What is the geography of Massachusetts?

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The geography of Massachusetts includes that it is the seventh smallest state in the United States. Bodies of water include Cape Cod Bay, Nantucket Sound, Massachusetts Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic Ocean at sea level is the geographical low point.
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Where is Massachusetts?

In the northeast. New England. Upper right corner of a standard U.S. map such as the one linked below. Massachusetts is located by Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Verm

What was the geography of the Massachusetts bay colony?

The geography was rocky and the soil was thin. They were along the Charles River, so they had fish, and the forest near by supplied them with wood. That's all I know right now

Massachusetts' geography in 1620?

1. It was very hilly 2. Lots of rivers and ponds 3. Mountains Examples are: 1. Cape Cod 2. Appalachian Mountains 3. Plymoth rock But who CARES! ;)

What geography is about?

Geography Don't you see the word geography is the product of geo and graphy? . Geo- means something of the earth . -graphy means a type of art/science So it's the a