What is bigger then a Pijabyte?

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There is no such value as a pijabyte. It is a fictitious number used in games.
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How do you get bigger breast?

Answer . There are many methods by which women attempt to promote their natural breast growth. These methods are known colectively as natural breast enhancement or sometimes as natural breast enlargement. The main websites which detail all the various methods of natural breast enhancement are Breast Nexus and NBE Quest.. Answer . If you gain weight, your boobs will grow.. Answer . If you gain weight yes your boobs will grow but they will become saggy and fat and the fat will also go into other places like your arms and stomach!!. Answer . Eat food with protein loads of protein or just eat healthy food but loads. I got told u have to rub them to make them grow 10 minutes a day but it only works for some people. try drinking milk.. Answer . 1. Take estrogen-containing birth control pills.. 2. Get implants.. Answer . You cannot make your breasts larger. Its just the matter of time and your body. Every body is different. For example, Im nearly 13, and I have just started growing them.. Answer . Well, I'll be 15 in May (it's Jan.) and I didn't have anything there, until I lost my bra. :S I wore a cami everyware, but then I didn't sleep with a bra on, and I didn't ware one around the house. When my cami was being washed, I didn't ware anything but a shirt there. Now I need to go buy I new bra, cause I found mine (it took about a month), and it's too small!! It rox! I've never had anything there before, and now I do! I just had to give them things some room to grow!!! :o) Good luck!. Answer . To help you with your question.... You can enlarge the muscles under the breast tissue that may give the appearance of a slightly larger bustline and help to keep them from sagging. Any exercise for the pectoral muscles will do. Pectoral muscles are muscles that support the breasts so if you do them your breasts will get a somewhat lifted appearance. Other chest exercises will help to create a little more rounded look. The breast themselves, however, will NOT increase in size no matter what exercise you do.. There are actually three ways to get bigger breasts: 1) Pregnancy/Breast feeding (breasts will shrink back to original or even smaller than pre-pregnancy size after you have the baby and/or finish breast feeding so increase in size is very temporary) 2) Large weight gain 3) Plastic surgery. I definitely would not recommend any of these for the sole purpose of enlarging the breasts. The only thing you can do to improve the appearance of breasts is pectoral/chest exercises. good luck!. Answer . The important thing to remember about natural breast enhancement is that if one method doesn't work for you another one may. Don't give up if one method doesn't work for you, but try instead to find something that does work in your case.

How can you get bigger thighs?

Answer . Get a subscription to a gym and use the machines that biuld muscle on your legs.\nYou are looking for the leg press and abductor and adductor and check out what more there is.\nAlso riding bike can build up muscle when you do very heavy sprints for at least some minutes.\nRemember you are looking for short and heavy exercises.

How can you get a bigger but?

Squats-lots of em-are probably the best go to exercise to work on your bum. Just make sure that when you do them that your knees do not extend past your feet-this can cause knee injury.

How do you get bigger?

"By lots of legal supplements and protein shakes and have intense work-outs. Eat well, get plenty of exercise and lots of sleep." This is not strictly true as there are many people who get bigger without supplements. However they help by providing protein and more that you might not be consuming enough of. The best way to get bigger is by making sure you are getting the right amount of calories, protein and carbohydrates in your diet. In a way, you need to 'overfeed'. This means that you must consume more calories than you are burning off through exercise. It worked for me!

How do you get bigger thighs?

Leg presses will accomplish this - but don't overdo. Increase weights very gradually. Advice from a trainer is ideal. For the aerobic component, jogging - or, better yet, rollerblading - is very helpful.

How do you get a bigger bum?

Since fat tends to accumulate in the bum, eating is the easiest way to get a bigger bum. I recommend lots of icecream.

How can you get bigger?

You can't unless you have operation to increase size of your brain which is responsible for the size. However some people think eating meat that contains artificial food for animals can make you bigger and that it could change your genes to grow more.

Why don't cells get bigger and bigger?

There are many reasons why cells dont grow to astronimical size. Many reasons are genetic and others are self preserving. For more detailed information, see the related link.

How do you get bigger calfs?

excersising. stair steping and going up and down on ur tip toes wit no ground under your heels only ur toes. recomended doing it on a stair step

Get bigger breasts and a bigger booty?

I heard that If u drink milk and massage ur breasts they will get bigger and wear tight underwater, it will give ur butt a lift Answer It is better--and healthier--to live with the body you have, particularly if you have a slim build and are young. Always consider your health before embarking on big changes. For instance, tight underwear can result in yeast infections and acne.

