What is the color of carbon dioxide?

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Carbon Dioxide is usually in gas form and is a colorless odorless gas. In solid form it is translucent like ice.
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What is carbon dioxide?

Carbon Dioxide is a gas, a molecule, which has one Carbon atom and two Oxygen atoms. (CO 2 ) A: Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, emitted from fossil fuels - the principal driver of climate change - levels of which have accelerated globally at a far greater rate than expected over recent (MORE)

What can you do about carbon dioxide?

You can stop burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) in industry, transport and the generation of electricity, which releases carbon dioxide (CO 2 ). . You can change to renewable energy (solar, wind, water, hydro, tidal and wave, geothermal, ocean thermal, biomass and biofuel) which does (MORE)

What does carbon dioxide do?

Carbon Dioxide is a heavy colorless odorless atmospheric gas. Source: respiration, combustion. Use: during photosynthesis, in refrigeration, carbonated drinks, fire extinguishers. Formula: CO 2 .

Where does carbon in the carbon dioxide you exhale come from?

The Carbond Dioxide (CO2) in expired air is the waste product of complete cellular respiration that is carries in the blood to be removed by the lungs. Each cell uses a carbon based fuel (like glucose) to get energy. The cells that contain strucutres called Mitochondria are able to cully oxidise suc (MORE)

What produces carbon dioxide when you breathe where does the carbon dioxide come from?

This needs alot of explaining. The oxygen goes throught your mouth, wind pipe into your lungs. First of all there are the lungs. When oxygen comes into your lungs there are these small bubble like things that have a thin wall. Outside of the thin wall there are blood vessels going to your cell (MORE)

What is the source of carbon in carbon dioxide?

carbon dioxide is usually released from combustion, or any sort of burning. when a fire consumes the right material, as an example wood, the carbon in the material that is burning gets bonded with the oxygen molecules in the air the fire is using. two carbon atoms from the burning material plus a ox (MORE)

Does carbon dioxide have color?

Carbon dioxide is colorless in the human visible spectrum. It does have some fairly strong absorption bands in the infrared, so for a creature that saw using infrared light, it might appear to have a distinct color.

What does carbon dioxide do to you?

Carbon dioxide is an emission from your body. It generally it not harmful as it is all around you, unless you breathe in a very high amount of it. Then it might disturb the transportation of oxygen in your body. However, beware of carbon monoxide. It connects with your red blood cells with your body (MORE)

What color is carbon dioxide filled blood?

Carboxyhaemoglobin (carbon dioxide rich blood) is a red-purple colour. Oxyhaemoglobin (Oxygen rich blood ) is deep red Carbonmonoxyhaemoglobin (Blood containing carbon monoxide) is bright red Aside: Some people think some blood is blue because veins (containing CO2 rich blood) appear blue. T (MORE)

Is carbon the same as carbon dioxide?

No, it is not. Carbon refers to the element C, with the atomic number 6. Carbon Dioxide refers to the compound formed when one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms are bonded together through covalent bonds. -- Carbon dioxide is a molecule consisting of 1 carbon atom and 2 oxygen atoms. --

Where do you get carbon dioxide?

It everywhere in the air. In fact is takes up about 50% of the earth's atmosphere. Everytime you exhale, you are releasing carbon dioxide into the air while plants take this in for photosynthesis.

Is carbon dioxide the same as carbon?

No Carbon dioxide is a molecule formed by one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms ("di" meaning two). Carbon dioxide is an invisible gas at room temperature, and carbon is a black solid.

How to convert gaseous carbon dioxide to solid carbon dioxide?

The same as most substances, CO2 must be cooled and put under increased pressure to become a solid. At one atmosphere, CO2 must be cooled to a temperature of -78.5 degrees Celsius to solidify. At height pressures CO2 solidifies at higher temperatures, however solid CO2 never exists at a temperature (MORE)

Why milky color disappears when the excess of carbon dioxide is passed through lime water?

When you first start to bubble carbon dioxide through limewater (calcium hydroxide solution), they react and form calcium carbonate. This isn't very soluble, so you see it as a mist of fine particles of chalk, which we describe as 'the limewater has gone cloudy/ milky'. As you continue to bubble, ca (MORE)

What is the percent of carbon in carbon dioxide?

In terms of proportion of molecules that are carbon, 33% (formula: CO 2 which means that there are 2 oxygens and 1 carbon). If you mean in terms of mass, then carbon is 27.27% of the molecule (Two oxygens at a molecular mass of 16 each, and one carbon at a molecular mass of 12) by mass.

Is carbon monoxide carbon dioxide?

