What is the LD50 of methanol for a 100 gram rat?

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563 mg or about 0.8 milliliters.
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What is 100 grams?

(All answers are rounded) . 100 g = 0.22 pounds . 200 g = 0.441 pounds . 300 g = 0.661 pounds . 400 g = 0.882 pounds . 500 g = 1.1 pounds . 600 g = 1.32 pounds . 70

What is methanol?

Chemically it is the simplest alcohol (CH 3 OH). It was initially made by the destructive distillation of wood. Presently the principle source is synthesis from methane in che

What is 100 grams in kilo grams?

0.1 kilo. The prefix "kilo" (symbol k) in the International System of Units (SI) and other systems, which denotes 10 3 , it means one thousand. Therefore, there are 1,000 gram
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What is the Oral LD50 for lead acetate in rats?

I'm not going to give you the answer, but I will tell you where to look. All chemicals have a document called the Material Safety Data Sheet written about them. This will tell
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What is the mass in grams of 9.93x1024 molecules of methanol CH3OH?

I am assuming that the question is: what is the mass, in grams,of 9.93x10 24 molecules of methanol (CH 3 OH). For any question concerning mass and a chemical, we must find th