What is an intervening variable?

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An intervening variable is an internal state that is hypothetical in empirical research. It explains the relationships between variables being observed.

What is an intervening phrase?

An intervening phrase or word between the subject and the verb that does not affect the subject-verb agreement. Intervening phrases may use prepositions such as: to, for, with, together with, including. Example: The trees and vehicles, including his truck, were blown away. --- Intervening phrases are often mistaken for the subject of a sentence. A good example of the proper use of this is to word a sentence as follows: "Justin's concern for the plants and animals deserves consideration" (correct) rather than as "Justin's concern for the plants and animals deserve consideration (incorrect). Though it is a very subtle difference, the difference can change both the structure and the true meaning of the sentence. The verb must always agree with the actual subject and not the object of the preposition.

What is an intervening applicant?

An intervening applicant refers to a rule in the US court system that says that an applicant can intervene in one of two situations. Either a) the applicant has the right to intervene when a federal statute gives the applicant the right to intervene unconditionally or b) the applicant can intervene if they have an interest of some kind that relates to the property or subject of the lawsuit. See the related links for more information.

What rhymes with intervene?

Clean, phene, dream, beam, mean,dean,team, queen, king, bling,sting, obscene, routine, unforeseen, between, green, extreme, scream, scheme, steam, self-esteem, lean, teen, bean, seen, gene, gleam, ream, stream,

What is the synonym for intervened?

The verb intervene has the synonyms intercede, or occur. 1 occur, happen, take place, arise, crop up, come about; literary come to pass, befall, betide. 2 intercede, involve oneself, get involved, interpose oneself, step in; mediate, referee; interfere, intrude, meddle, interrupt.

What is intervened?

Intervened means to have become involved in something in a way thatcould change the outcome in the past.

What are intervening electrons?

The electrons which are present in the inner orbits relative to an electron in the outer orbit and hence they cause the shielding effect for the outer electron. The word intervening literally means to come between so as to interrupt.

Why do prophets intervene?

A: Scholars define a prophet as an individual bearer of charisma, who by virtue of his mission proclaims a religious doctrine or divine commandment. Hebrew prophets claimed to be the instrument for the proclamation of God and his will. However, Robert P. Carroll ( The World of Ancient Israel: Sociological, Anthropological and Political Perspectives , Prophecy and society) says that for the modern reader the ancient Israelite writers had no clear image of what a prophet is or should be. Carroll says the legends of the prophets in the Deuteronomic History ( Joshua , Judges , 1 Samuel , 2 Samuel , 1 Kings and 2 Kings ) may come from any period of history, post-Exilic or otherwise, and therefore may only be used with great caution, if at all, for any reconstruction of the history, structure or nature of biblical prophecy. And due to extensive editing, it is not possible to say whether the prophetic books reflect reliable historical information or represent editorial inventions of biographies of the prophets whose names they bear. The main agenda of the prophets seems to have been the introduction of monotheism, even before the Deuteronomistic reforms of the seventh century BCE established Yahweh-only monotheism as the official religion of Judah. Andrew D. H. Mayes ( The World of Ancient Israel: Sociological, Anthropological and Political Perspectives , Sociology and the Old Testament) says the prophets formed an active pressure group which came into dominance particularly in times of crisis, and the breakthrough to monotheism was achieved only in the setting of that final catastrophe when the prophetic demand for Yahweh's exclusive worship, with its threat of punishment for disobedience, was vindicated. In the turbulent period leading up to the Babylonian Exile, the prophets strenuously urged one course of action or another on the king of Judah. Some prophets seem to have taken opposing sides on important issues of their day, and the successful prophet was more likely to be seen in a positive light in the biblical narrative.

What does intervenning mean?

The word intervention means to get involve in anotherÕs affairs. The word intervening is the act of intervention. If you are getting involved in someone else situation you are intervening.