What is the largest number ever counted by a person?

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What is the largest number ever calculated?

There is no largest number, for numbers are infinite. Infinity is often suggested as an answer, but is only an abstract concept. Graham's number is the largest number ever denoted (at least, in the context of mathematical proof). This far exceeds the number of atoms in the universe, and is the u (MORE)

What is the largest number counted?

While it is impossible to tell who has accutally counted the highest...many believe that it may be a googol. (Google is the incorrect spelling). Its numerical form is 10 100 . Though there are many larger numbers like a googolplex. (which is ten to the tenth power, to the 100th power. 10 (10 100 ) . (MORE)

What is the highest number ever counted to?

It appears there are no records of the highest number ever countedto. Because of that, it would be impossible to say what the highestnumber ever counted to is and any claims (see below) would beunverifiable. If you counted one integer per second every secondfor sixty years, you wouldn't make it to t (MORE)

What is the highest number ever counted?

Well, for my part, I just recently counted past (decimal) "one and a half million" ("1,519,616" to be "exact") , and am still counting (and I have relied very little on writing down where I am as I count). I am actually counting (at present) in a base that I could be called "balanced base-sixty-fou (MORE)

What is the highest number anyone has ever counted to?

Well, for my part, I just recently counted past (decimal) "one and a half million" ("1,519,616" to be "exact") , and am still counting (and I have relied very little on writing down where I am as I count). I am actually counting (at present) in a base that I could be called "balanced base-sixty-fou (MORE)

What are counting numbers?

The counting numbers are the whole numbers that start at 1 and endat infinity. Although zero is considered a whole number, it is nota counting number.

What is a counting number?

Counting numbers are positive whole numbers and not zero. They can also be called 'natural numbers'. They are so called because when you count, you start at +1, 5554 , +3 and continue on in this pattern.

What is a whole number that is not a counting number?

The answer will depend on the exact definition of both "whole number" and "counting number" as both terms are potentially open to different interpretations. For example, a counting number could be defined as all the positive integers, e.g. 1,2,3,4 etc... A whole number could be defined as all the n (MORE)

Which country has the largest number of personal computers per person?

1 Switzerland - 864.584 per 1 million people 2005 . 2 San Marino - 857.143 per 1 million people 2004 . 3 Sweden -763.012 per 1 million people 2004 . 4 United States -762.152 per 1 million people 2004 . 5 Israel -740.354 per 1 million people 2004 For a bigger list, go to http:/www.nationmaster. (MORE)

How do you count years OF PERSON?

Well your question is just stupid taking that you have to be 18 to make an account here but the awnser is as follows: . The years in a person do not matter if the quality of the heart lies itself and settles in to its personality. The truth lies within don't count the years with mock the persons et (MORE)

Has anyone ever counted to enifinity?

I may not have counted to it, but I have found a way to represent the next best thing to it on my two hands. (I.e. more than 880 trivigintillion (or 880.0E+69)). .

What numbers are called counting numbers?

Counting numbers are whole numbers except for zero. Example: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... and so on Note: Zero is sometimes included, but you really cannot count zero so the standard definition excludes it.

Are whole numbers counting numbers?

Yes, whole numbers are counting numbers. The term whole number does not have a consistent definition. Well the most used definition is "counting numbers along with zero".

Write a program that would find the count of occurrence of largest digit in the input number?

include #include void main() { long int n,r,m,max=0,count=0; clrscr(); printf("Enter the Number:"); scanf("%ld",&n); m=n; while(n>0) { r=n%10; if(r>max) max=r; n=n/10; } printf("\nLargest Digit is = %ld",max); while(m>0) { r=m%10; if(r==max) count++; m=m/10; } printf("\n\nOccurence of Largest Digit (MORE)

What is the largest number of cats a person might own?

Most people who own cats have 5 cats or less. I think the average would probably be 2 cats. However, there are people who have 50 cats (or dogs), or even more. These people are called "hoarders." They basically take in every single stray cat they see. Usually they are animal lovers who cannot s (MORE)

How is a person counted as unemployed?

To be considered unemployed, a person has to have no income comingin from an outside source. The person can not have a job thatbrings in any money. The person can be laid off or quit a job to beunemployed.A person is considered unemployed when some is fired orlet go from a job. the person must have (MORE)

What is the largest counting numbers?

There's no such thing as the largest counting number. Whatever number you name, no matter how big it is, all I have to do is add ' 1 ' to it and make a bigger number.

What is whole number but not a counting number?

There are no whole numbers that are not also counting numbers. Bothterms mean the same subset of numbers: positive integers greaterthan zero. Some people consider zero to be a whole number but not a countingnumber, because you can't "count" zero.

Is counting numbers whole numbers?

Whole numbers are 1,2,3,4..etc frations decimals and other numbers arent. Whole numbers include 0, counting numbers do not. Counting Numbers are also sometimes referred to as Natural Numbers. But the above answer is correct in that none of these sets: Counting, Whole and Integers include fractions (MORE)

Are rational numbers counting numbers?

No. Rational numbers are those numbers that can be expressed as a ratio of two integers. 2.4, for example, is a rational number (it can be written as the ratio 12/5), but not a counting number.

What is counting by a number?

It would be counting by "x", so you would start with a number, like 8, then the next would be 8 + x, followed by 8 + x + x, etc. The x must be the same always.

What is whole numbers and counting numbers?

whole numbers - start with zero (0). example: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 and ETC......... Counting Numbers - start with 1 But not zero (0) example: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Did any famous person ever put their real number on the web anywhere?

This certainly may have happened at some time, but it's not very likely. Many celebrities and famous people (presidents, kings and queens, movie stars) maintain a public presence with a Twitter feed or a Facebook page for fans and supporters, but the famous people themselves generally do not partici (MORE)

What is th largest number ever?

There is no such thing. As soon as you find the "largest number" you could just add one and it would be bigger. Again and again forever.

Is counting number a prime number?

The prime counting function is the function giving the number of primes less than or equal to a given number (Shanks 1993, p. 15). For example, there are no primes , so . There is a single prime (2) , so . There are two primes (2 and 3) , so . And so on. The notation for the prime counting function (MORE)