What is reverse psychology?

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Answer for Reverse PsychologyReverse psychology is when you do something and hope to get the opposite reaction. For example, if you wanted to get someone to take what you were offering, you would say they couldn't have it.

This is often used with little children. For example, you want your child to have some salad. You put it out to all members of the family at dinner time but tell your child "you can't have any of this tonight". Often then, the child will demand to have it!

See the link below for a description with examples.
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How do you use reverse psychology to get the truth?

You're asking a broad question here because I don't what type of situation you're going through. When you use reverse psychology to get the truth, you're trying to make that p

How do you do reverse psychology?

an example of revearse psychology is when you influence anothers thoughts to make a change without being direct so they maintain the responsibility of making that change. posi

How do you use reverse psychology on a man a Libra....?

Reverse Psychology? . Don't! You might get away with it once, maybe twice but any adult with a minimum IQ will recognize your trick. The only people we employ RP with, are

Example of reverse psychology?

the best example of the reverse psychology is that,when you ask baby to sing a song if he feel shy then tell him you can not sing,this will motivate him and he start singing,

What is double reverse psychology?

it's like telling someone to do something, but making them think that your intention is to do the opposite with reverse psychology, so just to spite you, they do what you told

What does the term reverse psychology refer to?

Reverse psychology is a term used when one individual expresses to another a desire for them to execute actions contrary to their intention. For example, if person A does not