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If you mean the Latin Seed, weightloss 'aid' it is actually Brazilian Candlenut seed - also known as Kukui nut seed [Aleurites moluccana] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kukui. The Latin Seed is sourced from the Amazon Basin near the Bolivian border, the seeds are reputed to absorb the nutrients from the Amazon soil and have been used in South America for generations for their health properties including weight loss. The seed is reported to help normalise cholesterol, blood pressure and has a detoxing element to its action.
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What does a seed do?

Every seed contains an embryonic plant that needs certainconditions to sprout and grow, and food for the seed to use untilit forms into a plant. Seeds will germinate when they

What do seeds do?

seed contain the mixed/ hybrid genetic information of one generation of plants and provide the mechanism for the transfer of this information to the next

What does 'Is the Latin seed worked' mean?

The Latin equivalent of the question 'Is the Latin seed worked' is Estne semen Latinum exercitum ? In the word-by-word translation, the verb 'est' is combined with the insepa

Does ther Latin seed work?

The Latin Seed is Candlenut cultivated and harvested from the Amazon Basin in Brazil. It has been traditionally used as a wellbeing product in South America for thousands of y

What is 'seed' in Latin?

Semen is the Latin equivalent of 'seed'. It's a neuter gender noun in the singular. Its literal meaning is 'what is sown or planted, seed'; or 'what recently has grown from s
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What a seed?

A baby plant that grow into another plant.