given in scientificnotation as 10E-12. The SI prefix for trillion is tera- . In themetric system, SI prefixes are important because they referencedecimal positions.

What is the SI prefix that means 1000?

Milli * * * * * No. Milli means a thousandth. The prefix for 1000 is kilo.

What does prefix nano- mean?

really small. Divided into a billion parts. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. A nanosecond is one billionth of a second. A nanocraig would be one billionth of some guy named Craig.Ex. if you have 650 nm it would be equivalent to 650 x10^-9 m

What does the prefix be- mean?

Be- as a prefix goes back to Old English. . It has become ingrained in some verbs: begin, believe, become . . It can change an intransitive verb into a transitive one: bemoan, belie, besmirch. . It can also also turn nouns and adjectives into verbs: befriend, belittle, bejewel . . Finally, it is sometimes used on the fly: The bejacketed biker gang claimed the far corner of the pub . The prefix 'be' means all over or all around something.

What SI prefix means one one-hundredth?

The prefix that means one-hundredth is centi- (as in centimeter, or .01 of a meter). Wikipedia has all the answers, please look at the link for more information. In math 1/100 is more commonly used than one-hundredth. (just thought it would help.) centi-

What is the meaning of prefixes?

Say you have the word 'kind', a prefix is just something that may go before that, like 'un', 'unkind'. eg. dis believe pre date Stuff like that. It's also the Mrs/Miss/Ms/Mr/Dr etc that comes before someone's name. You're welcome. ^_^

List si prefixes from largest to smallest?

Lots of them: Kilo, mega, giga, tera, peta, exa, zetta, yotta, xona, weka, vunda, uda, treda, sorta, rinta, quexa, pepta, ocha, nena, minga, luma.

What does 'prefix' mean?

prefix is a set of letters you add (hence fix, which means to attach) to the beginning of a word (hence Pre which means before) in order to change the context of the word.. Pre (before) - Fix (attached) so...attached before the word.. ex.) moral: to have a standard separating right and wrong. The prefix "A" means without lacking or not.. So moral becomes Amoral: To be WITHOUT a standard separating right and wrong

What are the prefixes used in SI unit?

The prefices are: yotta 10^24 zetta 10^21 exa 10^18 peta 10^15 tera 10^12 giga 10^9 mega 10^ 6 kilo 10^3 hecto 10^ 2 deca 10^1 unit 10^0 deci 10^-1 centi 10^-2 milli 10^-3 micro 10^ -6 nano 10^-9 pico 10^-12 femto 10^-15 atto 10^-18 zepto 10^-21 yocto 10^ -24

What does the SI prefix centi mean?

Centi means a hundredth of something. Examples are centimeter (a hundredth of a meter) and centigrams (a hundredth of a gram).

What are the values of the SI prefixes?

1000 m 10 n Prefix Symbol 1000 8 10 24 yotta Y 1000 7 1021 zetta Z 1000 6 10 18 exa E 1000 5 10 15 peta P 1000 4 10 12 tera T 1000 3 10 9 giga G 1000 2 10 6 mega M 1000 1 10 3 kilo k 1000 2⁄3 102 hecto h 1000 1⁄3 10 1 deca da 1000 0 10 0 (none) (none) 1000 −1⁄3 10 −1 deci d 1000 −2⁄3 10 −2 centi c 1000 −1 10 −3 milli m 1000 −2 10 −6 micro µ 1000 −3 10 −9 nano n 1000 −4 10 −12 pico p 1000 −5 10 −15 femto f 1000 −6 10 −18 atto a 1000 −7 10 −21 zepto z 1000 −8 10 −24 yocto y

Explain why prefixes are useful with SI units?

Sometimes you need a very large, or a very small, amount of a certain unit. One way to deal with that is to use prefixes like kilo, mega, milli, micro, and others.\n

What is the common SI prefixes of billion?

The prefix of a billion - in the sense of a thousand millions - is "Gega", abbreviated "G".

What do the SI prefixes kilogram milligram and centimeter mean?

The prefixes in this case are kilo, milli, and centi. Kilo means 1000, milli means 1/1000, centi means 1/100. For example, a kilogram is 1000 gram. The prefixes in this case are kilo, milli, and centi. Kilo means 1000, milli means 1/1000, centi means 1/100. For example, a kilogram is 1000 gram. The prefixes in this case are kilo, milli, and centi. Kilo means 1000, milli means 1/1000, centi means 1/100. For example, a kilogram is 1000 gram. The prefixes in this case are kilo, milli, and centi. Kilo means 1000, milli means 1/1000, centi means 1/100. For example, a kilogram is 1000 gram.

What is the prefix for account and what does the prefix mean?

account originates from the word "conter" (fr.: to count) the prefix a/ad means "to" (from Latin, through French)

Why prefixs are useful with SI units?

The units in the SI system are related to by factors or multiples of 10. Rather than have a new name for every multiple of factor, the use of prefices is much simpler. Also, it means that calculations in derived units become simpler. For example 35 milligrams per millilitre is the same as 35 grams per litre and 35 kilograms per kilolitre. The calculations for the above paragraph took a total of 0 seconds. Try that with ounce, pound, stone and fluid ounce, pint, gallon! Or without using prefices.

Why are prefixes used in SI?

Prefixes are used because it is easier to say "7.45 centimeters" than it is to say "745 times 10 to the negative-4 meters"

A prefix meaning from or out?

The following prefixes have similar meanings: Ex- can mean out, Out- can mean away from, Ab- or Abs- can mean away or from.

