What is the diameter of Saturn?

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Excluding its rings, the mean diameter of planet Saturn is approximately 120,000 km (74,500 miles), more than 8 times the diameter of Earth:

120,536 ± 8 km at the equator (74,898 miles),
and 108,728 ± 20 km through the poles. (67,560 miles).

The difference between the equatorial and polar diameters is due to the rapid spin and fluid nature of the planet, which causes the equator to bulge significantly.
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What is the Circumference and diameter of the planet Saturn?

The diameter of Saturn at its equator is 116,464 km and its circumference is about 365,882 km. Saturn's equatorial diameter is 120,536 km, so multiply by pi (approximately 3.1

What is a diameter for Saturn?

From Wikipedia: Polar radius = 54 364 ± 10 km; equatorial radius = 60 268 ± 4 km. Diameter is twice the radius.
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What is the diameter of Saturn compared to the diameter of Earth?

Saturn is one of the gassy planets and is huge compared to the size of Earth. Saturn has a diameter of 120,536km much bigger than Earth. Earth, however only has a diameter of