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Oxygen therapy is based on the simple principle that diseased cells can not survive in an oxygen-rich environment, and your healthy cells cannot become diseased if they are supplied with sufficient oxygen.

This is the basis of oxidative or oxygen therapy programs.

Scientists discovered in the earlier part of last century that when disease-causing microbes invade the body they are attracted to oxygen-deprived tissues within the body and essentially set up shop there. They avoid oxygen-rich tissues.

The validity of this therapy is supported by over 100 years of study. It was used during the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918.

Oxygen Therapy is so reliable that it is required by law for the people of Australia before they can receive any major heart procedures such as by-pass surgery or a heart transplant.

Oxygen Therapy Programs are a staple in many progressive countries for treating diseases as complex as AIDS, HIV and congestive heart failure, but not in the U.S.

Oxygen Therapy Programs are also valued for their ease of use when employing H202 as the oxygen source.
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Who invented hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Answer . The first person to design and arrange for the construction of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber in the United States is Dr Izaak F A van Elk. His research, and the first chamber built, was at Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge, Illinois in the early 1960s. Dr van Elk is originally from the Netherlands. Dr van Elk, a cardiologist, designed and arranged for the construction of a hyperbaric oxygen tank to be built in the hopes that this would help cure patients suffering from a heart attack (coronary occlusion.) Dr van Elk and his team also tried it for patients suffering from a stroke and patients with dimentia. The results were not as effective as they had hoped, and they abandoned the hyperbaric oxygen research any further in the area of cardiology. Shortly thereafter, another physician in Wisconsin or Minneapolis followed up on Dr van Elk's research. This information can be verified by contacting Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois which still has a hyperbaric oxygen unit at their facility.

Does oxygen therapy actually work for hangover?

\nLike almost everything else that effects the human body, Different types of hangover "Cures" vary in effectiveness from person to person. In my personal experience it works very well. I actually work for a company that supplies Oxygen when I heard of this as a treatment for a hangover cure I decided to give it a try. I used (2)LPM (Liters Per Minute) for 30 minutes in the morning after a heavy night of drinking (Combined with a large glass of water and a glass of 100% fruit juice) I was a brand new man in no time. It's worth a try if your curious. \n. \nNote: Oxygen in large quantities such as 5+LPM can be harmful to some people.

Has hyperbaric oxygen therapy been used to treat crps?

Yes, there are many peer review published studies on RSD, CRPS and other neurological disorders! See our website www.hbot4u.com

What is the significance of oxygen in oxygen therapy?

The significance of oxygen in oxygen therapy depends on which type of oxygen therapy you are referring to. Oxygen in HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy is 100% pure oxygen at higher atmospheric pressure than normal. The reason for the increased pressure is to ensure complete tissue saturation with oxygen. HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy is extremely expensive costing as much as $2500.00 for a single treatment. Under normal conditions, oxygen is transported by the hemoglobin in red blood cells. When the body is subjected to increased pressure, oxygen is also transported to body tissues by blood plasma. Oxygen in Ozone Therapy is simply O 3 which is 3 molecules of oxygen which have combined. Therapeutic use of ozone is not endorsed by health authorities or medical associations in any English speaking country, and most US states prohibit the marketing of ozone generators, its medical use, and even research and clinical trials of ozone therapy, so that doctors risk losing their medical licenses by administering or prescribing ozone therapies. Should you decide to try Ozone Therapy, be aware that this therapy is NEVER meant to be inhaled. And then there are Oxygen Therapy Program s which utilize H 2 0 2 . This simple compound can be self-administered in privacy at home. It is cheap, safe and recommended by The Arthritis Trust Foundation . The Self-administered Oxygen Therapy Program( works by infusing the body with the extra oxygen atom which is released during regular metabolic functions. This therapy has been shown to make remarkable differences in people's health in as little as three days. It is recommended for arthritis, asthma, RA, diabetes, gout, AIDS, HIV, and autism. It has been shown to kill the viruses that invade the human body with oxygen as most disease-causing pathogens are anaerobic, meaning that they can not survive in high-oxygen environments. This therapy basically turns your body into an oxygen-rich environment allowing it to kill bacteria and viruses and prevent them from making you sick.

Where is the nearest location to mobile Alabama to get hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Integrated Pain Management-Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy of Al 7860cottage Hill Rd 251 599 0640 specializing in standard and HBOT for painful conditions as well astraumatic brain injury.

What is the name of a physicians using oxygen therapy in C anada?

Dr. Martin Kwok ND Richmond Alternative Medical Clinic 150 - 7340 Westminster Hwy Richmond, BC V6X 1A1, Canada Tel: 604-207-0167 Fax: 604-273-22013 Web Site: www.DrMartinKwok.com Email: drmkwok@shaw.ca The clinic focuses on chronic conditions, including cardiovascular illnesses, allergies, chronic pains, female health issues, etc. The clinic provides therapeutic modalities, including chelation, ozone, mesotherapy, accupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional therapy and more.

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the medical use of oxygen at a level higher than atmospheric pressure.