What symbol represents SI prefix micro?

It is represented by the Greek letter 'mu' or µ . For example micrometer is µm . ------------------------------------------------------------------ It is the symbol "mew." It looks like a u with an extra line in front.

What does the SI prefix 'centi' mean?

"Centi-" usually means "one hundredth of". One centimeter (cm) is 1/100 of a meter, and similarly one centiliter (cl) is one hundredth of a litre. However, centiliters are rarely used, as most volume units are in milliliters instead (1cl = 10ml).

What SI prefix means10?

Deka, abbreviated "D". This has to be written with an uppercase "D", to distinguish it from the prefix "deci" (1/10).

What is the si prefix for billion?

Assuming you mean the American billion (a 1, followed by 9 zeroes), the prefix is Giga, abbreviated "G".

What does si si mean in creole?

There's actually no such language as "Creole". The word creole refers to a type of language that results from the combination of two completely different parent languages. There are more than 100 different creolized languages in the world, so you would have to specify which one you're talking about. If you're not sure, here is a list of the most commonly spoken Creoles in the world (one of them is even an official language): . Louisiana Creole French, spoken in Louisiana . Belizean Kriol language, spoken in Belize . Haitian Creole language, French-based, an official language of Haiti . Mauritian Creole, French-based, spoken in Mauritius . Cape Verdean Creole, spoken on the islands of Cape Verde . Krio Dayak language, spoken by Krio Dayak people in West Kalimantan, Indonesia . Liberian Kreyol language, spoken in Liberia . Seychellois Creole, French-based, spoken in the Seychelles . Guinea-Bissau Creole, spoken in Guinea-Bissau . Negerhollands, a Dutch-based creole, once spoken in the U.S. Virgin Islands . Bislama, an English-based creole, spoken in Vanuatu . Llanito, a Spanish- and English-based creole, spoken in Gibraltar . Bajan or Barbadian Creole, English-based, spoken in Barbados . Antillean Creole or Créole Martiniquais, French-based, spoken in the Lesser Antilles . Tok Pisin, an official language of Papua New Guinea . Torres Strait Creole or Brokan, spoken in Far-North-East Australia, Torres Strait, and South-West Papua . Patois, French based, spoken in Saint Lucia . Nagamese creole, based on Assamese, used in Nagaland, India

What are the SI base units and prefixes?

meter - m kilogram - kg second - s ampere - A kelvin - K candela - CD mole - mol The above are Base SI units. Two supplementary units radian - rad steradian - Sr ----------------------------------------------------- hello friend, in this context fundamental and base are synonyms Nevertheless, the correct term is 'Base'. SI doesn't use the term 'fundamental'. Incidentally, the term 'Supplementary Units' no longer exists.

What are the 5 si units and their prefixes called?

meter (m), kilogram (kg), second (s), kelvin (K), and mole (mol) Prefixes: yotta, zetta, exa, peta, tera, giga, mega, kilo, hecto, deka, deci, centi, milli, micro, nano, pico, femto, atto, zepto, yocto

What is the prefix in gigabyte and what does the prefix mean?

The prefix " giga " means 1 billion, so a gigabyte is 1 billion bytes

What language are the SI prefixes taken from?

The SI prefixes are from Greek, including deka, hecta, kilo, and mega (10, 100, 1000, 1 million)

What does the prefix of prefix in mean?

The prefix of the word prefix is pre. Pre would mean before. As most know, a prefix is at the BEGINNING, and a suffix is at the END. Just the word prefix should have given it away. -MaximinePenguinTIME!

What is a prefix which means after?

The prefix; post, means after. So, if you hear someone saying that they are going to post pone a party, then they are really saying that they are going to move the party to a time after the original date.

What is the meaning of si si in Chinese?

Si can mean dead or think. My name is Si in Chinese so it means think.

What does micro micro mean in metric prefix. I know this was an older designation used for a metric prefix. Was it used for nano or pico?

I am not sure but, Micro = 10 -6 , so Micro micro = 10 -12 for which the prefix now is pico.

Why do you not use the SI prefix Femto in electronics?

Femto's symbol is a lower case "f". In electronics it is also the symbol for frequency and therefor would be confusing. I am in pre-engineering and taking a Digital Electronics class.

What do these si prefixes denci centi kilo and milli mean?

denci is not an SI prefix. centi = 0.01 or one hundredth kilo = 1000 = thousand milli = 0.001 = one thousandth.

What is the meaning of the prefix out?

There is no prefix out. The beginning structure of out has just its regular meaning: out.

How do prefixes micro nano and pico relate to each other?

They are different prefixes for amounts less than unity: . kilo = 1/1000 . micro = 1/1,000,000 . nano = 1/1,000,000,000 . pico = 1/1,000,000,000,000 .

What are all the SI prefixes and their multiplying factors?

Table 5. SI prefixes . Factor Name Symbol . 10 24 . yotta. Y. 10 21 . zetta. Z. 10 18 . exa. E. 10 15 . peta. P. 10 12 . tera. T. 10 9 . giga. G. 10 6 . mega. M. 10 3 . kilo. k. 10 2 . hecto. h. 10 1 . deka. da. Factor Name Symbol . 10 -1 . deci. d. 10 -2 . centi. c. 10 -3 . milli. m. 10 -6 . micro. µ. 10 -9 . nano. n. 10 -12 . pico. p. 10 -15 . femto. f. 10 -18 . atto. a. 10 -21 . zepto. z. 10 -24 . yocto. y.