What is an alto cirrus cloud?

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There is no "alto cirrus cloud". The ten major cloud types are:
Cirrus (high, wispy clouds. Look feathery)
Cirrocumulus (high lumpy clouds)
Cirrostratus (high sheety clouds with a halo around the sun. Indicates bad weather)
Altocumulus (lumpy clouds similar to cirrocumulus clouds, only lower)
Altostratus (Medium height sheety clouds. Make the Sun appear watery)
Cumulonimbus (thunderstorm clouds with "anvil" tops)
Cumulus ("Storybook clouds" or fair-weather clouds. They're the clouds you think of when you hear the word "cloud". Usually.)
Nimbostratus (A precipitating sheety cloud. Dull, dreary grey rain clouds pretty much.)
Stratocumulus (Low lumpy clouds.)
Stratus (fog)
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What are cirrus clouds?

Cirrus clouds are thin, white clouds that have a wispy, featheryappearance. They form at heights of 25,000 feet or more. They arecomposed of tiny ice crystals, and are associa

What is Cirrus cloud?

Cirrus clouds are very thin and wispy clouds that don't producerain. It was named after the Latin word for curly hair.

Is a cirrus cloud a funnel cloud?

No. A cirrus cloud is a high, wavy, thin cloud formed of ice crystals. Funnel clouds are usually formed from cumulonimbus clouds (thunderclouds) at lower altitudes.

What kind of clouds are cirrus clouds?

a cirrus cloud are the kinda wispy ones. they usually mean fair weather. they look kinda like a cumulus cloud all spread out fith blue sky patches inbetween. im in 5th grad

Where is the alto cloud?

The prefix ,alto means mid-level. So it's in the middle of the sky, not too high not too low.