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A key term in sociology is rationalization. this term refers to choosing the most efficient means to accomplish tasks. In business it refers to the bottom line. with rationalization, profit become king while valued for what they bring to bottom line, become expendable.
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What is rationing?

Answer . \nRationing is the controlled distribution of resources and scarce goods or services: it restricts how much people are allowed to buy or consume. Rationing controls the size of the ration, one's allotted portion of the resources being distributed on a particular day or at a particular t (MORE)

What was rationing?

Rationing was a way of getting a fair amount of food in WW2 andwas used as through the war when transporting food wasdangerous!

What does it mean to ration supplies?

To ration means to carefully measure out supplies or whatever. Itis what you do when you have a limited supply of something. Yougive those who need them just what they need. Sometimes "coupons"are used to where only those with the coupons can obtain therationed items.

What does rational mean?

Adj- 1.) consistent with or based on or using reason 2.) of orassociated with or requiring the use of the mind 3.) capable ofbeing expressed as a quotient and integers 4.) having its source inor being guided by the intellect distinguished from experience oremotion) Noun- 1.) an integer or fraction ( (MORE)

What was rationing for?

Rationing was for evacuees during the war. actuly u fik weirdo it was for the people of Britain u obsene person u shudnt be on this website uv descraised urself, uv descraiseed ur family but most of all uv descraised the people of wikipedia

What does K rations mean?

Answer . An emergency field ration for U.S. armed forces in World War II, consisting of a single packaged meal.

What was Rationalism?

according to my view rationalists or rationalism is is a style of free thinking and a style of thinking in a positive way.

What is rationality?

rationality is using the logic 'rationality'. Originally in 17th century Enlightenment designed by the priest/philosopher Descartes, and based on quite catholic 'a priori'. Western society is very much 'addicted' to 'rationality'. To be 'rational' became almost a synonym for to use logic. (MORE)

What is rationalism?

In modern Western view , rationalism is 'any view appealing to reason as a source of wisdom'. It is the belief that 'the criterion of truth' is not sensory but 'logical'. In politics, 'rationalism' is a development since Enlightenment that emphasizes a 'politics of reason' (setting aside emotion), t (MORE)

What are rations?

a fixed allowance of provisions or food, esp. for soldiers or sailors or for civilians during a shortage:

What is ration and why did you do it?

A ration is a small portion of something that is given outtypically by a government agency. The reason why you do this isbecause things are in short supply either due to war or a naturaldisaster.

What is rational will?

Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) argued that moral requirements are based on a standard of rationality he dubbed the "Categorical Imperative" (CI). Immorality thus involves a violation of the CI and is thereby irrational. Other philosophers, such as Locke and Hobbes, had also argued that moral requirements (MORE)

What is the meaning of rational?

The English word 'rational' has a few different senses: 1: consistent with or based on or using reason; 2: capable of being expressed as a quotient of integers; 3: of or associated with or requiring the use of the mind; 4: an integer or a fraction; 5: having its source in or being guided by (MORE)

What does rational mean in math?

any number is called rational if it can be written in the form p/q where p and q are integers and q is not zero. In the case q is 1, we have the integers themselves. In the case where p/q can not be further simplified and q is not 1 or 0, then it is what many people call a fraction.

What does credit rationing mean?

DEFINITION: A partial or complete limitation on borrowing, even whena borrower is willing to accept the terms of the lender is called credit rationing. EXPLANATION: The Central Bank fixes a limit upon its re-discounting facilities for any particular bank. Rationing of credit is basically fixation (MORE)

What did they ration?

i don't really know all of them but they did ration meat, cheese, candy and chocolate. that's probably the only things i know that they rationed, oh and i think they also rationed clothes, I also think that they rationed eggs.

What does it mean to be in rational equilibrium?

Rotational Equilibrium is analogous to translational equilibrium, where the sum of the forces are equal to zero. In rotational equilibrium, the sum of the torques is equal to zero. In other words, there is no net torque on the object.

What does polynomial with rational coefficients mean?

Let's define this question one word at a time. A polynomial is an equation with the variable x raised to whole number powers other than 0. This may include 2x + 3, or x 2 - 8x + 16, or even x 5 - 4x 3 + 9. Coefficients are the numbers multiplied by the x term in question. The term 6x 3 has a c (MORE)

Meaning of non integer rational number?

