What happens if you take a 5 minute shower?

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If you can get clean in 5 minutes that's all that counts. You should be able to take a 20 minute one before you run out of hot water. That's the only real time limit on the length of a shower.
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How much does a 5 minute shower cost?

There are multiple costs involved in studying the use andconsumption of water during shower and bathing. Economically thecost can be calculated based on the flow rate of water

What is uses more water in 5 minutes Bath or shower?

There are a fair number of variables here. How deep is your bathtub, how much water does your shower head use a minute? A very simple test can be done to prove which is whi

What happens when you take along shower?

usually you kill all the animals in the ocean because you waste their water and u run out of hot water and your shower becomes freezing! so do me a favor a make it 5 minutes s

What happens when you don't take showers?

You will most probably not smell good and people will not like to hand out with you. You should take a shower every day and instead of shampooing every day, you can only shamp

What happens if you do not take a shower for a week?

Your body will give off an unpleasant odor, as oils, grease, dirt, and sweat accumulate in your skin. Your hair will become thin and dry, as the natural chemicals in your foll

How many gallons of hot water do use when taking a 5 minute shower?

Obviously it partly depends on the shower head, but most will give about 2.5 gallons per minute, so you are using about 12 gallons of water, possibly about 8 - 9 of it hot. Pl