What is the average sq ft price to build a deck out of composite material and does that price include materials if you live in New Jersey?

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Whoa, that's a Loaded Question! lol. Too many variables; Size of deck, Which 'composite' materials, and are you going with a Vinyl rail system? They range from $67-$350 per section but average about $125.00. Composite Rail systems will run you roughly that or more more, but they are far more time consuming to install. That being said, I begin with a Material cost of $18-$22 pr sq ft, composite decking/vinyl rail, and cross-reference my expenses until I come up with a number that's suitable, and fair to the client. You can probably expect to pay roughly $28.00-$35.00 per square foot. Again, impossible to say- the Ratio of Increase, between Area and Cost to Build, Does Not Increase with Relativity. A 10'x10' is going to cost more per SqFt than a 12'x20'. shovelhead.1 at juno
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