What is the closest pulsar to earth?

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The closest known pulsar to Earth is "PSR J0108-1431". It lies in the direction of the constellation Cetus, at a distance of about 85 parsecs (or 280 light years).
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What is a pulsar?

A supernova leaves behind a tiny object termed a neutron star, which is far smaller than the Earth. It is the core of the star that exploded. The protons and electrons of its

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Strictly speaking, the CLOSEST star to the Earth is our own Sun. The next closest after that is Proxima Centauri, a tiny red dwarf 4.2 light years away. Even though it is the

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A Pulsar or Neutron Star is the remnants of a collapsed Super Giant, created during a Super Nova. The neutrons are so densely packed that they warp the gravity around the dyin

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Sirius is a star, not a planet, and it is not the closest star to Earth or anywhere near being the closest (technically the closest star to Earth is the sun, and the next clos

What would happen if Earth was a pulsar?

Earth is a planet, not a star; it can never be a pulsar. For an excellent description of what life might be like on the surface of a pulsar, read the boon "Dragon's Egg" by
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What is a a Pulsars?

Pulsars are neutron stars that are formed when a large star burns up its fuel and collapses on itself. The process happens when fuel is exhausted so that the star cannot produ