What goes around the world that stays in the corner?

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A stamp
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Can you file a lawsuit if your neighbor goes around telling other neighbors to stay away from you because you are trouble?

If the neighbor is saying untrue things about you, you have a potential claim for "defamation", and possibly other claims based on the law of the state you are in.. So, you "can" file a lawsuit but "should" you is the question you need to ask. Do you have lots of money to pay a lawyer? Have you suf (MORE)

What stays in the same place but goes all over the world?

the sun; the world revolves around it. every ray has touched every part of the earth. The Real Answer Bad premise. Nothing on the earth stays in the same place. We are constantly rotating and revolving. Isn't it a postage stamp? like it stays on the corner of the envelope? The Awesomepa (MORE)

How can you hear a sound from around the corner?

Yes, you can. Sound, which is mechanical energy, travels through air around corners. There is a "sonic shadow" cast by the structure or whatever it is that is making the corner, and the amount of sound energy that gets around the corner is lower than "not around the corner" as it were. By the fact t (MORE)

Why can you hear around corners but not see around corners?

In physics the equation (VELOCITY) = (LAMBDA) X (FREQUENCY) is used for both sound and light. Velocity is the speed of the wave (sound or light or whatever) Lambda is the wavelength (The distance it takes for a wave to make an entire cycle) and the frequency is how fast the wave vibrates. Light is s (MORE)

How do you smooth fondant around corners?

Generally you can use your hands to smooth fondant, but watch your nails and watch for fingerprints. If u feel you cannot avoid this, AC Moore and other craft stores sell fondant smoothers for about eight dollars

What if your crush lives around the corner?

Just act casual, when getting mail, see if hes outside and if he is, go over and talk to him girl! It never hurts to try! If he seems like he goes outside alot, go out more often, i'm not saying run around, but lay out a towel, listen to some music and relax. Just act natural and be yourself!

Can sound travel around corners?

Sound certainly can travel around corners. Sound can also travelthrough hard surfaces like walls and bathroom surfaces as well.

Why do your goldfish stay in a group at a corner?

Goldfish need colder water, so it's likely that the corner they're in is cooler than the rest of the tank, or they're in a spot that has a higher rater of water flow from the filter, which would also make it cooler. If the corner they're schooling in is at the low point of the tank, the cooler water (MORE)

What speed is required to stay in daylight when flying around the world?

depends on the flying altitude, and latitude. The answer is not as straightforward as the question. To stay in sunlight, an object needs to fly west at a speed equal to the Earth's rotation. At the equator, this speed equals [40705.02km / 86400 sec/day] = 471.1 meters/sec or approximately 1.4 times (MORE)

When should you use round or around. He went around the corner or he went round the corner?

You would use "around" in this situation, as it implies a direction and not a shape. "He went AROUND the corner.". However, in some situations, you may round a corner. For example, a baserunner in baseball passing by third base and heading for home plate can be said to round the corner towards hom (MORE)

What goes around then comes around?

Karma. Whatever you let out into the world, be it good or bad, will return to you. In Wiccan belief, there is the Threefold Law, which states that everything you do will be returned to you in threefold.

Why does a car accelerate as it goes around a corner?

Velocity is a vector, meaning that along with the measurement of speed in meters/second, it also needs a direction. If a car was driving North at 10ms -1 that would be its velocity at that point. The car then turns left so it's travelling west at 10ms -1 . The car's velocity has changed, therefore (MORE)

Cracks around the corner of the mouth?

This could be a couple of things: Iron Deficiency Yeast Infection (yes it can happen near and around your mouth, also candida can infect your saliva) bacterial infection severe eczema wet rot (do you slobber a lot in your sleep? this is probably the cause) I would recommend going to your dentist (MORE)

A corner kick is when the ball goes?

behind own goal line courtesy of a kick or touch by a team mate, a free kick from the corner would be awarded to the other side, that free kick is called the corner kick

Can light bend around a corner?

Yes and no. Light can be bent by Gravity, but going around a corner would require an unusually strong gravity source. Besides, even if you had such a source, such as a black hole, the "bend" would be elliptical outside of the event horizon, not "around a corner", as the question seems to imply.

Can you see around corners?

Using a mirror or any form of TIR yes you can, but unfortunately the human eye cannot see around corners.

What does the gun that shoots around corners?

You're probably thinking of one of two weapons systems. The first is a curved barrel attachment which was fitted to the German StG43/MP44 during WWII. Its success is questionable at best. The second is the Corner Shot, manufactured in Israel. It is an apparatus into which a firearm is fitted (usua (MORE)

What goes around turns around?

hI, I think the correct prhase is:- WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND I have understood it to mean that when you do something it will probably come back again and may even come back and bite you.that which a man sows shall he also reap

Why a gold crash might be around the corner?

Gold, contrary to popular belief, is not an investment - it is a speculation. When the economy is limping, gold prices rise. When the economy is strong, gold prices fall. If the economy eventually recovers slowly but surely, gold will slowly but surely drop in price. If the economy should suddenly b (MORE)

What is the meaning of see around corners?

1. To see what is, not what appears to be. 2. To possess clairvoyance or clairvoyant abilities. 3. To see what is coming, ie the future or what is 'just around the corner'