What is the gestation period for sheep?

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Average 147 day gestation period for a Sheep. Sheep gestation periods can generally be anywhere from 144-151 days.
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What is a gestation period?

The gestation period is a scientific term for the length of time, from conception to birth, an embryo turned fetus remains in the womb of its mother. It pertains to any species of animal that are capable of giving live birth, from sharks to elephants and every live-bearing animal in between.

What is the gestation period of a snow leopard?

The snow leopard has a gestation period of 90-100 days. To read more about the snow leopard on Answers.com, see the Related Link.

What is a is a squirrels gestational period?

depends on the size of the squirrel... small ones = approx 33 days larger ones= approx 60 youre average eastern grey squirrel will have a gestation period of around 44 days.

What is the Gestational period of a hen?

Hens really do not have a gestational period the way a mammal does. . Gestation refers to a mammals egg being fertilized and being nurtured inside the body until the baby is ready to be born. But chickens do have about 26 hours between eggs, this is the time it takes for one egg to be formed. . And the chicken egg if fertilized can have an incubation period of 21 days at which time a baby chick will hatch out.

What is the gestation period of sparrow eggs?

The gestation of sparrow eggs is 10-15 days and incubation is shared between the parents.

What is the gestation period of a Zebu cow?

Zebu cows usually have quite a long gestation period, which can stretch from 290 to 300 days in length.

What is the gestation period for a wild bird?

depends what kind of bird. a pigeon can lay an egg after 10 days and an ostrich can lay an egg after 40 days.

What is the gestation period for ants?

The gestation period of an ant is between 69 and 78 days. However,this time period can vary depending on the individual ant.

What is the gestation period for swan eggs?

I believe it to be 35 days from the lay of the last egg.Hope this helps

What is the gestation period of a bear?

The gestation period of a bear is between 180 and 270 days. Themother usually gives birth in its den during hibernation. The gestation period (time of pregnancy) for a bear is 180-270days.

A mouse's gestation period?

A Variety of mice have the same gestation period.(field, house, fancy, and meadow voles). Have a gestation period of 21 days. From Insemanation through incubation and birth is a total of 21 days. Normally a mouse will give birth from 6- 10 Pinkies(newborn Mice) however it is not unheard of to see upto 20 pinkies at birth. However when this happens likelyhood of a 100% survival rate is rare. Along with birth defects.(no eyes, mouth, ears, and or appendages).

How long is the gestation period for a monkey?

Depends what type of monkey as they differ greatly. The chimpanzee(a primate) has a gestation of 7-8 months though, while rhesusmonkeys are pregnant for about 164 days.

What is the gestation period for a cardinal?

Cardinals usually raise two broods of young a year. They mate in March and again from May to July. The female usually lays four eggs. The eggs take about 12 days to hatch. Cardinals usually build cup-shaped nests in small trees, bushes, shrubs and thick vines that are no more than three to eight feet off the ground. Their nests are made of twigs and bark and are lined with grass, moss and other soft materials. Young cardinals leave the nest after 11 days and they can fly within 20 days.

What is the gestation period of a goldfish?

Goldfish lay eggs so technically they don't "gestate". The eggs are fertilised after laying and hatch in about a week.

Bird gestation period?

The gestation period for a bird depends on the type of bird. Thegestation period for a emperor penguin is 64 to 67 days.

What is the gestation period for robins eggs?

14 days seems to be the correct answer. I have watched the Robins build their nest starting April 5, and I am watching them feed the babies today May 4th.

What is the gestation period of a ferret?

Time it takes for a ferret to have babies - The ferret'sgestation or length of pregnancy is 40 to 44 days (average 42days).

How long is the gestation period of a bluebird?

Bluebirds do not have a gestation period, which refers to thelength of a pregnancy. As birds lay eggs, they do not havegestation, but an incubation period, which refers to the length oftime an egg is kept warm until it hatches. The incubation periodfor bluebird eggs is 12-14 days, but incubation may not start untila week after the first egg is laid, in which case the period canextend to 19 days.

What is the gestation period for doves?

The gestation, or incubation, period for a dove is between 12-15days. Both the male and females will sit on the egg during thistime.

