What is the average output MW of a nuclear power plant?

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As of 2007, worldwide there were 439 operational nuclear reactors with total capacity of 372,002 MW; making the average output 846 MW. However, the average new reactor can be expected to be larger.

The reactors so far built in the US range up to about 1100 MWe electrical output, but new ones up to about 1500 MWe are planned
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What is a 500 MW power plant?

A power plant which produces 500 million watts (500 megawatts) The actual rating would be 500MWh's ( the hours are implied in this case.) This is not always the output from

-if a generator in an oil-thermal power plant is 35 percent efficient and its output capacity is 3 000 MW what is the output power for the turbine generator system?

If the oil fired furnaces produce 3000 MW thermal, and the overall station efficiency is 35 percent, this means that the electrical power sent out is 1050 MWe. This assumes yo

What is the average output MW of a coal power plant?

There are 492 coal-fired power plants in the U.S., with an average size of 667 megawatts (MW) and an average age of 40 years. Source: "Form EIA-860 Database, Annual Electric

What is the average power output of a hydroelectric power plant?

Plant Load Factor varies widely with Hyrdo Plants because of Location and Control Method. Some large plants can produce up to 1000 Mega Watts (MW) while smaller Hyrdo Stations

What is the average size of a nuclear power plant?

electrical - about 1000Mwatt, physical - varies with design, can't give exact figure. The reactor itself, in a typical 1 GW plant, is smaller than you might think: about the