What is hairline stainless steel?

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hairline stainless steel is pointing to its finish or type of coating. literally it has
fine or minute straight lines like hair on its finish.
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What is stainless steel?

In technical terms, it is also known by the name of inox or inoxsteel. It is an alloy of steel, with a minimum of 10.7% of chromiumcontent . It does not quickly disintegrate, corrode or tintwhen it comes in contact with water, which is the case withordinary steel. Though it is called "Stainless", h (MORE)

Which is harder stainless steel or carbon steel?

It depends on the type of stainless steel you are referring to. Austenite and ferritic stainless is not heat treatable in which case carbon steel could be made far harder. However..martensitic stainless steels are heat treatable in which case they could be made harder depending on the alloy contents (MORE)

What is the definition of steel stainless steel?

Any of various alloys of iron that contain chromium, nickel, and small amounts of carbon. They may also contain minor amounts of other elements, such as molybdenum. Stainless steel is resistant to rusting and corrosion. I got this information of one of the websites in the related links. http://www (MORE)

What is the definition of steel and stainless steel?

Stainless steel is the term used to describean extremely versatile family of engineering materials, which areselected primarily for their corrosion and heat resistantproperties. All stainless steels contain principally iron and aminimum of 10.5% chromium. At this level, chromium reacts withoxygen an (MORE)

What is the difference of steel and stainless steel?

Stainless steel in metallurgical definition is a steel that contains ~14% or more Chromium. Other alloying elements such as Nickel can also improve steel's stain resistance properties. The amount of free Chromium, i.e. not tied up in carbides determines steel's stain resistance ability. Higher carb (MORE)

What makes stainless steel stainless?

All stainless steel has at least 10.5% Chromium in it. Chromium is what makes the steel stainless. The other elements in stainless steel can be nickel, nitrogen, molybdenum. You can find more information here: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-stainless-steel.htm It is the incorporation of a good bi (MORE)

Which is heavier carbon steel or stainless steel?

Stainless steel has aluminium oxide added during the melting process and is the 3rd most abundant mineral/alloy fount in the earths crust, this is one of the lightest alloys. carbon steel is iron that's smelted with a form of carbon, ( animal dung can be used) this fuses the carbon to the iron and m (MORE)

Will a magnet stick to stainless steel or to steel?

In general, magnets will stick to steel. There are many stainless alloy steels that are non-magnetic, however. Most stainless steels have a metallic crystal structure that gives them few or no magnetic properties.

Can you weld steel to stainless steel?

Yep, you can weld steel to stainless and you can weld stainless to steel. You can use steel or stainless welding rod in either case but the steel or steel welding rod will of course rust.

What is in stainless steel?

Stainless steal is a mixture of carbon (2%) atoms and chromium (13%) and steel (85%). Stainless steal is more brittle than other metals because of the high carbon content. Chromium helps protect the steel from rust.

Which is stronger steel or stainless steel?

It heavily depends on which type of stainless steel you're referring to and what your definition of strong is. High carbon and perhaps plain carbon steels would be harder then austenite and ferritic stainless, but martensitic stainless would be harder then plain/high carbon. Austenite and ferritic s (MORE)

Difference between stainless steel and duplex stainless steel?

dublex ss has 22% or more but ss has 18%cr or less the main difference is that duplex is a mix of a ferrite / austenite structure approx 50%/50%, and so the name "duplex" while stainless steel has just one structure, for example the 18/10 is an austenitic.

Which is harder steel or stainless steel?

Stainless steel is steel. Assuming that you mean high carbon steel, and martensitic stainless and proper heat treatment, most of the martensitic steels would be harder with some exceptions.

Is stainless steel harder than steel?

Stainless steel is a steel-chromium alloy that is more resistant to corrosion than carbon-steel or other steel alloys. As with all steel, it strength depends on its grade; but overall the strength difference between carbon steel and stainless steel is negligible.

What element makes stainless steel stainless?

Stainless inox metals may be the title directed at several deterioration proof as well as temperature steels . Their own amazing opposition in order to deterioration is a result of the chromium -rich oxide movie that types at first glance. Whenever regular co2 metal is actually sub (MORE)

What is Carbon steel and stainless steel?

Carbon steel is an iron alloy with less than 2% carbon, no chromium, and contains copper and magnesium not more than 0.6% Stainless steel is an iron alloy with less than 2% carbon and it contains chromium and it's resistive to corrosion

How is stainless steel different from steel?

