What is the function of astrocytes cells?

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Astrocytes are star shaped glial cells because of cytoplasmic processes that extend from the cell body.
They play a role in regulating the extracellular composition of brain fluid. They release chemicals that promote the formation of tight junctions between the endothelial cells of capillaries.
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What is the function of a cell membrane in a plant cell?

The cell membrane is a thin semi-permeable membrane that surrounds the cytoplasm of a cell . Its function is to protect the integrity of the interior of the cell by allowing certain substances into the cell, while keeping other substances out. It also serves as a base of attachment for the cytos (MORE)

What are the functions of cells?

Cells make up everything we live in. The outside boundary of the cell is called the membrane. The inside control center of a cell that decides its form and function is its nucleus. A cell in the human body makes up tissue, which makes up organs, which makes up organ systems. Cells carry DNA and make (MORE)

Functions of a cell?

Cells have different parts in them that perform differentfunctions. Some control what goes in and out of the cell and somecarries different substances to the cell, like protein. Cells arethe basic building blocks of life.

What is the function of cells?

the function of cells is that they keep you alive. some protect you from germs. others bring blood to your body. without cells we would be dead.

What are the cell functions?

The cell serves as the smallest functional unit of an organism.Some of its functions include: protein and lipid synthesis,transport and storage and the production of energy through cellularrespiration.

How do cells function?

Cells are units of life and can either exist separately or workcooperatively with other cells to make complex organisms. Each cell is made up of a cell wall containing the cell structuresmeaning that the contents of the cell are separate and differentfrom the environment that the cell is in. Inside (MORE)

Function of cell?

Cell make up everything we live in . The Human body makes up many tissues .

Function of cells?

Red blood cells function to bring oxygen and nutrients to differentparts of the body. White blood cells help to fight infection.Platelets help the blood clot to heal injuries.

Function of a cell wall in a plant cell?

The cell wall keeps the cell in a rigid shape. The cell wall relies on the water in vacuole to keep exerting pressure on it to keep shape. When the plant is healthy and the vacuole is exerting enough pressure, the cell is known as being in a turgid state. The cell wall also provides structural suppo (MORE)

What is a cell function?

There are a few ways that question can be interpreted. For abiological cell, see the related question below. In Excel a cell'sfunction is to store data or formulas that are used as part of whatthe worksheet is being used for. Excel has a function called CELL.It can give information about a cell incl (MORE)

What are the functions of astrocytes?

They secrete nerve growth factors, form a blood-brain barrier,regulate chemical composition of tissue fluid, and convert bloodglucose to lactate for neurons to use for fuel.

What is the function of the cell membrane in a cell?

The function of the cell membrane is not just something that simply controls something. It is more like a barrier that only allows certain molecules inside through certain means. Its through the phospholipid bilayer that smaller molecules which are non-polar can pass through (since the lipid tail ar (MORE)

What is an astrocyte?

The most abundant type of macroglial cell, astrocytes (also called astroglia ) have numerous projections that anchor neurons to their blood supply. Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/glial-cell#ixzz1FyNxbze2

What is the function of an astrocyte?

To support the functioning of neurons. They regulate immediate neuron(s) chemical environment and are involved with blood flow in the brain and to neurons.

What is the function of the cell wall of the onion cell?

The cell wall of any cell, including onion cell, serves the basic function of providing support to cell. The cell wall acts as a protective covering and also defines a shape for the cell. Cell walls being made up of cellulose, chitin, etc. provide strength to the otherwise delicate plasma membrane.

What is the cell function?

A cell is the smallest whole structure that can be defined as a living system. Some organisms consist of single cells; others consist of billions of codependent cells. Either way, all life organizes matter into cells. By doing this, the function of the cells reproduce and live.

What cell function maintains the cell shape?

Plant cells have cell walls around the exterior of the membrane that function to maintain structure and shape. In animal cells however, most cells are able to change shape somewhat, as they lack this cell wall. Within the membrane of cells microfilaments, intermediate filaments and microtubules help (MORE)

Is astrocytes a glial cell?

Yes, astrocytes are glial cells that are involved in blood flow and regulation of neuron external chemical environment

Function with plant cell and animals cell?

Both single celled and multi-cellular animals and plants are called eukaryotes. Their cells contain proper nucleii with chromosomes. A chromosome consist of molecules of DNA (these are the genes) held together by strands of a protine called histone. Also since Animal cells and plant cells are both e (MORE)

What are functions of a cell?

The functions of a cell are to keep you alive. My text book say that cells are the building blocks of life that's how you and others are born. When you're moms and dads cells reproduce they make you.

What is a function of cell membrane in all cells?

a cell membrane helps with the process diffusion. the cell membrane allows water to equal out between the outside and inside of the cell. if the cell gets to full of waters it will burst it the cell does not have enough water it will shrivel up. so a membrane is important to keeping the balance in a (MORE)

What is a cell and what is the function of a cell?

Let's look at human cells. If you didn't have cells you wouldn't exist. Your entire body, skeleton, muscles, organs, etc are comprised of cells. Inside those cells are thousands of water molecules (hence the reason your body is 70% water). The cells make it possible for everything in the human body (MORE)

What function does the cell membrane have in an animal cell?

Cell or plasma membrane act as a boundary of the animal cells. They conduct the selective transport of ions, molecules across the membrane. They do responsible for the signalling events of the cell when a hormone or stimuli bind to the surface receptor(Insulin for example bind to its receptor).

What are the function of Sertoli cell and Leydig cells?

sertoli cells have receptors for FSH and testosterone.After combining with FSH sertoli cells,stimulate the first halfof spermatogenesis.subsequently testosteronesertoli cells binding causes development of last half of spermatogenesis. produce blood testes barrier.,produce inhibin,produce activin and (MORE)

Which of this is a function of a cell membrane in all cells?

It keeps the cells enclosed in a protective sealing and protect it from the outside environment. It also helps in keeping the cell compact. It is present alone in animal cells while plant cells have a more rigid covering outside this membrane known as cell wall which gives them a roughly definite sh (MORE)

What are the functions of astrocytes microglia ependymal and oligodendrocytes in cns?

The astrocytes provide structural support, join parts, and assist in the regulation of concentrations of nutrients and ions. Oligodendrocytes provide insulation (myelin) around axons. Microglia support neurons phagocytize bacterial cells and debris. They also form scars in dammaged areas. Ependymal (MORE)