What is Saturn's revolution or rotation time?

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Saturn's rotational period is the Saturnian "day." As Saturn is a gas giant, the visible features on Saturn rotate at different rates depending on latitude; the Equatorial Zone has a period of 10 h 14 min 00 s. All other Saturnian latitudes have been assigned a rotation period of 10 h 39 min 24 s.

The precise value for the rotation period of the interior remains elusive but the best estimate is approximately 10 h 45 m 45 s (± 36 s).

The revolution period of Saturn refers to the orbital period around the Sun (the Saturn "year"), which is about 10,579 Earth days or 29.5 Earth years.

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What is rotation and revolution?

Rotation is how an object spins on its axis, like a planet, or a baseball or tennis ball with spin on it. Revolution is how an object revolves around another object, like the Earth around the Sun or a tether ball around the pole.

What are facts about Saturn's revolution around the Sun?

The ringed planet Saturn is the 6th of the 8 major planets from the Sun, orbiting at an average distance of 1.43 billion kilometers (891 million miles). One complete revolution (a Saturn year) takes about 10,759 Earth days, or just under 29.5 Earth years. The planet's average orbital speed is 9.69 k (MORE)

What is Saturn's rotation?

The visible features of Saturn rotate at different rates depending on their latitude (distance from the equator). Astronomers have developed three different systems for measuring the rotational speed of Saturn. System I is for regions around the planet's equator. The System I rotation speed is 10 (MORE)

What is Saturn's period of rotation?

Saturn's period of rotation is the time it takes to rotate once onits axis. It takes 10 hours and 39 minutes for Saturn to rotate,making a day on Saturn shorter than a day on Earth. . 10 hours, 39 minutes and 22 seconds

Differentiate between rotation and revolution?

i love this question. i may only be a 7th grader but i learned about them this year. revolution is when the earth is orbiting the sun and this takes a full year to do. and rotation is when the earth is rotating on its axis which takes 24 hours to do and this causes weather. it also causes the Coriol (MORE)

Differentiate rotation from revolution?

Rotation is the spinning of an object about its own axis. Revolution is the spinning, so to speak, more properly, revolution, of that object around some other object.

How do rotation and revolution affect earth?

Rotation gives us our days. We have daylight and night. . Rotation is involved in the daily cycle of the tides. Also, rotation affects wind directions due to the Coriolis effect. . Revolution around the Sun gives us our years. . The combination of the Earth's tilted axis and Earth's revolutio (MORE)

What is the rotation and revolution of Saturn?

Saturn has the second fastest spin out of the eight planets, after Jupiter. It takes 10 hours and 14 mins to make one full revolution on its axis. It takes 29.44 years to orbit the sun once.

Do Saturn's moons rotate?

Yes. Like most moons, the moons of Saturn are tidally locked,meaning they rotate once every orbit around Saturn so that the sameside always faces the planet.

Earth's period of revolution is 8766.15 hours How many times does earth rotate during one revolution around the sun?

Earth rotates once every 24 hours. If you divide 8766.15 by 24, you get pretty close to the number of days in a year.. __________. Not quite. 24 hours is the average synodic period of earth, not the rotational (sidereal) period. Earth rotates once every 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.1 seconds roughly (MORE)

Do Saturn's rings rotate?

\nYes, they have to rotate to stay in orbit and not just fall down into Saturn. The rings aren't solid objects, they are made of millions of tiny bits of dust and ice. Each bit is in orbit, just like a moon or satellite.

What time periods do rotation and revolution define?

Some people define one as turning about an internal axis (like thedaily turning), while the other means turning about an externalaxis (like the yearly turning). So you can have yearly revolutionaround the Sun, and daily rotation about the Earth's axis. But then 'revolutions per minute' of an engine (MORE)

What is meant by rotation and revolution in a planet?

Rotation of a planet means the overall time of day and night, time for rotate on its own axis. In our earth 12 hours for night and 12 hour for day, total 24 hours. In Venus it takes 117 earth days, as a matter of fact it takes 225 earth days to complete its revolution. It is depends upon gravity. Re (MORE)

What is the planet Venus's rotation and revolution?

Venus takes 243 days to spin on its axis relative to the background stars, while it takes 224.7 days to orbit the sun. Although its spin on its axis is longer that its orbital period, an apparent day is 116.75 days, since it spins in the other direction to Earth and most other planets.

Does the Moon's rotation take a shorter amount of time than a revolution?

The rotation of the moon is equal to the revolution around Earth.(28 days)lunar cycle. The moon rotates at the the same speed as it revolves around us basically, so we always see the same side of it(we actually see a little bit more than half) like someone walking round you but always looking right (MORE)

How many rotations are in one revolution?

There as different meanings for rotation and revolution. In this context a revolution can be the turning of body on its axis. In which case one revolution would be the same as one rotation. That is, there would be one rotation in one revolution. A revolution can also be the movement of a body in (MORE)

What is Earth's length of revolution and rotation?

The Earth "orbits" (or revolves) around the Sun at a speed of 108,000 km/h and travels 940 million km during one orbit. A complete orbit of the Earth around the Sun occurs every 365.2563666 days (which is why a year has 365 days - and why we need a "leap year" ever 4 years). There are actually se (MORE)

What effect does the earth rotation and revolution?

I guess you forgot the word "have"? Some Basic effects: The rotation is the reason we have day and night. It makesHurricanes turn clockwise in the southern and counter-clockwise inthe northern hemisphere, it's also responsible for other weatherphenomena. Earths rotation makes it possible to have ge (MORE)

What is Saturn's rotation time around the moon?

Saturn does not orbit the moon, it orbits the sun. This is calledits revolution, not its rotation. Saturn's period of rotation onits axis is 10 hours 33 minutes. Its period of revolution aroundthe sun 29.45 years.