Stainless may be the title directed at several deterioration proof as well as temperature steels. Their own amazing opposition in order to deterioration is a result of the chromium-rich oxide movie that types at first glance. Whenever regular co2 metal is actually subjected to rainfall drinking wate (MORE)

What is in stainless steel that makes it stainless?

Steel is mostly iron with a percent or so of carbon . To make stainless steel, we add a bit over 10% (and sometimes up over 20%) chromium , which is the key metal that makes the steel stainless. We'll also generally add some nickel or possibly manganese to make the steel more workable. A lin (MORE)

Is stainless steel a nonalloy steel?

Stainless steel is an Alloy steel because it contains chromium as an alloying element - steels without alloying elements are called carbon steels.

Are stainless steel and carbon steel magnetic?

when nickel is added, for instance, the austenite structure of ironis stabilized. This crystal structure makes such steels virtuallynon-magnetic and less brittle at low temperatures. For greaterhardness and strength, more carbon is added.

Will stainless steel react with galvanized steel?

It depends on the environments. If the two materials will be in contact with water or high humidity then you can have some corrosion on the galvanized steel. Stainless steel and galvanized steel can corrode. However,galvanized steel will corrode at a higher rate. Stainless steel ismore corrosion res (MORE)

How are steel and stainless steel alike?

The primary characteristics that steel and stainless steel share are that both are steels, and are made of iron with a bit of carbon in them. While stainless steel has about 10% or more of chromium in it, the "steel" part is still essentially the same.

Can you weld carbon steel with stainless steel?

You can TIG weld using a 309L wire. This is a reasonably common way for joining stainless to carbon steel pipe.Stainless steel welding electrode type 309 and 310, used for elevated temperature applications, and type 316 or better type 316L used for enhanced corrosion resistance, are generally not pr (MORE)

Can you braze steel to stainless steel?

no Actually, despite the opinion of the previous poster, yes you can! Use a flux suitable for stainless and there should be no problems. I've done it many many times completely without issue.

How do you weld stainless steel to stainless steel?

You can weld stainless steel to stainless steel using various welding methods such as TIG welding and MIG welding. However, it is best to get a professional to do the job. And understand that stainless steel does not weld very successfully under any circumstances - it will almost always, inevitably, (MORE)

How does stainless steel become stainless?

Stainless steels are chromium containing steel alloys, the minimum chromium content of the standardised stainless steels is 10.5%. The better corrosion resistance is due to a chromium oxide film that is formed on the steel surface. This extremely thin layer, under the right conditions, is also self- (MORE)

What is better forged steel or stainless steel?

Depend on application. Forged steel is harder and is used among others for for railroad wheels. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and is used for surgical tools, or cutlery when you don't ant to the utensils to rust

Where can you get stainless steel?

Here is the list of stainless steel seamless manufacturers, whereyou can buy stainless steel at reasonable price -http://in.kompass.com/a/pipes-and-tubes-stainless-steel-seamless/2702047/

Can you mix milled steel with stainless steel?

Sure , that's why stainless is marked, usually from 18/6 to 18/10. The higher the number , the more rust-resistant the steel. Surgical instuments are 18/10 steel-nickel alloy, for tensile strength and rust-resistance.18/6 will rust if left in standing water.

Is stainless steel a ferritic steel?

There are many different types of stainless steel..440c,ATs34, 303, etc..so it heavily depends on what type you're referring to. Ferritic stainless steels would be the ones that have the best machining characteristics but is not heat treatable.

Which is heavier stainless steel or carbon steel?

Well, all steels are pretty much the same weight, but vary a bit depending on the composition. In general carbon steels have a density of 7.87 g/cc, while 300 series (austenitic) stainless steels are a little heavier, 8.03 g/cc. On the other hand martensitic stainless steels (400 series) are little (MORE)

Which electrode is used to weld stainless steel to stainless steel?

It depends on the type of stainless steel. Stainless steels come in various compositions and are identified by numbers and letters. Electrodes should be chosen that match these. For example when welding 316 stainless use type 316 electrodes. In a lot of situations you can safely use the next higher (MORE)

How does steel become stainless steel?

Oversimplifying it significantly, surface alloying with chromium.Some grades only have the chromium in the surface, other grades thechromium is throughout the material.