How does oxygen therapy work?

Oxygen therapy works because the extra oxygen atom is delivered directly to your cells. The primary job of your red blood cells is to carry oxygen to the different parts of your body. Most of our cells (if we are in normal or poor health) are too bogged down carrying excessive waste material to our lungs, liver, and kidneys and can not carry enough oxygen to help the body heal and protect itself. When you begin your program the extra oxygen that is delivered to your red blood cells can kill viruses, fungus, bacteria, protozoa within the cell. You start getting healthy on a cellular level because disease-causing microbes (virus, fungi, bacteria, etc.) are anaerobic in that they can not survive in an oxygen-rich environment. Whereas your normal healthy red blood cells are anarobic. They REQUIRE oxygen to perform the job properly and to survive.

Can oxygen therapy affect one's memory?

In most cases with oxygen therapy, the lack of oxygen will most definitely affect one's memory, especially prolonged exposure to lack of oxygen.

Is hyperbaric oxygen therapy good for subdural hematoma?

Not really. A subdural hematoma is just a bruise, so it typically goes away on its own. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used for more complicated medical issues.

What is the duration of recovery after 1 injection of oxygen ozone therapy?

It has been my experience, (of administering ozone to over 500 people) that you should sit quietly for at least 30 minutes after receiving the injection. This allows ozone to do its most good when fresh, and helps prevent any unpleasant feelings. Also recommend sipping ozone water simultaneously. -- Alice (Catchings) Attaway

Is hyperbaric oxygen therapy available in Dubai?

Hperbaric OXygen Therapy is available in dubai. It is located at Dulam International Diving Chamber, Al Jedaf, Gate 2, Shed DY101. By Archana

What are the Procedures and rationale oxygen therapy?

The rationale for oxygen therapy rests in the fact that the human body requires oxygen to live. We practice oxygen therapy from the moment we are born. The air we breathe is funneled into our lungs where our body separates out the oxygen. Once separated from the 2 hydrogen atoms, oxygen reverts back to its gaseous state. This gas (O) then goes into the bloodstream where it is carried to every part of the body. The body uses this oxygen to fortify bodily functions like respiration and digestion as well as organs, muscles and tissues. Without this oxygen the body would die. Oxygen Therapy is effective because the air we breathe is only about 21% oxygen and medical science has shown that this is insufficient to properly maintain human life. When the available oxygen is at this level disease and death are inevitable unless an additional supply of oxygen is administered. This is the rationale for oxygen therapy. The procedures for procuring this additional oxygen vary. The choices are: 1. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers 2. Ozone Oxygen Therapy 3. Oxygen Cannisters 4. H2O2 Oral Oxygen Therapy All are viable methods of getting more oxygen into the human body.

What are the side effects of oxygen or ozone therapy?

Elevated blood pressure and ear pressure similar to that experienced while flying. Side effects may also include headache, numbness in the fingers, temporary changes in the lens of the eye, and seizures.

What are some concerns about oxygen chamber therapy?

Complications may arise from this form of treatment and during transport to or from the oxygen chamber. Therefore, some patients may not receive enough benefit to outweigh possible complications.

What conditions does oxygen therapy support?

Inhalation therapies are ordered for various stages of diseases which are causing progressive or sudden respiratory failure.

When is oxygen therapy not appropriate?

Patients and family members who smoke should not have oxygen prescribed or should avoid smoking in the area to prevent combustion. Sedatives should be avoided for patients on oxygen therapy.

Who needs oxygen chamber therapy?

Divers with decompression illness, climbers in high altitude, patients suffering from severe carbon dioxide poisoning, and children or adults in acute respiratory distress may require oxygen chamber therapy.

What advance planning is necessary for oxygen therapy patients to travel?

Traveling with oxygen requires advanced planning. The patient needs to obtain a letter from his or her health care provider that verifies all medications, including oxygen.

How can an oxygen therapy patient contract pneumonia?

In addition, bacterial contamination of nebulizer and humidification systems can occur, possibly leading to the spread of pneumonia.

What complications can result from oxygen therapy?

Complications from oxygen therapy used in appropriate situations are infrequent. Respiratory depression, oxygen toxicity, and absorption atelectasis are the most serious complications of oxygen overuse.

What is the concentration of oxygen inhaled during oxygen therapy dependent upon?

The concentration of oxygen inhaled depends upon the prescribed flow rate and the ventilatory minute volume (MV).

What documentation must an oxygen therapy patient present to travel personnel?

In addition, a copy of the patient's oxygen prescription must be shown to travel personnel.

How does the process known as transtracheal oxygen therapy function?

In this method, the oxygen bypasses the mouth, nose, and throat, and a humidifier is required at flow rates of 1 liter (2.1 pt) per minute and above.

What does a symptom known as aerophagia indicate about an oxygen therapy patient?

Patients with obstructive airway disease may exhibit "aerophagia" (air hunger) as they work to pull air into the lungs. In cases of carbon monoxide inhalation, the oxygen saturation can be falsely elevated.

What factors are considered when oxygen therapy is recommended?

