What is anti materia?

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I assume you mean antimatter. It turns out that different elementary particles have so-called antiparticles, which have opposite values of some key properties, such as electric charge. For example, the proton has a positive electric charge; the anti-proton has a negative electric charge. The electron has a negative charge, the anti-electron (a.k.a. "positron") has a positive charge. An anti-neutron, just like a neutron, is electrically neutral, but has a difference in some other properties. When a particle meets its anti-particle, both get destroyed (and turn into radiation). Why there is apparently more matter than antimatter in the Universe is one of the great unsolved problems in physics and cosmology.
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Where do I buy All materia?

You can buy it at Fort Condor. Go inside and speak to the women on the left in the northmost area. She also sells Manipulate, Throw, and Deathblow.

What is the Tang Materia Medica?

The Tang Dynasty also saw many achievements in medicine and astronomy. The Tang Materia Medica was a famous book written about pharmaceutics. This was the first book of its

Where is the full-cure materia?

full cure in ff7 for PS one-----------located at cosmo canyon at one of the shops after disc 2 the guy opens up the back of the shop an u can walk on back an grab full cure al

Where do i obtain huge materia in FF7?

coral reactor....u have to stop he train from crashing,...forget what the place is called but it has a huge bird sitting at top,,,u need to fight off shinra troops there, last

What materia did Joan Miro use?

His paintings are usually oil on canvas. He has also made a large number of sculptures in different materials as metal, wood, resin and more.

What are not a natural materia?

Given the in game explanation of how materia is created, one would assume that all materia are natural. The black and white materia are debatable, as some fans believe that th

Does yuffie kirasagi steal materia from you?

As part of her character plot, she will abandon you and take some of your materia, and you won't get them back until that part of the plot is finished. Some source say she

What materia can soft thing made?

First, lets fix up your grammar and spelling. "What material can soft things make?" The question makes no sense or is so broad as to not be possible to answer. Think about y
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How do you find materia?

You can find Materia in the battle square by fighting Proud Clodand learning Omni-slash.
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What has the author Italo Materia written?

Italo Materia has written: 'Amnistia e indulto nella giurisprudenza, con particolare riguardo al D.P.R. 4 agosto 1978, n. 413' -- subject(s): Amnesty, Pardon