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A casual link is a link of informal, or less than formal nature. Not to be confused with 'causal' link.
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What is 'casual dining'?

The term "casual dining" refers to a type of restaurant. A meal ata casual dining restaurant is usually modestly priced and can oftenbe served buffet-style.

What is casual clothing?

Casual is what you normally wear everyday. Not too dressy, but it doesn't look like you've been sleeping in a barn for a week. It isn't a suit.

What is casual dress?

There are three distinct forms of "dress" (dressing): formal, dressy, and casual. In the past, these 3 distinct forms were easier to figure out because there were only those

What is casual reading?

casual reading is identified as a practice to have an offhand view of the writing and running through the text in a relaxing way.

What is casual religion?

For my family (christian/ Baptist) it just means we don't go to church every Sunday and don't practice every law in the bible. We believe if you have God in your heart and bel
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What is a casual?

It is someone who plays Dota 2