What is solar noon?

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Solar noon is the actual moment that the sun transits the meridian at a given location on earth. It is the moment when the sun reaches its highest elevation on a given day at a given place. This will not necessarily happen at the moment of 12 noon measured by standard time. Time zones are more than a thousand miles wide at the equator, and standard time is the same throughout the entire time zone. The sun can't be at its highest point all across a thousand miles of equator at the same moment.
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When is noon?

noon starts at 12:00pm. morning ends at 11:59am.

What time is solar noon?

The same as local apparent noon. When the sun is the highest in the sky. This is true. However; to be more specific solar noon is half way between sunrise and sunset. It's at

At which location is the angle of insolation greatest at solar noon?

At the "sub-point" of the Sun; when your latitude equals the Sun'sdeclination. The Sun will be straight up at that location. It depends on the time of year of course. For exa

What is a noon?

Noon is the hour of 12:00 in an observer's local time zone, or more loosely, a time near the middle of the day when workers in many countries take a meal break. The scientifi
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Does local solar noon always occur for an observer in new york state when the clock reads 12 noon?

Local solar noon in New York State is almost never when the clock says 12:00. That's one of the things we sacrificed when we introduced time zones in the 1880s. People at that
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What direction do shadows fall in New York at solar noon?

Solar Noon is when the sun is highest in the sky, or closest to zenith, so there would be no direction of shadow, it would be under your feet. To test this yourself on Nov. 22