What is the gestation period for squirrels?

The gestation period varies from 33 days in the smaller species to 60 days in the larger species, but is approximately 44 days for the eastern gray squirrel.

What is the gestation period for kangaroos?

This depends entirely on the species of kangaroo. There are over sixty known species of kangaroo, ranging from the largest, the Red kangaroo, to the smallest, the Musky rat kangaroo. Therefore, gestation periods vary. It should also be noted that kangaroos have the ability to suspend the development of the embryo whilst another joey is still in the pouch, so they can be in a state of continuous pregnancy. The musky rat kangaroo has a gestation period of 19 days, whilst the red kangaroo has a gestation period of about 33 days. Most other kangaroo species have a gestation period of 31-36 days. Most of the development of the joey occurs in the pouch rather than in the womb. Young musky rat kangaroo joeys spend about 21 weeks in the pouch, while red kangaroo joeys spend an average of 9 months in the pouch. However, in reality, pregnancy length may differ. The mother kangaroo spends most of her adult life pregnant, but in drought times, she has the ability to indefinitely "freeze" the development of the young embryo until food sources are replenished. This is called embryonic diapause.

What is the gestation period of a Holstein cow?

Since Holsteins are generally early to intermediate-maturing animals, the gestation period would range from 280 to 285 days.

Which mammal has the largest gestation period?

The African Elephant has the longest gestation period of all the animals, not just the mammals. The gestation period can last for an average of 660 day, but has been know to last as long as 760 day!

What is the gestation period for mice?

Exactly 21 days . A mouse usually shows after about 15 days, then gives birth after 18-24 days of becoming pregnant.

What does gestation period for zebra's mean?

Gestation period is the development of the young from the time of conception until birth.

What is the gestation period of a labrador retriever?

The gestation period of all dogs is 9 weeks. You should be taking your dogs temperature twice a day from about day 58 on. When your dog's temperature dips drastically, the puppies will be born within 24 hours. A drastic dip is when the dogs temp dips from its normal 101F to about 98F.

What is a Cockatiels gestation period?

The gestation period is 19-21 days from the time the tiels start sitting on the eggs.

What is the gestation period for sheep and cattle?

Ewes (sheep) have a gestation period of 150 days. Cows (cattle) have a gestation period of 285 days.

How long is the gestation period of wild sheep?

Gestation for wild sheep is about 180 days (compared to 150 days for domestic sheep .)

What is the gestation period of goat sheep pig and horse?

Goat and sheep are both 6 months, pigs are 3 months 3 weeks and 3 days, and Horses are 11-12 months.

Oviparous animals with no gestation period?

There are many fish and amphibians for which the female lays soft-shelled unfertilized eggs, which the male then fertilizes. Because the fertilized eggs were never inside the female's body, one might say that there was no gestation period. However, all animals that have internal fertilization have some length of gestation period. For most animals, the gestation period is much shorter than the time between laying the eggs and the eggs hatching: for example, a chicken egg has a gestation period of one day, but the eggs do not hatch until 24 days after being laid. Monotreme mammals (platypuses and echidnas) have longer gestation periods and proportionally shorter distances between the laying of the eggs and the eggs hatching.

Can a horse have a sorter gestation period?

Yes; The average gestation period is 340 days, but a healthy gestation period can be as short as about 310 days, or as long as about 370. Much shorter than 310 days can lead to the foal being deformed or still born.

What is a hamsters gestation period?

that really depends on the type of hamster. The gestation period for a syrian hamster (also known as a teddy bear hamster or a Golden hamster) is 16- 18 days. For a dwarf hamster it is slightly longer, 18-21 days.

What is the gestation period for a micro pig?

The gestation period of a pig is 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days. Really!

What is the gestation period of a Sahiwal cow?

A Sahiwal cow's gestation period lasts, on average, 289 days, giveor take 3.2 days on average. Sahiwal cows are a breed of Zebucattle, and are native to the Sahiwal district and Punjab region ofPakistan.

What is the gestation period of a Nguni cow?

