What is the Weight of mount Everest?

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If we take a cone as a simplified shape of Everest, then we can use the following
formula to calculate its volume:
V = 1/3*pi*R^2*H
Here: http://www.the-aps.org/publications/tphys/legacy/1982/issue1/36.pdf - you can find a picture with the height and base of the Everest (from which we can get the radius):
H = 8848 m
R = 16093 m
V = 2398.5 cubic km
mass is calculated from density of the rock and volume. Everest mainly consists of
limestone (~2.6 kg/cubic m) with layers of dolomite (~2.85 kg/cubic m).

m = p*V = 2.7 (kg/cub. m)* 2398.5 (cub. km) = 6.5 *10^12 kg

If you want know the weight P, then
P = m*g - where the vector-g is the g-force.
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