When will the sun get bigger?

The sun will get bigger in about 2 billion years when it is close to exploding.When the sun is about to explode it will expand and become much much bigger.Then when it expands, it will explode into a white dwarf.pretty amazing

How does a meteor get bigger?

no meteors get bigger. meteors are rock, witch is usually been released from a bigger rock, sutch as a planet.

How do you look bigger?

You look bigger by eating too much of the wrong foods and by not exercising enough.

Was Mexico bigger?

Yes, it used to be bigger. Through its history, it has gained and lost various parts of land.

How do you get bigger nipples?

Get more fat into your breast area. That's why guys who are fat have huge nipples.

Are stars bigger or the moon bigger?

Stars are much much bigger than the moon. They only appear to be smaller because they are so far away as compared to the moon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A star is a gigantic celestial body of hot gas that radiates energy derived from thermonuclear reactions in the interior. The moon appears bigger because it is so much closer to us than the stars. The sun is also considered as a star.

How do shells get bigger?

all they do is ckrak there small shell and bild a biger one when they get biger

Do bigger organisms have bigger cells?

Bigger animals are bigger because they have more cells not biggercells. You would think that this would be so, but cells can only functionup to a certain size. So, no, they are not.

Do bigger organisms have bigger DNA?

No. One of the largest phenomenons in genetics and biology is the C-value paradox: organisms such as flies may have significantly more DNA than animals as large as elephants. There is absolutely no correlation between the size of an animal and the amount of DNA it has in its genome. This is due to varying amounts of repeating and "nonsense" DNA present in any given species' genome. Unless you are talking about the physical size of an organism's DNA, in which case all organisms have DNA made from the same nucleotide subunits which maintain the same size throughout all of creation. What changes is the amount of nucleotides, and therefore the size of the genome.

Is pijabyte the biggest memory byte size?

In 1024 pijabytes there is 1 Alphabyte. In 1024 Alphabytes there is 1 Kryatbyte. Kryatbyte is as far as I can go, for security reasons. (Very hard to find sources also)

Is the heart bigger if the person is bigger?

No, your heart remains the same size, it just works harder if youare a bigger person, which is why bigger poeple are more at riskfrom heart problems.

Is a heart bigger if you are a bigger person?

yes..... your heart is approximetly the size od your fist. Yes, typically your heart would physically be bigger the bigger you are.. no, no matter how big you are, your heart remains the same size.

When does your breasts get bigger?

well it depends on the age because ive heard they grow from size 8 to 18 sometimes 21

How do tsunamis get bigger?

The Tsunami waves got bigger (or higher) as they approach land because the swells of water rise up as the seafloor gets shallower. They start as an underwater wave (see related question below for what causes the wave) usually very deep on the floor of the ocean and moves (they can move in speeds up to hundreds of miles an hour) outward from the initiation point. If they move toward land, as the water gets more shallow with the increased height of the ocean floor in a harbor or coastal area, the wave gets higher as the sea floor gets closer to the water's surface. They have enough force and speed that they do not stop or get smaller at that point, but continue to move into water that is more and more shallow and get bigger and bigger (taller) and rise out of the water, since there is no place to go but up.

Is a quart bigger or a liter bigger?

Quartz are bigger than Liters by a very small amount. . 1 Liter = 1.059 Quartz . 1 Quart = 0.946 Liters So, Quartz are larger! . No, a quart is about 0.9 of a litre

How do you get bigger on Poptropica?

You can either do the Gulliver's Travels mini quest, (if it's still out) or you can buy the thing that makes you bigger in the store with credits that you earn by completing islands. (but the one that you buy makes you bigger than the one that you earn.

How do you get bigger in Poptropica?

i researched and became mem u press space in skull island. you don't need to be on skull island it works on any island you need mythology crown and mythology staff ( not exactly mythology staff ) and you need to complete that island first so you can wear the crown press space bar and you go big ( the staff makes you go eletrify in white both at once do them together ). .

What can you do to make your but bigger?

You can make your butt bigger by doing exercises that target yourgluteal muscles. If that fails to give the results you desire,buttock implants can be added by a cosmetic surgeon.

Why are your breasts bigger?

what kind of a question is that ae..? here's an answer for this question.. the ladies breast only gets bigger when they are pregnant or some people will only use a injection to make them big.. this is part of puberty for ladies.

