What is alternation of generation?

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It is a type of life cycle found in some algae, fungi, and all plants where an organism alternates between a haploid (n) gametophyte generation and a diploid (2n) sporophyte generation.

A diploid plant (sporophyte) produces, by meiosis, a spore that gives rise to a multicellular, haploid pollen grain (gametophyte). It once was called hydrogen power.

In more simple terms, it is a life cycle in which there is both a multicellular diploid form, and a multicellular haploid form.
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What is the alternation of generation?

Alternation of generation refers to the life cycles of organisms that alternate between a haploid form that produces gametes that undergo sexual reproduction and a diploid form that produces spores that give rise to the haploid form.

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How do you explain alternation of generations?

In most plants meiosis and fertilization divide the life of the organism into two distinct phases or "generations".. The gametophyte generation begins with a spore produced by meiosis. The spore is haploid, and all the cells derived from it (by mitosis) are also haploid. In due course, this m (MORE)

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Why do humans not go through alternation of generations?

Human beings do exhibit an alternation of generations, but the haploid phase is extremely deemphasized while the diploid phase is overwhelmingly dominant. The haploid phase in humans that results from meiosis is restricted to only one cell, either an egg in the female or a sperm in the male. There i (MORE)

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Explain alternation of generation in flowering plants?

Alternation of generation in flowering plants refers to the processof plants alternating between haploid and diploid cells. It beginswith two haploid cells fusing together to form a diploid cell withtwice the amount of chromosomes as the original haploid. They thensplit into diploid sporophytes whic (MORE)

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Summarize the process of alternation of generations?

A sporophyte will produce spores. Spores develop into gametophytes which have one sex (They are either male or female). Gametophytes produce gametes (egg/sperm, depending on sex of gametophyte) The gametes fuse together by fertilization producing a zygote. The zygote develops into the sporophyte and (MORE)

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What are Alternation of generations in ferns and seed plants?

Gen 1 = The plant reproduces sexually Gen 2 = The offspring of that plant reproduce asexually and the cycle begins again, hence the name alternation ---Caveat--- This is a very simple explanation and surely there are exceptions and important details to consider depending on the exact spe (MORE)

What is the significance of alternation of generation?

alternation of generation is very important in plants because it results into the formation of a variety of new organisms... it is also important because it provides such organisms which have more chances of survival...

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Describe the alternation of generations cycle?

A mature sporophyte produces spores by meiosis, a process which reduces the number of chromosomes to half, from 2n to n. The haploid spores germinate and grow into a haploid gametophyte. At maturity, the gametophyte produces gametes by mitosis, which does not alter the number of chromosomes.