The length of gestation of a Nguni is quite variable depending on where it's raised and the producer raising them. According to the Nguni Cattle Breeders' Society By-laws, Nguni cattle are allowed to have a minimum gestation period of 266 days and a maximum period of 308 days. See the related link below.

What is the gestation period of a Chauri cow?

The gestation period of a Chauri cow (which is a cross between a yak and a domestic bovine of Bos primigenius indicus breeding) is around 9 to 10 months in length, which translates to around 290 to 315 days in length.

What is the gestation period of a Charolais cow?

Charolais tend to have a long gestation period, which is around 287 to 293 days long.

How long is the gestation period of a dragonfly?

Female elephants social life revolves around breeding and raising of calves. A female will usually be sexually mature at around the age of thirteen. After a gestation period of twenty-two-month, the mother gives birth to a calf that weighs about 115 kg and stands over 75 cm tall The new born is usually the center of attention for the whole herd. The baby is born nearly blind and at first relies almost completely on its trunk to discover the world around it. The whole herd helps defend and raise the young one.

What is the gestation period for elephens?

Elephants have one of the longest gestation period among mammals. They are pregnant for a period of around 22 months. After the 22 month gestation, they giver birth to a calf that is approximately 250 pounds heavy and stands at around 2.5 feet tall

What is the gestation period for black snakes?

Gestation period for black rat snakes is around five weeks.Incubation takes about 65 to 70 days to hatch.

What is meant by Gestation period of human?

Humans have an average gestation period (time of pregnancy) of 280days. Gestation periods are the periods from when the spermfertilizes the egg to birth (except in asexual).

Why is the gestation period important in cows?

Gestation period is the time, from the point of fertilization, that the embryo divides and replicates into a fetus, which further grows in the uterus--as a baby calf--until it is too large to grow any more in the uterus and thus needs to be born. Gestation is a very important part of the conception, growth and development of the calf because the outside world is a very harsh and cruel one that a very fragile, tiny embryo/fetus would otherwise perish in. The cow has the tools (a.k.a the womb or uterus) that helps in not only the protection, warmth, and stable environment that the little baby calf needs, but also in the constant supply of nutrients and waste expulsion through the umbilical cord and the placenta. Without all these tools, this little calf would simply die off and be absorbed into the cow's system. Ultimately, gestation is far more important for calves than cows, even though, in cows, it's a means of producing offspring and spreading their genetics around to future generations. The gestation period is also a way for producers to tell which cows require more maintenance and labour to keep during their pregnancy and which require less. It's also a means of determining mothering ability, milking ability, calving ease, calf longevity, fertility, and ability to gain weight with suckling a calf, before her next pregnancy.

How long is the gestation period for a deer?

A femalewhite tailed deer has a gestation period of 200 days. Other breeds of deer have pregnancies as short as 160 days. So about 5.3 months to 6.7 months. Hope it helps! :)

What is the gestation period of an Angus cow?

Angus cattle tend to have short gestation periods, ranging from 260 to 280 days in length. However, this can be the exception rather than the rule. Because Angus are so popular and wide-spread, it shouldn't come to a surprise that some strains may have average or slightly long gestation periods ranging from 280 to 290 days long.

What is the gestational period for a cricket?

Crickets lay eggs. After mating, the cricket will take about 4-7 days to "nest" and then lay their eggs. The eggs need to be incubated in the "nest" about 2-3'' deep. This means you must give them enough "nesting" material to create it this far down. It will take around 7-10 days for the eggs to incubate and eventually produce baby crickets

What is a pig's gestation period like?

A pig's gestation period is 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days, or approximately 114 days.

What is an animal gestation period?

Gestation refers to the carrying of an embryo/fetus inside a female viviparous (gives birth to live young) animal. This is also known as pregnancy. The gestation period spans from fertilization to birth . There is a huge variety of different gestation period lengths, for example in a house mouse it is about 18-20 days, in an elephant it is 600-660 days.

What is the gestation period of a newt?

The gestation time if a newt is about the same time it takes a female to orgasm after penitration

What is the gestation period of sheep and goat?

On average sheep and goats have a 5 month gestation, around 150 days. However, some breeds are known to have a slightly shorter or slightly longer gestation and there is individual variation.