Can Disneyland get bigger?

Disneyland can get bigger (if all the hotels across the street move back one block). They are converting the last of the original parking lot into Cars Land in California Adventure Park and will be Cars themed. Because of the high property values surrounding Disneyland, it is unlikely that the property will get any bigger simply due to cost of purchasing land.

What dog is the bigger?

Most people think that the Great Dane is the biggest dog, but actually, it is the Irish wolfhound that is larger. Although, the largest dog in the world is a Great Dane named Gibson. The Irish Wolfhound (Male) Stands 32 inches to the shoulder, and should weigh up to 120 lbs. Females should be atleast 30 inches to the shoulder, weighing 105 lbs.

Why does the moon get bigger?

The Moon's orbit is not precisely circular, so sometimes it is closer to the Earth than at other times. Most people don't normally notice this, but it's quite visible in a sequence of photographs of the moon taken over a month. See the related links for an animation showing this.

Which is bigger gigabytemegabyteterabytekilobyte?

In order from biggest to smallest: Terabyte, Gigabyte, Megabyte, Kilobyte Each is 1000 times bigger than the previous one.

How can a spider get bigger?

I believe that a spider can get bigger if it eat's the way it's suppose to,not get killed or anything because it need's to be alive to grow but....maybe human blood make's it grow or it's just the breed of the spider depend's on how big it will become

How you can bigger breast?

There are alot of hormone adjustment medications out there. ask your doctor, or opt for some botanical enhancements

What can you do get your breasts bigger?

Okay, so I've been trying to answer this question for about I don't know, since I was 14 and a 32A..So..... it sucked..... but, it depends on if you are young or not. If you are 8-18, then you don't need to worry about it. But for either one, just drink lots of milk.

How do you get bigger thigh and bigger butt?

OK, so I also have the same problem, I want to get a bigger butt and bigger thighs. I have done research and I suggest squats and lunges . That's what everyone seems to say. Give it a try !

How can you get bigger for football?

it depends if you mean bigger as in fat eat alot of proteen or junk food but run at least a couple days a week or as in bigger you mean stronger eat alot of proteen and drink milk and water also run a couple miles a day and do at least 20 sit-ups 20 push-ups 20 sprints and if you can 20 pull-ups

How do you get your words bigger?

Easy, just spell them correctly. Biger becomes Bigger. Well done, you've added an extra letter. For more sophisticated words, how about a thesaurus?

Do bigger sunflowers have bigger seeds?

Yes. Larger members of a cultivar will produce larger seeds. However, different cultivars have different seeds size and shapes. For instance, seeds from a Mammoth Grey Stripe are wider than those from American Giant, even though American Giant can grow several feet taller.

Why do your hips get bigger?

For Females, Hips get bigger to Prepare the body for birth.... that's as simple as it gets ....

Which is the most bigger?

The biggest mammal on earth is the blue whale and also the loudest. An adult can weigh up to 158 tonnes- that's 1500 kilos! They grow to be about 80 feet long [25 metres long]

Where is the bigger desert?

Bigger than what? Technically, every desert (except for the smallest desert) is a "bigger desert". The correct answer to this question is that there is a bigger desert on every continent.

How do Snakes Get Bigger?

As the snake grows, it sheds its skin, with a new skin underneath. This new skin is slightly larger than the old skin.

How do you get a bigger appetite?

Eat meals more frequently, gain weight, in-turn your body will need more calories to stay at the same weight (or continue to grow) therefore making you want and need to eat more.

Why do bums get bigger?

Because they are usually lazy all day,and all they do with their money is buy beer.

Is cups bigger or oz bigger?

Cups are bigger than ounces when measuring food ingredient's,however an ounce of feathers would be bigger than a cup offeathers.

How do you get bigger breasts instanly bigger?

Well your actual boobs won't be bigger but they'll look bigger. Wear 2 bras. Try it out first when you're at home to get used to the feeling. It's not too comfy at first.

Is the moon bigger or asteroids bigger?

The moon is much larger than any asteroid. It has about 25 timesmore mass than all of the asteroids in the asteroid belt combined.

Is Canada bigger or Mexico bigger?

Canada is the second largest country in the world, after Russia while Mexico stands in the 13th position in terms of total area: . Canada: 9,984,670 sq Km / 3,855,100 sq mi . Mexico: 1,964,375 sq Km / 758,449 sq mi .