What hominid had the largest brain homo sapiens sapiens or homo sapiens neanderthalensis?

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well since neanderthal is an insult, i wouldnt think someone would insult someone by calling them smart. (and its spelled humanoid)
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Homo sapien sapiens or Homo sapiens sapiens?

It depends on whether you think Neandertals and modern humans were members of the same species, in which case it would be: Homo sapiens sapiens and Homo sapiens neanderthal

What did homo sapiens neanderthalensis eat?

they ate meat and plants so they are basically ommnivores They had a mainly hunting society, they mostly ate meat and hard roots, hence the big strong jaw used to chew.

When did the homo sapiens neanderthalensis live?

They never did. No fossil record has ever been provided to prove that they did. The one time they (the malevolent they) thought they had, it turned out to be a new species of

Who was discovered first homo sapiens or homo neanderthalensis?

Australopithecus Afarensis (Southern Ape, Afar Triangle) were found by a paleoanthropologist named Donald Johansen. Homo Habilis (Handy Man) were found by husband-and-wife

Did homo sapien neanderthalensis hunt together?

They lived in groups and cared about each other, so they hunted in groups. If one got hurt hunting, they would help you heal and feel emotion for you. Scientists think they we

What did homo sapiens sapiens mean?

Translated literally from the latin it meant "man wise wise" or wise wise man and it means man who knows - and knows that he knows - ie he has a sense of his own being. It is