What four elements do plants need to grow?

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plants need ten elements to live they are oxygen,hydrogen,carbon,nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium,calcium,magnesium,iron and sulphur to grow
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What four things do a plant need to grow?

Plants don't need fertilizer, nor do they need soil. There are some plants that grow in water. Although nutrients would still need to be put through the water for the plants t

What element gives plants the energy they need to grow?

The sun is pretty important to make it grow. I would say mostly water. Water is caught by it's leaves to transfer to everything else. By the time it grows by water, the sun dr

3 elements plant need to grow?

Water (H 2 O) , sunlight (heat by radiation), and certain nutrients that right now I cannot give specifically.

What element helps plants grow?

Carbon dioxide and sunlight help plants grow but without carbon dioxide plants can't do photosynthesis so if there's no carbon dioxide there's no photosynthesis and if the pla