What is the chemical reaction between magnesium and oxygen called?

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Oxidation. At high temperature magnesium ignites - and that is called combustion.
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Reaction of magnesium with oxygen?

Magnesium is a reactive metal in group two of the periodic table and reacts with O2 in group six to produce Magnesium Oxide. The reaction is as follows: 2Mg + O2 gives 2MgO

What is the reaction between sulfur and oxygen?

Sulfur undergoes many reactions with oxygen, leading to the formation of sulfur oxides; these can have a variety of formulae. Sulfur + oxygen ---> sulfur DIoxide. This is the balanced equation of the above reaction: S + O 2 ---> SO 2

Chemical reaction of magnesium and oxygen?

2Mg + O 2 -> 2MgO - violent reaction giving off intense white light and MgO as "smoke" - take care if doing this - some expensive car wheels are made of Magnesium alloy!!

Is the reaction between magnesium and oxygen endothermic or exothermic?

The reaction is highly exothermic as heat energy is released from the system to the surroundings whereas in endothermic the heat is absorbed from the surroundings into the system and you can also observe or see the smoke coming out of the apparatus in which the reaction is occurring or taking place. (MORE)

What type of chemical reaction occurs when magnesium is burned?

it is the oxidation of Magnesium into Magnesium oxide which appears as a white powder. That is classified as a redox reaction, a term which is a contraction of reduction-oxidation. The magnesium is oxidized and the oxygen is reduced. The terms refer to the transfer of electrons. Electrons have a neg (MORE)

What is the chemical reaction copper and oxygen?

for example the statue of liberty.the statue of liberty`s original color is copper its only turned green because of the oxygen.so the chemical reaction to copper and oxygen are when they are put together it effects the thing tht is connecte to it i thnks

Which chemical reaction is most similar to the burning of magnesium in air?

Magnesium in air burns at a very high temperature. I suppose burning a mix of aluminum powder and FerroOxide will create same type of "slow" burning effect, allthough it is hard to set off. A strip of magnesium would be helpfull just to start it burning. In any case. Dont even think of doing an ex (MORE)

Is there a reaction between magnesium sulphate and copper?

No. This is a redox question. It is asking whether the reaction will occur spontaneously. In order for Mg +2 to spontaneously oxidize Cu(s), Mg +2 needs to have a higher reduction potential (the tendency to be reduced) than Cu +2 . Check a redox table to see: Mg 2+ + 2 e − --> Mg(s) (MORE)

What is the chemical reaction between magnesium and sodium hydroxide?

A reaction between a single element and a compound is usually an example of a single displacement reaction. If the lone element is a metal, it replaces the metal in the compound. If it is a nonmetal, it replaces the nonmetal in the compound. So the products of this reaction would be Magnesium Hydrox (MORE)

What is hydrochloric acid magnesium reaction called?

The reaction of Hydrochloric acid (HCl) with Magnesium most often occurs when Magnesium Hydroxide, or Mg(OH) 2 in a water suspension (Milk of Magnesia) is ingested to neutralize stomach acid, which contains some Hydrochloric Acid (HCl). When it happens in this context, it is called an Acid-Base Neu (MORE)

How can you justify that a reaction between magnesium and oxygen is a redox reaction whioe the reaction shows only addition of oxygen?

In any redox reaction, at least one reactant is reduced and at least one reactant is oxidized. In the reaction between magnesium and oxygen, the magnesium atoms are oxidized because they lose electrons and the oxygen atoms are reduced because they gain electrons. Furthermore, the premise of the ques (MORE)

Why is burning magnesium with oxygen a chemical change?

The magnesium is chemically changed and become magnesium oxide. The oxygen is also chemically changed from an element -oxygen gas, to a solid oxide. To confuse the answer slightly, they are also physically changed. The magnesium changes from a shiny, malleable lustrous metal to a white powdered oxi (MORE)