What is a characteristic of some varieties of carnivorous plants?

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2. they have modified leaves that trap insects.
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Why are some plants carnivorous?

The plants that are currently listed as carnivorous are carnivorousbecause the soil in which they live in is too poor in nutrients tosustain them for long. They have adapted t

Why must some plants be carnivorous?

The plants eat small insects and animals because the soil they grow in do not provide the specific amount of nutrients for plants to grow well. However, they do carry out phot

What is a characteristic of a carnivore?

a characteristic of a carnivore is that they eat meat not herbs and plants like herbivores! And some carnivores will have sharp teeth for tearing off meat.. some will have cla
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What are some characteristics of polyplodiy plants?

Polyploid plants are often larger and have other accentuated characteristics, making them useful in agriculture (bigger seeds) and horticulture (larger flowers) Polyploidy m
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Why some plants use insects are called carnivorous plants?

Since these plants kill and digest the insect proteins in their specialized structures, these are called insectivorous or carnivorus plants. Utricularia, Drosera and napenthes