\nIt is a number that can be expressed as a fraction but is NOT an integer.\nFor example. 3 is an integer and it is rational since we can write 3/1, but\n1/3 is not an integer and it is rational since we wrote it as a fraction or a ratio.\nRemember that a rational number is one that can be written a (MORE)

What is meaning of rational?

Mathematics a rational number is any number that can be expressed as the quotient a / b of two integers, with the denominator b not equal to zero. Since b may be equal to 1, every integer is a rational number. The set of all rational numbers is usually denoted Q (for quotient). .

What does rations in world war 2 mean?

In WW2 Food was low so they needed to distribute it evenly. Famous examples 1lb of sugar per week 7 rashers of bacon and occasionally a HERSHEY'S Chocolate Bar.

What does rational scientific attitude mean - and what are some examples?

Rationality in scientific attitudes includes the following: Genuine curiosity about the world Logical and systematic approach (objectivity) Open mindedness Basing conclusions on tangible evidence (follows where the data lead) Accepting results that challenge expectations Ethically and i (MORE)

What does it mean for a number to be rational?

That it can be expressed as a ratio (hence ratio nal) of two integers, the denominator being positive. In decimal representation, it is a necessary and sufficient condition that the number can be expressed as either a terminating decimal or one that becomes a recurring decimal after a finite num (MORE)

What does the k in k ration mean?

The letter K had no particular significance; it was chosen merely to have a phonetically different letter from the letters C and D.

What is the meaning of rational number?

A rational number is one that can be expressed as a ratio of twointegers. That is, a number x is rational if and only if it isequivalent to p/q for some integers p and q where q is not 0.

What dOes rationalism mean?

Rationalism means a method or a theory "in which the criterion of the truth is not sensory but intellectual and deductive" (Bourke 263) (according to Wikipedia).

What does rationing in world war 2 mean?

Due to the war there was a need for certain things that were needed for the war effort. Rubber, steel, aluminum, gasoline, oil, vehicles, sugar, salt, etc. For this reason the military were given preference for these products. The civilian population were issued ration tickets and could only buy so (MORE)

What is the meaning of rational optimism?

Rational optimists, like myself, choose to take a positive stance on any given situation, but still focus on the reality of the given situation. Optimists tend to exaggerate the goodness of a situation while underestimating the actual badness that is present. Being rational yet positive about a situ (MORE)

What does rationing mean in world war 2 mean?

people used less goods so the could save it for the war effort. the most rationed good was gasoline, and it was hard for people if the west because they had to drive to get around.

What is mean by absolute value of rational numbers?

Absolute values are essentially used for the magnitude (distance) to zero of a number. They are represented by a number inside a vertical bar (e.g., |2|) E.g.'s: | 2 | = 2 (the absolute value of 2 is equal to 2) | -4 | = 4 (the absolute value of -4 is 4) In terms of rational numbers, it just (MORE)

What does the c in c rations mean?

The letter "C" doesn't actually stand for anything. Fresh food was given an "A" nomenclature (A-ration). Packaged but unprepared food was given a "B" nomenclauture(B-ration). C-rations designated prepackaged, prepared foods which were readyfor consumption upon opening. The survival rations were give (MORE)

What is an rational?

"Rational" is an adjective and so there cannot be "a rational" (and certainly not "an rational"). Any answer would depend on whether the question was about a rational number, a rational person, a rational argument or "a rational" combined with some other noun.

Why did they have to have rationing?

In the United States during WW2, efforts to win the war meant that certain products needed for the war needed to be rationed in order to give preference to the needs of the US military efforts. Thus as an example, gasoline needed to run military vehicles was rationed for the general public in the US (MORE)

What does rational mean in science?

Rational pertains to a numerical relationship that is expressed asa ratio. For example, the concentration of oxygen in the air is alittle more than 1 in 5, or 1:5.

What is ration?

a fixed amount of a commodity officially allowed to each personduring a time of shortage, as in wartime..

What does rationalizing mean?

attempt to explain or justify (one's own or another's behavior orattitude) with logical, plausible reasons, even if these are nottrue or appropriate.

What does rationality mean?

There are two possible meaning of "rationality", the first is to dowith mathematics - a property of a number such that it can beexpressed as a ratio of whole numbers. The second meaning is a quality of being in accordance with orbeing based on logic or reason.