What is an acceptable amount of pool water loss?

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In most areas 1.5" is an average.
Answer In most areas 1.5" is an average per week.
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How can you determine the amount of water in a pool?

If the pool is rectangular in shape then the formula is: length X width x average depth x 7.5. If the pool is circular then the formula is: 3.14 x 3.14 x pool radius (1/

How do i figure out the amount of water that's in my pool?

If you're lucky, then your pool is rectangular and equally deep everywhere. In that case, take a long ruler and measure the length and the width. Stick the ruler in the water

What causes Loss of salt in a salt water pool?

Backwash's, pool overflowing as a result of rain or overfilling, water being splashed over the side. swimmers taking out water on their body's as they get out of the pool and