No, it isn't. Carbon monoxide is carbon bonded to one oxygen atom, but carbon dioxide has two oxygen atoms. Unlike carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide is toxic, because it reacts with hemoglobin when inhaled and dissolved into the bloodstream. Carboxyhaemoglobin, the reaction's product, has a permanent (MORE)

In carbon dioxide the prefix for dioxide means?

CO 2 two Oxygen atom and one of Carbon C= Carbon O= Oxygen Additional answer Di- means two. Like tri- means three. Mono- means one. Sometimes di- is used as the prefix meaning two, but sometimes the prefix is bi- as in bicycle.

Why does a pH indicator change color when carbon dioxide is put in water?

When carbon dioxide is bubbled through water, some of that carbon dioxide dissolves into the water. It then can react with the water to form carbonic acid. The formula for carbonic acid is H 2 CO 3 (aq) . Therefore, when carbon dioxide is bubbled through water, the solution becomes more acidic. If (MORE)

What is the percentage of carbon in carbon dioxide?

Well, CO2 means 1 Carbon molecules and 2 Oxygen molecules. This means the overall for Carbon is a third (1/3). The percentage of this can be best shown as 33.333 reccuring. In more detail, the atomic weight of carbon is 12 and of oxygen 16. So an atom of CO2 has an atomic weight of 12 + 2x16, (MORE)

Does carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide have a benefit?

For the applications of carbon monoxide see the link below. Carbon Dioxide is taken in by green plants and used to make Oxygenthat we breathe. Carbon Dioxide is used to make 'Carbonated' beverages. Carbon Dioxide is used in many industrial applications, such aswelding. Carbon Dioxide is used to mak (MORE)

What is the state of the carbon dioxide in a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher?

The state is dependent upon the temperature. At 70 degrees F and below, some of the carbon dioxide is in the form of a liquid, with some vapor. If the temperature exceeds 88 degrees F (the critical temperature of carbon dioxide), the liquid phase disappears, and the contents of the extinguisher is v (MORE)

How does carbon dioxide get out?

Exhaled by animals, evolved in decay (inc. fermentation) of organic matter; a product of combustion of carbon and carbonaceous compounds.

Can carbon dioxide attract carbon dioxide?

When carbon dioxide is a gas, the molecules repel each other. When carbon dioxide is a solid the molecules do attract each other, and bond in a crystalline structure.

What color is blood when it is full of carbon dioxide?

Deoxygentaed blood is usually referred t as being blue but it is actually more of a brown/dark red colour. The reason for people saying it is blue while in the veins is because of the way light travels through our skin and veins. add . If you ever see the colour of blood in the tube when you giv (MORE)

What can liberate carbon dioxide from a carbonate?

By using acids to react with your carbonate carbon dioxide will be liberate, a similar reaction happened to baking soda( NaHCO3) with sulfuric acid (H2SO4). baking soda contains a carbonate ion (CO3). NaHCO3 + H2SO4 ---> CO2 + H2O + NaSO4 formation of bubbles during neutralization will tell you t (MORE)

Does carbon dioxide represent one molecule of carbon dioxide?

Yes, carbon dioxide is one molecule . A molecule is an arrangement of atoms, and carbon dioxide is one carbon atom with an oxygen atom bound to both sides. It can be represented this way: O=C=O Or this way: CO 2 So, CO 2 represents one molecule, but multiple atoms .

What has carbon dioxide?

food has it flowers do and alot of other stuff . this is not part of the answer i love briant from meagan

What has carbon dioxide in it?

Air. Beer. Champagne. Soda pop. Fully charged CO2 canisters. Dry ice contains a lot of carbon dioxide. Human lungs have some, and mining pits deep inside mountains serve as natural traps and reservoirs of this heavy gas.

How are carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emitted?

The principle ways carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are emitted is from the burning of fossil fuels. This can be in coal burning to produce electricity. The burning of gasoline and diesel in automobiles and trucks also produces carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Aviation in all its forms burns Je (MORE)

How are carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide similar?

carbon monoxide is different from carbon dioxeide.. if you just look at their formulas, you can say that they differ in their chemical compositions.. carbon monoxide contains one atom of carbon and oxygen while carbon dioxide contains one atom of carbon and two atoms of oxygen... 3 years ago

Why was carbon dioxide named carbon dioxide?

Carbon dioxide means carbon dioxide for two major reasons. One, is that carbon dioxide is made up of the element carbon, which is how it get the carbon of it's name, and is also made up of the element oxygen, which is how it got the oxide part of it's anem. The second and final reason is to explai (MORE)

How you get carbon dioxide out?

The same hemoglobin molecules that absorb oxygen in the lungs release it to the cells in the capillaries and pick up carbon dioxide from the cells. When the blood returns to the lungs, the hemoglobin releases the carbon dioxide and replaces it with fresh oxygen. The carbon dioxide released by the he (MORE)