What is the difference between watt and KVA?

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kva is an apperent power which is ac,depends on phaseangle eg-e=25cos wt.while watt is a true power which is dc eg-p=vi
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What is difference between kw and kva?

kW is the unit of real power & kVA is the unit of Apparent power. Apparent Power= real power + reactive power Besides this,the ratings which we write on a motor or gene

Difference between kva and kw?

kw means total usefull power if the power factor is unity Alternative Answer The symbol 'kW' ( not 'kw') represents 'kilowatt', and the symbol 'kV . A' ( not 'kva') sta

What is KVA to Watts?

Formulas you need for single phase calculations. KVA = I x E/1000, KW = I x E x pf (where pf = power factor). For your question multiply the KVA by the power factor to get KW

What is difference between KV and KVA?

kV is kilovolt, whereas kV . A stands for kilovolt ampere. Kilovolt means the potential difference measured between two points. Kilovolt ampere is the apparent power of an ele

What is the difference between KW and KVA?

KW is kilowatts, and KVA is kilovoltamps. KW is the apparent power that a normal power meter would measure, while KVA is simply the maximum of the instantaneous product of vol

Difference between kva and kv?

The symbol, kV . A ( not 'kva'), represents kilovolt amperes , which is the unit of measurement for apparent power -i.e. the product of supply voltage and load current i

What is the difference between kw and kva on a 1000w panel heater?

KW is a measure of real power (kilo watts) used. Real power is the power disippated / transformed into heat (in your instance). KVA (kilo volt amperes) is a measure of the vec

Is there any difference between Kw and KVA?

Yes. KW is real power, while KVA is the sum of the vectors of real and reactive power. Put another way, KW output (of a generator, for example) can be defined as the KVA at a

What is the difference between kvar and kva?

On the ligher side: (Norwegian has got two forms. Bokmål and Nynorsk) In Nynorsk, Kvar mean the same as "Where?" and Kva mean the same as "What?". Answer To an

What is the difference between V-A and Watt?

In a DC circuit, the power in watts is the volts times the amps. Inan AC circuit, the volts times the amps is called the VA, and thepower in watts is the VA times the power fa

What is the difference between KVA and KW of a transformer?

VA is just volts x amps. Watts takes into account Power factor such that watts = volts x amps x Power Factor. Since the Power Factor is one for a pure resistive load and dec

What is difference between KVA and MVA?

The volt ampere ( V . A ) is the unit of measurement of apparent power . Apparent power is the vector sum of a circuit's true power and reactive power. A kV . A ( n
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What is difference between KVA and MW?

KVA is an abbreviation for Kilo Volt Ampere = 1000 Volt Ampere . MW is an abbreviation for Mega Watt = 1000 000 Watt . A KVA is simply 1,000 volt amps. A volt is electrical