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Nevada is a US state in the western US. It became a state on 31 October 1864. The capital is Carson City. It is 110,567 sq mi. The largest city is Las Vegas.
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What is nevada largest city?

The largest city in Nevada is the Clark County Las Vegasmetropolitan area. In the past century, their population hasincreased by 66 percent.

What is Nevada famous for?

They are famous for sliver and gold and that's why they are called the sliver state and they are also famous for gambling in las Vegas which is there biggest city and ive been

What is Nevada day?

It is the day Nevada became a state. It takes place on October 31st.

What is Nevada popular for?

Mostly for Las Vegas and it's gambling. But there is Lake Tahoe, famous for it's blue color, Burning Man, an art event in the Black Rock Desert, the Sierra Nevadas, a mountain

What is Nevada like?

Nevada is fun, and it is desert. if you don't like desert then don't come here. we have las Vegas and Reno, Carson and elko. haha that rhymes. anyways, usually it has been rai

What is Nevada know for?

The state of Nevada is diverse. It is perhaps best known for vast deserts in its basin-and-range geography, large-scale water development at Lake Mead, active gaming and enter
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What is Nevada Mormon population?

In 2012, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) reported 176,307 baptized members living in the state of Nevada. Since the population of Nevada