What is 9y 18?

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What is 31 equals 4-9y?

y = 3 in the equation 31 = 4 - 9y Solve for y. 31 - 4 = 4 - 9y - 4 Simplify 27 = 9y Divide both sides by 9 to get the term y by itself on one side of the equation. 27

How do you solve -3x plus 9y equals 18?

First, you want to get the y on one side of the equation and everything else on the other side. To do this, add 3x to each side: 9y = 3x + 18 The next step is to divide bo

What is 6x equals 18 plus 9y?

That is an equation, with an infinite number of solutions. It simplifies to y = 2/3 * x - 2. Two solutions are x = 6, y = 2, and x = 9, y = 4.

What are the intercepts for the equation 18x-9y plus 3z equals 18?

18x - 9y + 3z = 18 First, just to clean it up a bit, divide both sides of the equation by 3. (This doesn't change the equation or its graph in any way.) 6x - 3y + z = 6 A

What is the answer 2x 9y 18?

Assume the equation is 2x + 9y = 18. Then, there is no answer to this problem without the further details about the values for x or y! Include some information and objec