The need for supplemental oxygen is determined by inadequate oxygen saturation, indicated in blood gas measurements, pulse oximetry, or clinical observations.

What follow-up is required once a patient begins oxygen therapy?

Once oxygen therapy is initiated, periodic assessment and documentation of oxygen saturation levels is required.

When is helium-oxygen therapy recommended?

Helium-oxygen therapy is a treatment that may be used for patients with severe airway obstruction.

What help is available to a traveling oxygen therapy patient?

Home health care companies can help the patient make travel plans, and can arrange for oxygen when the patient arrives at his or her destination.

Who helps the patient decide what oxygen delivery system to use in therapy?

A health care provider will meet with the patient to discuss the oxygen systems available.

What household precautions should an oxygen therapy patient take?

Explosion-proof plugs should be used for vaporizers and humidifier attachments. The patient should be sure to have a functioning smoke detector and fire extinguisher in the home at all times.

Hyperbolic oxygen therapy benefits what conditions?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used to treat the following conditions: gas gangrene; decompression sickness; air embolism; smoke inhalation; carbon monoxide poisoning; cerebral hypoxic event.

What insurance coverage is typically available for oxygen therapy?

Oxygen therapy is usually fully or partially covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare , when prescribed according to specific guidelines.

What is involved in the oxygen delivery system called transtracheal oxygen therapy?

Another delivery option is transtracheal oxygen therapy, which involves a small flexible catheter inserted in the trachea or windpipe through a tracheostomy tube.

How much time is devoted to daily oxygen therapy treatments?

Some patients require supplemental oxygen 24 hours a day, while others may only need treatments during exercise or sleep.

What normal result is expected from oxygen therapy?

A normal result is a patient that demonstrates adequate oxygenation through pulse oximetry, blood gas tests, and clinical observation.

What are signs of inadequate oxygenation in an oxygen therapy patient?

Signs and symptoms of inadequate oxygenation include cyanosis, drowsiness, confusion, restlessness, anxiety, or slow, shallow, difficult, or irregular breathing.

What are some conditions that require oxygen therapy?

Documented hypoxemia; severe respiratory distress (e.g., acute asthma or pneumonia); severe trauma; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD, including chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and chronic asthma).

Why is fire such a danger to oxygen therapy patients?

A spark from a cigarette, electric razor, or other electrical device could easily ignite oxygen-saturated hair or bedclothes around the patient.

What is involved in hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

This treatment involves placing the patient in a chamber breathing 100% oxygen at a pressure of more than one atmosphere (the normal pressure the atmosphere exerts at sea level). The increased pressure forces more oxygen into the blood.

Which patients would benefit the most from oxygen therapy?

Patients who are suffering from such ailments as asthma, emphysema, or irregular breathing patterns would benefit from oxygen therapy. Also, infants with underdeveloped lungs are also treated with oxygen therapy.

Does someone need oxygen therapy when he or she is on medications?

Oxygen therapy is provided to those who suffer from acute or chronic conditions such as COPD. Oxygen therapy is done in association with other medical treatment which can include other medications.

What exactly is oxygen therapy?

Oxygen therapy is therapy through oxygen without any medications. This therapy is becoming more popular every year, millions of peopel are doing it and reaping the rewards.

When does a patient require oxygen therapy?

A patient requires oxygen therapy when the oxygen in their blood is unable to stay elevated on their own. If the patients lip has a bluish tint to the nail beds or lip, or is found with difficulty breathing and shortness of breath it is likely they will be a candidate for oxygen therapy.

What do you need to purchase to take part in oxygen therapy?

You will need a physician's prescription to be able to purchase or rent an oxygen tank or concentrator. Depending on the level of need, you will also need either a supply of nasal cannulas, or masks (partial or non-rebreather), as well as bottles of sterile water with which you will use to moisturize the air. Oxygen tanks will need a regulator with a flow meter in order to adjust the volume of oxygen, as well as O-rings specific to the regulator and tank type.

Can oxygen therapy be used to cure practically any disease?

No, oxygen therapy is only helpful when the problem is related to insufficient oxygen levels in the blood stream. Therefore, a disease like Alzheimer's, in which the problem is tangled proteins within neurons that cause the neurons to die, would not be responsive to oxygen therapy.

Is it normal for oxygen therapy raise blood pressure?

Yes. Oxygen is considered a drug and can raise both blood preasure and heart rate.

What are some benefits of participating in oxygen therapy?

Oxygen Therapy is offered at most hospitals. The benefits of participating in oxygen therapy include keeping stem cells healthier, which in the long run potentially increase one's lifespan.

What are two uses for oxygen therapy equipment?

There is high concentrated oxygen treatments, or there is the standard oxygen treatments. The high concentrated is almost pure oxygen, people like doctors and scuba divers breathe pure oxygen almost every day.

What are the main advantages of hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is still not a widely used treatment although there are claims that it has some great benefits. The process involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized room and it often used to treat decompression that is experienced by scuba divers. The oxygen stimulates stem cells and growth factors which promotes healing in general.