What is the difference between man-made and natural resources?

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A man-made resource is a resource that has been created through the acts of humans. For example, bleach is a man-made resource. It does not exist in nature (in any significant quantity), and is produced and consumed by humans.

A natural resource is a resource that exists naturally. It might also be defined as a resource which man did not create (i.e. not man-made). For example, coal is a natural resource. It only exists in nature, and it is consumed by humans.

Some resources are both. For example, forests can be both natural and man-made resources. Forests that were planted by humans are man-made resources, while forests that were not planted by humans are natural resources. Baking soda is another example of a man-made or natural resource. Most baking soda is made by humans from other materials, but baking soda can also be mined from the ground in certain locations.
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